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  1. “The QuantiFERON Product portfolio also includes tests for SARS-CoV-2 T-Cell immune response, CMV and QuantiFERON Monitor used for transplant applications. LymeDetect® is the newest expansion to this portfolio leveraging innovative CD4/CD8 T cell technology to enable immune response detection.†https://www.selectscience.net/product-news/...in/?artID=54482
  2. I read the BJA article and was assured, not alarmed.
  3. Not so much as COVID fatigue, more like fatigue from all the bullsh1t from RightWing groups. They said trust us, we know better. They failed to deliver on that trust. By RW I mean in general, the system that we have lived under for the last few decades, where inequality is a consequence of the culture wars. I see 2020/21 as being the period when RW suffers a recall for exceeding their use by date, dinosaurs like Trump will be indicted and interred, then stuffed and mounted in a museum somewhere. For amusement. The ultimate reality show. It’s a period of major disruption and for the most part, it’s all good.
  4. Whilst I’m thinking about it, Woolies owns their network and it will be hard for competitors like Aldi and Coles (cheapa cheapa) to compete. Woolies strength will be determined by the quality of their supply chain.
  5. Obviously they are getting a positive response to their home delivery - I see staff filling orders and it’s very labour intensive so I’m guessing that for the future shopping will be online and delivered from automated centres without all the costs associated with large centres.
  6. There could be a case to answer ie directors did not act in good faith.
  7. Yes but lies (alternative facts, junk science, conspiracy theories etc etc) have become an acceptable diversion to a more rational political discourse - life’s too confronting and complicated and Trump is entertaining and that’s what they want
  8. Haseltine has some runs on the board so his opinion is worth considering. (The link may need you to subscribe but it’s a free subscription). He argues that there may never be a vaccine for COVID-19. Link
  9. G’day :-) The CEO of Merck has warned against haste in vaccine development, he says a more realistic date would be 2024. Link Should this be the case the world will be very different by 2024.
  10. https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archiv...ditions/610261/
  11. (But the change ... 15 for the five year period but only 12% over it's lifetime ... hides a huge wobble, when investors got nervous as Macquarie had to morph it's model, post GFC) But their ability to adapt to a new environment is remarkable.
  12. rog


    I got tired of the 2nd guessing and dumped the lot and am shifting into an offshore investment fund. AMP have had enough rope and it’s not my job to make excuses for them - they may have some good assets but their management of those assets has not been to the shareholders benefit.
  13. It’s my belief that judging today’s market performance, or any days performance, against historical “record highs†is meaningless unless inflation is factored in. The much discussed pre gfc ASX200 high of 6,828 happened about 11.5 years ago. Allowing for inflation at 2.1% that value would be in excess of 8,500 - and that’s not including any effect from compounding. So talk of a correlating correction is very premature.
  14. The RC has damaged the perception of banking and the banks are exposed to a public loss of confidence. I doubt that this will sustain as the banks are in control of the money supply. At the end of the day, we all need money.
  15. TBH I find the bonus issue mystifying.
  16. The current board are paying for the sins of past boards. In particular I’m thinking of the one that ramped up dividends, refused to voluntarily undergo structural separation and turned down the offer of an NBN. It was a con, shareholders were OK with the dividend so were OK with the directors remuneration.
  17. Of the many variables troubling the market - the scenario that the US punishes Saudi Arabia over Khashoggi and Saudi Arabia retaliates by pricing contracts in Chinese yuan.
  18. The latest Ann seems to indicate no more cuts to the dividend, for the foreseeable future.
  19. Minor downward projection in today’s Ann
  20. Ceejay It’s only a good strategy if you are 100% certain that the price will go up. As your own experience has shown, there is no certainty. Spending more money to make the initial purchase look “less bad†seems counterintuitive, you would probably be better off leaving it in a term deposit - at least your capital will be intact. If past sp is a guide the value of telstra will continue to depreciate.
  21. I'm glad the banks are getting out of this nonsense, nothing worse than having to watch an obviously overweight CEO on the TV rambling on about "organic growth". All this vertical integration has been testing my vertigo.
  22. ANZ CEO saying that it’s the end of the good times. “Our sector has had a golden period for 20-plus years and we don’t think that’s going to continue,â€ÂÂÂÂÂ
  23. Without prejudice https://www.youtube.com/embed/dumGYTkzCZQ
  24. Quite possibly - its also possible to overthink these things. Regulators only see good guys/bad guys, financiers only see profit and we all want our money which makes us all conflicted by our personal interests.
  25. The UBS call was a bit of a shot across the bows but as it turns out Westpac have been ahead of the game and have already implemented many of the required changes. Chris Joye covers these and other aspects in the AFR. “Contrary to Tony Abbott's suggestion the regulators should be sacked in response to the royal commission, APRA has generally been doing an excellent job. The housing boom kicked- off in 2013 and APRA has been hounding banks on loan serviceability standards since late 2014, when it introduced a raft of rules and established a prudential mortgage lending guide. After this column sensationally revealed that NAB and others were not complying with one new rule, APRA conducted a comprehensive shadow-shopping exercise in early 2015 to test bank-by-bank standards. This naturally identified deficiencies, which APRA's outstanding boss Wayne Byers publicly excoriated the banks on in May 2015. In early 2016 APRA repeated the exercise with much more favourable results. It has also introduced tough limits on lending to investors, interest-only borrowers and high loan-to-value ratio customers, with approvals to these cohorts all plummeting. Concurrently, APRA has forced the big banks to deleverage and raise their equity capital ratios to "unquestionably strong" levels that rank them among the lowest risk banks in the world. The royal commission's recommendations will only reinforce this process.â€ÂÂÂÂÂ
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