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    something out of the ordinary is happening with CFU. it might actually be a success. ASX release just out, first commercial order for 10,000 units per year for 5 years. An australian high tech company becoming a success is a rare event indeed. I hold CFU @ 80 cents per share. Also , an increase in output to a 2kw design.
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    like most horror penny dreadfuls OCO/FCP for any long term holders is an unpleasant sight. You need to remember that the minimum ASX IPO price is 20 cents. Therefore, any company stock that is trading under that price has not been a success. FCP has just used OCO as a shell to start their new business in, with 2 billion new shares to add to the mix. FCP came to my attention because i own ONC, & they have a large stake in that company. its going to be a long wait for FCP to build up its business in china. They have $30 million to spend, but they a small fish in a big pond. (a $3 trillion GDP Chinese pond) ONC already has a small foothold , so FCP"s share price might benefit if ONC succeeds. For FCP, though i have no idea what they are planning to do, & FCP management probably arent too sure either. The $1million in interest earned doesnt mean much if its a $100 million company
  3. i took the plunge in NAB on friday @ $29.05 per share. Had a look in my archives , & the last time i owned NAB is when i sold them on 20 jan 2005 for $28.65 per share. The NAB share price is at 7 year lows at the moment, which doesn't mean it cant go lower of course. but if NAB ends up at $16.00 or CBA falls to $30, it would mean a complete failure in the financial system. If that was to occur it would not matter what stocks u are in, because the ASX 200 would probably be at 4000 points. A handful of financial stocks make up 40% of the value of the australian stock market. So it wont be pretty if they collapse.
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    might as well keep talking to myself on this thread, Xstrata have 67% as of today, & have extended their deadline to the 3rd of march to mop up remaining shareholders. time for me to start sniffing around for another coal company to buy. the only stocks going up these days are coal & iron ore companies.
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    i dont hold BXP, but still look for announcements regularly. The last half yearly was released on the 21st feb 2007, so this years half shouldn't be to far away
  6. datum


    Xstrata have 43% as of friday , with at least another 10% today, which gives them 53%. RSP will now recommend the full t/o for all shareholders now that they are above 50%
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    In reply to: wizzkid on Tuesday 05/02/08 09:59am Xstrata are very good at this t/o game, a lot smarter than our management. RSP have accepted the $3.20 offer, with 25% of the company changing hands today. Majority of those are very large trades @ $3.20 from Xstrata buying on market. i would probably guess that have 35% to 40% of RSP scrip at the moment. Over the next 2 years it will show Xstrata got a bargain with RSP.
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    been in a trading halt since jan 18 shows they are terrified about how the market is going to treat them when trading resumes. i know they going thru price sensitive discussions & restructuring, but its not too good for the lame duck shareholders who cant sell (or buy) MFS scrip
  9. QUOTE (datum @ Tuesday 03/04/07 07:16pm) Just replying to my own post from april 2007. i said that i expected SMN to not move from 20cents for the next 12 months. I was wrong, because it did move, all the way down to 10 cents. SMN desperately needs some paying customers, & its taking a long time. I am getting a bit uneasy about Airbus. They have been evaluating & testing the CVM product for the last 6 years. Using it on their fatigue test rigs. Their is a possibility that Airbus will go no furhter with the use of the CVM product. Installing & integrating CVM on their new & existing fleets would be a company maker for SMN. but i dont think its going to happen, SMN will have to rely on existing fleets to sell their products. Another long term wait for investors, probably another 12 months.
  10. QUOTE (datum @ Monday 22/10/07 10:41pm) the way they are going it will be 2 years (since listing) before anything happens. (listed mar 2006) i was wrong about my above guess. Its going to be april 2008 before the first drill. i am patiently waiting to throw a bit of money at CTP before it starts. although april 2008 to CTP management probably means Oct 2008 to regular people.
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    RSP is battering shareholders with info. Constantly talking up their prospects. Xstrata must be somewhat bemused by all this, because i certainly am.
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    the qtrly report is out, & its rubbish. no concrete figures to work on. just basically an advertising brochure
  13. looks like CCY is on its way to reflecting its true value, which is zero. CCY will join the ranks of the tiny micro caps on the ASX bourse that have no place being there. The endless cycle of cap raising's & share dilutions will begin, & probably to last for many years to come. They have to pay CEO & directors fees after all. The lease payments on their lexus sports coupes probably don't come cheap either.
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    Averaging down

