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  1. In reply to: frmthefuture on Monday 29/09/08 11:18pm FTF, There is definitely a place in the "normal" market for short trading. We are certainly not under normal market situations. There are gov't interventions, regulations that change at the whim of large players, there is predator action, unregulated rumor mongering and minimal penalties for not playing by the rules. naked shorting was rife and share lending by large players and super funds skew the "normal" market activity. Some super funds lend shares that often affect their profit and therefore clients' earnings. proper markets played by the rules need shorting; punters in this era (and we are all now punters) can only follow the momentum and jump on the bandwagon when the sharks are circling. Just my opinion, thanks Jahar
  2. In reply to: frmthefuture on Sunday 21/09/08 12:09am "Buy banning short selling it is going to acctaully makes stocks fall a lot more now, you see short selling acctually helps keep the markets liquid" FTF, my understanding is: the concept of shorting a stock was to keep companies on the ball (simple layman's terms); if a company was falling through fundamentals then you could short this stock with "covered shares" . . . it is the naked shorting that can destroy a company with good fundamentals, my understanding that is what is being targeted. What is the positive of "naked shorting" in the share market? I am shifting my trading from long term buy and hold to "momentum" and see the opportunitythat covered shorting offers, it is the unregulated naked shorting that worries me as fundamentals seem to go out the window and aggressive dumping wins the day. I appreciate any information I can get on trading from any quarter. thanks Jahar
  3. In reply to: Duster on Saturday 20/09/08 10:31am Hi Duster two shares that may fit your bill would be PNA and OZL. Both sold down massively. PNA is a low-cost producer Copper and gold, already has sent 2 shipments of copper concentrate ($30million and $70million) since July, will pay back debt in 12 months. Very positive forecasts from analysts, yet sold down from above $1 to 52.5c last week, curently 57c. OZL, old OXR+ZFX has been hammered since merger ; yet fundamentals remain very sound, including a new major mine being commissioned from October, plus a large bundle of cash ($1.2billion) and debt of around $700million; great forecasts as well. DYOR, I am just a player and hold both of these since 2003; this is not a ramp just a response to Duster's post. thanks Jahar
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    In reply to: Zaitech on Monday 18/08/08 04:01pm Perhaps a good time to get more; I am very "gun shy" at the moment. Though positive announcement via the Open Briefing on Corporate File is helping to ease some of my fears. Can be viewed on the ASX website. Not a lot of posters on PNA site, it is a sign of desperation when an avid reader is having to post just to get some more discussion on this great little company. I hold a parcel that I have accumulated since 2003. Thanks Jahar
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    In reply to: arty on Thursday 24/07/08 09:22pm What a difference a day makes. Are there any announcements that have caused today's drop? The only ann. I have seen is verification of the first shipment of CU concentrate, one would have thought this to be a positive ann. Thoughts anyone. Thanks Jahar
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    In reply to: bongo67 on Saturday 28/06/08 12:14am perhaps a new era in zinc; the technology has been evolving with the advent of increasing oil costs; also I hold OZ as part of my Zinifex and Oxiana share holding so I am a little biased (hopeful) http://www.platts.com/Metals/News/6915858....fined&undefined The power of zinc: Startup CEO talks zinc-based fuel cells Washington (Platts)--26Jun2008 Robust supply and softer demand has transformed zinc from a hot to a lukewarm commodity, but new technology that would make zinc the power running cell phones and laptops -- and a significant distance down the road -- a fuel source in hybrid cars, could help launch the base metal's comeback. Power Air Corp., based in Livermore, California, announced this week it had entered into a technology-sharing deal with Hawthorne, New Jersey-based eVionyx to make zinc-based battery units called Powerpacks, that will give extended-run capability to increasingly sophisticated -- and power-hungry -- mobile electronic devices like Blackberrys, MP3 players, and global positioning systems. "People don't know that zinc is a potential energy source," Power Air President and CEO Donald Ceci, told Platts. "Eventually, if the world was running on zinc, you'd have sustainable fuel." But, he added, "There's a lot of development work to be done." The technology is known as the zinc-air fuel cell, which gets its name from the underlying chemical reaction that occurs when zinc pellets are mixed with oxygen from the air, causing zinc oxidation. Lithium is the material currently used in the batteries powering mobile electronic devices, but deposits of the commodity are more scattered and scarce than zinc, and increasingly pricey in the face of insatiable demand for the next big thing in electronics, Ceci said. "There's not that much lithium; you get it from salt lakes on the tops of mountains in Chile and China." While those are not the only regions where the material is found, he said, "There's certainly not enough to run the world's hybrid electric vehicles." What's more, Ceci added, "Lithium is getting more and more expensive because all the portable devices are running on lithium. So zinc is developing into the next-generation alternative to lithium. We're pioneering that to an extent." Although the current crop of hybrid vehicles have fuel cells based on lithium or hydrogen, the zinc-air fuel cell is safer and better for the environment, he said. "The nice thing about zinc is, it's nonflammable and nonexplosive and you end up with zinc oxide as a byproduct, which is totally recyclable. You don't burn anything up into the atmosphere [so] there's no emissions." Also, "of all the stable elements, zinc has the highest energy density, so it is a very good power source," Ceci said. These qualities could raise the base metal's profile as a fuel source and drive up its price on the order of metallurgic coal -- the coal used to make steel -- the price of which has soared on rocketing steel demand from China. "Broadly speaking, I think this is a trend that going to grow not only in North America and Europe, but around the world," Bart Melek, a commodities analyst with BMO Capital Markets, told Platts. "Certainly with oil at $135-138/barrel, we're going have to use other ways [to get power]."
  7. In reply to: mondo45 on Thursday 20/12/07 03:26pm Would today's article in "The Australian" have any bearing on the JV with Hunan? Here are the opening paragraphs: "AT least 10 Chinese companies have withdrawn foreign investment applications to buy into Australian resources companies after pressure from the Rudd Government. The Government has in recent weeks made it plain privately that it wants more time to consider the issue of the national interest in terms of ownership of the Australian resources industry. The Chinese companies have been politely but firmly given the unprecedented message that it would be preferable to back off and resubmit any such applications to the Foreign Investment Review Board at a later date." There does not appear to be much in the way of forum activity for this company. I am a holder. Jahar
  8. Not usually a poster, more a reader Just finished the Jim Berg Boot Camp and I have surprised myself with how good I feel about the whole week-end. The content was well presented and, more to the point, very relevant to all levels of traders and would-be traders; I felt the information was targetting people at my level, but when I spoke to others they said they felt the same (talking to a novice and several more experienced and successful traders). There was a good sharing of info. and the week-end was not a one-sided presentation approach; it would surprise me if anyone went away from the "Camp" dissatisfied. I would like to congratulate the organisers and look forward to enjoying a long association; also it was good putting a face to "Falko" and "Colaiscute". thanks Jahar
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