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  1. In reply to: suti on Friday 05/11/04 02:09pm Im going to state the bleeding obvious but thought i would document revised figures 463000 tonnes minus DRAKE 37000 tonnes = 426000 tonnes another poster has said they get paid 90% on shipment so 90% of 426000 = 383400 tonnes 383400 tonnes for $12,524,000 = $ 32.67 per tonne THIS compares a little bit better with PORTMANS first half of $36.08 per tonne (as per my post 2/11/04) maybe the difference was portman shipping higher grade ore & MGX lower grade , who knows? All this considered and if MGX are telling the truth about getting to the higher grade ore this stock is probably a reasonable buy. (by the way ive taken drake out because it sailed on the first of oct even though it was mined and loaded on the ship in the sep qtr, i doubt ther customer would part with there money until their ore is in transit) WILLING to be corrected on the above matter good trading all
  2. In reply to: yan on Wednesday 03/11/04 03:11pm hello yan,.................MGX............. yes an off market transfer only 1% of of total shares traded so no substantial shareholder notice to be expected unless it moves the buyer from 4% to 5%. More than likely an existing cornerstone shareholder transfering there shares to a subsidiary within there group. ( Joe gutnick the mining magntite made an art form of the above practice)
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    In reply to: wolverine on Monday 01/11/04 07:31pm page 41 of THE AUSTRALIAN "Santos in talks for PNG gas pipe". (only got the hard copy newspaper , havent looked up the link) AS my previous post 26/10/04 & jaytee post 6/10/04 it looks like santos wiil be be back in. AS suggested in my post of 26/10/04 santos cant sit on hands and wait one or two years before signing up, they have to signup right away to contribute money to there share of the project.(FEED,etc) IT will lift the share price , but might be short term though, OSH might find a new trading range between 1.80 & 2.00. A good qtrly annoncement would be the next catalyst for some action.
  4. In reply to: yan on Monday 01/11/04 10:39pm some comparison figures MGX qtr report for the period ending june 2004 263000 tonnes shipped for sales of $10.3 millon = $39.16 per tonne MGX qtr report for the period ending 30 september 2004 463000 tonnes shipped for sales of $12.524 millon = $27.05 per tonne as a comparison Portman mining for the half year ended june 2004 2,714,543 tonnes shipped for sales of $97,935,000 = $ 36.08 per tonne (portmans sep qtr 2004 didnt have the final figures so i used there first half for comparsion) I am not a close follower of MGX but the above figures might mean the more iron ore they mine the less money they make. (Lihir gold is in a similar situation with half there forward sales hedged @ $us330 per oz) IS this the same for MGX? PMM have there hedging information in there report, but MGX has no mention anywhere. Either MGX is trying to keep it under wraps or maybe they dont think its revelant. looking at the above figures MGX mined 200,000 extra tonnes for an extra $2.2mill which equals = $11.00 per tonne
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    In reply to: phillip_k on Wednesday 27/10/04 10:23pm Heres a link to a rather long article from YAHOO aussie oilers group lots of conspiracy theorys , but interesting explanation of russian deep drilling technology http://www.gasandoil.com/goc/features/fex44110.htm FOOTNOTE: since everybodys lost favour with ozestock.com it seems to me half the posters have come here & have gone to hot copper which has split the group(s) up so a lot less posts have occured .... although Rosskend is here so i will probably stick to following him around with his great knowledge .
  6. In reply to: amokk20us on Friday 29/10/04 11:27am Bpt holding up quite well considering the drop in the price of oil. My other oiler OSH has dropped about 6% off its recent highs.(although it has risen about 35% recently) Ive been a long time holder of BPT because of its producing assets. And it seems to take oil price changes in its stride. THe speccie oil stocks will probably drop like a stone when the oil price drops. BUt thats the risk/reward ratio punters are willing to take.
  7. In reply to: ericson on Thursday 28/10/04 11:11am Usually when i post negative views on a stock i get my head bitten off, but here goes anyway. ADA "s annual report had lots of pretty pictures of planes and "Maxsim" flight simulators, but absolutely no substance or projections for forward earnings. FY 2003 was 95mill in sales & FY 2004 was 55mill in sales I think my post on the 20/10/2004 still stands in that they have no control of if & when the contract(s) are invoiced/executed. I think they are doing a good job though reducing there workforce to 180 staff,etc. the contract(s) they mention 3 or 4 times in the report are not large, 21 mill & 27mill i think. which are not huge numbers. Getting back to my post of 20/10/2004 i said ADA "probably dont know what"s going on" is confirmed by the useless annual report. Most company"s can say something like 24 simulators to be installed FY 2005 @ cost of 48mill + service & support of 10 mill = projected revenue of 58 mill This of course hasnt happened. Any way this is still one of my top speculative picks in the penny dreadful end of the market. In closing i think 24 mill mkt cap is the wrong price for ADA ; the right price is either "zero" ( the company fails) or 150 mill mkt cap if they can attract another large conerstone customer.