    In reply to: datum on Thursday 06/09/07 12:39am just replying to my own post on Thursday 06/09/07 12:39am just had a look at NFL again to refresh my memory, s.p. now 10cents. I should be a multi-millionaire within the next few years a quote from my old post is a great lesson to us all. never never never average down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    king, in my limited experience PFL"s share price is dropping purely from lack of interest in this stock. As an example about 6 years ago Futuris corp (FCL) dropped from $2.70 to $1.80 when they had a bad half report. I bought in at $1.80 thinking i was a genius. The stock then promptly slid to $1.00. there is nothing fundamentally wrong with PFL, its just no-one"s interested. I dont not hold PFL.
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    ann. out, FDA has rejected SBN's oraline.
  17. anyone with a dodgy heart or pacemaker fitted, should not read this post. European bourse"s getting slaughtered at the moment. Still with 3 or 4 hours trading left. Have to wait to i get up in the morning to see the final result. http://uk.finance.yahoo.com/m2 CAC 40 (France) 4,738.94 ......................-353.46 (-6.94%) DAX (Germany) 6,828.88 11:55am ........ -485.29 (-6.63%) FTSE 100 (United Kingdom) 5,576.90 ....... -324.80 (-5.50%)
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    db76 i have had DLS sulking at the back of my watchlist for 18 mths. i only have a very vague grasp of DLS, because i have never got round to buying it. They are doubling the amount of shares on issue, so i dont no if it will trading below fair value after those shares are issued
  19. datum


    qtrly report out. They have finally got longwall mining restarted, 3 mths late. I still believe RSP's management are keen to sell, this from the bottom of page 2........... Resource pacific is open to discussions with Xstrata on the value of these synergies. I think RSP will probably give approval for a lower price than $3.50. Maybe around the $3.20 to $3.30 mark
  20. datum


    everbody invests the way they see fit, But i have a slightly different view on charting.To put it politey, i think charting is absolute rubbish. I used to have some respect for charting in relation to large caps , such as the ASX top 50 stocks. But i now believe charting is useless for anything. it is especially useless for micro/small caps like INL. INL is only a $40 million company. The ASX listed bourse overall market capitalisation is about $1.2 trillion. Work out what percentage INL makes up of this , & it will be very small. If a company (any company, not just INL)is going to be profitable the s.p will go up, if not the s.p will go down, until proven otherwise.
  21. In reply to: datum on Wednesday 12/12/07 12:47pm mkt cap has dropped to $440 mill from $627 mill, in this current share mkt rout. $32.5 mill npat for the full yr gives a p.e of around 13. if the mkt stays at it is BFG probably wont recover to previous highs. with M & A activity slowing & general bullish mkt conditions disappearing BFG wont be able to maintain 40% growth rates. At $1.75 BFG is probably worth a punt. But their might not be much happening in the next 12 months
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    lead prices on kitco is showing a drop from 1.60 to 1.20. Dont no if its a computer glitch
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    i disagree. I think it was a very sad pathetic ann. they have marked it "market sensitive", which is an act of desperation in my opinion. a photo of a truck & bulldozer might excite a 3 year old, but it does nothing for me. I hold INL @ 16.5cents
  24. thanks, floyd, for that update bit of news from the london/uk listed bourse, they seem to get updates a day before we do. http://www.iii.co.uk/investment/detail?cod...play=news&it=le LONDON (Thomson Financial) - European Nickel PLC said it has expanded its joint venture agreement with Rusina Mining NL for the Acoje nickel deposit on Luzon Island in the Philippines. The company said the joint venture has been expanded to include the recently purchased nickel laterite deposit on the nearby area covered by the Zambales Chromite (ZC) licence, adding that it reported a significant increase in its Philippine mineral resources. European Nickel said the parties have also completed the acquisition of the mineral production sharing agreement for the ZC deposit for a total of 2.05 mln usd. tf.TFN-Europe_newsdesk@thomson.com ssr/jrr
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    mr sharescene, code change required , from............... OCO, ORIEL COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED to......................... FCPB Investments Limited (FCP)
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