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    In reply to: wolverine on Tuesday 26/10/04 12:52pm From jaytee post 6/10/04----------- Santos weighs rejoining PNG project-Oil Search CEO Fri Oct 1, 2004 01:52 PM ET the article that jaytee posted as above might have something to do with the SP rise. Santos might rejoin because of their depleting supplies in 10 yrs or so. Also Santos would have to sign up right away not in 1 or 2 years time, because they would have to contribute to the cost of FEED which has already started.
  9. Hello all, the post below is over 2yrs old, i like others here have been following this stock for several years. Ive posted the article from my ADA archive and highlited in captial letters the part that is of concern-------- IF THE USA AIR FORCE EXERCISES ITS OPTIONS to procure the planned 94 simulators and associated support. The contract also contains an option for a technical refurbishment the word "IF" is the problem that ADA must have, its up to the US air force to decide if and when they proceed with the purchase(s). I think if and when ADA reach crictal mass in the number of simulators sold, they will have recurring income streams for ongoing upgrades.(ie like microsoft) But i dont no how many they have in the feild, or how many they need. And i believe ADA themselves probably dont no either. Having said all that ADA is my number #1 specultive stock pick, i dont think there largest shareholder(s) will let this company fail having come as far as they have. Might need a cpital raising though , those posted figures show ther debts are close to there stated assets, far to close in fact. good trading to all. Tuesday May 14,2002 2:32 pm Eastern Time Press Release SOURCE: Adacel United States Air Force Awards Adacel the Industry's Largest Ever Control Tower Simulation Contract NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 14, 2002--Adacel Systems Inc. (ASI) has just been awarded a multi-year contract to supply the United States Air Force (USAF) with approximately 94 Control Tower Simulation Systems to be installed at USAF bases around the world. Adacel won the contract against three other companies after a long competitive bidding and evaluation process that included an intensive technology and product assessment. The USAF indicated it was Adacel's superior technical solution that set the company apart significantly from the other competitors. The contract was awarded after two years of stringent evaluation to ensure the systems met USAF's demanding requirements for state-of-the-art tools that would allow USAF Air Traffic controllers to achieve and maintain proficiency in the skills necessary to effectively control the military airspace. Several of the systems will be installed at the USAF air traffic control school at Keesler Air Force Base where they will further enhance air traffic controller training as well as providing upgrade training for controllers in the field. The initial contract award is for approximately US$2.4M for three simulators and development of a computer-based instruction course on the operation of the simulator, plus annual production options through FY07. The Air Force is currently planning on procuring approximately 94 simulators from FY02 through FY07. The contract also contains annual options through FY11 for contractor logistic support and for a training system support center capability to support the fielded simulators. Estimated contract value is approximately US$72.5M IF THE USA AIR FORCE EXERCISES ITS OPTIONS to procure the planned 94 simulators and associated support. The contract also contains an option for a technical refurbishment study in FY04. Depending on the results of the study and funding availability, the Air Force may be upgrading the simulators sometime between FY05-FY07. The US Air Force would upgrade the simulators through an engineering change proposal. "This award confirms Adacel as the world's leading supplier of Air Traffic Control simulation products, providing state-of-the-art systems for both military and civil air traffic control. Effectively, with this and other recent awards, Adacel's systems have become the new global standard for the air traffic control community. We are both proud and honored at having been selected by the US Air Force, the world's leading military provider of air traffic control services. We look forward to a long and mutually rewarding partnership with the US Air Force," commented Lionel Leveille, President and CEO of ASI. Adacel Systems Inc. located near the DFW Airport, is a completely integrated product development and support organization, which provides the ATC community with a complete range of scalable ATC training products and solutions to support their customer's needs. Adacel manufactures professional Air Traffic Control training simulation systems for governments, universities, military services and civilian air traffic control agencies worldwide. The US Air Force has been a long time customer and uses these training simulation systems at their ATC School as well as at hundreds of duty locations worldwide. These systems comprise a fully scalable, customizable line of ATC simulation products, ranging from a desktop trainer to a complete 360-degree room-sized control tower environment. Adacel Systems Inc. is a subsidiary of Adacel Technologies Limited. Adacel Technologies Limited is one of Australia's leading developers of advanced software and systems for aviation, telecommunications, defense and e-Business. In the fourteen years since its establishment, Adacel has built internationally recognised software and systems engineering expertise, which it is now using to develop and market proprietary software, systems and computer training products in Australia, Europe, North America and Asia. Adacel is listed on the ASX (Code: ADA) and can be found on the Web at www.adacel.com.
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