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  1. from yesterdays herald sun by lucy carne and if you head to the federal government's website, you'll find a bewildering 1827 words explaining who can get vaccinated under lb, it's staggering that we're still stumbling through this rollout. surely if we want to vaccinate the population swiftly, it's time to scrap age restrictions and make any vaccine available to anyone. enlist Aldi's effiicient checkout staff to do the jabs, through in a sky jacket with your vaccine and you'll get the masses jabed in no time.
  2. from the new york times America now makes up 4 percent of the worlds population but accounts for about 20 percent of global deaths
  3. hello draughtsman the photo stations in k mart, office works and teds camera store are all closed. as far as restrictions are concerned i go with the flow, the only way we are going to bring the figures down.
  4. welcome to melbourne australias most livable city shut down or restricted business aquariums art and craft shops bag shops bingo bicycle shops boat sales and service boat hire book shops brothels bowling clubs builders beauty shops barbers baggage stores carpet sales and installation cash converters cafes camera stores clothing shops caravan sales and manufactures coach hire clothing stores caravan parks clothing alterations car wash casinos call centres department stores dog grooming dog wash debt collection electrical stores elderly citizens centres fishing charters fishing shops florists furniture stores funerals food courts garden nurseries gardening services golf courses gymnasiums hire companies hardware stores hobby shops ice skating jewellers juice bars key shops kinder gardens library lawn mower and repair shops movies medibank private mobile phone shops medical centres marriage receptions museums nail shops night clubs opportunity shops office supplies out door shops pet shops photo developing puffing billy parks and gardens religious services restaurants racv rspca roller skating schools scouts sports stores shoe shops shoe repair shaving shops swimming pools schools squash centres skate parks travel bag shops tour companies travel agents tennis court hire tattoo artists ten pin bowling grass bowling clubs vacume cleaner shops wakes zoos.
  5. like chance gardener says in the DVD being there i like to watch, while there are few posters on share scene there are heaps of people who are content to stay in the background and pick up the occasional bit of information that helps us win in the game that is called the stock markey.
  6. are english speakers verbally insane ? in what other language do people recite at a play and play at a recital, ship by truck and send cargo by ship have noses that run and feet that smell, how can a slim chance and a fat chance be the same, while a wise man and a wise guy are opposites ?
  7. i am a great fan of trevor sykes the author of the official history of the blue sky mine , vintage pierpoint and on a more serious note the money miners. this week my term deposit reinvestment is due at the great 2.85 %, interest
  8. all of these stocks have been sold years ago and i made profit on most thanks for the reply eshmun
  9. i did very well in those years, later on it was a different story, i have learned alot in the following years, dont invest in junior gold companies.
  10. yesterday i had a jolly good time shredding all my share certificates bought and sold from 2008 to 2010 some of them were bpt $1.54 now $1.05 tzn $2.94 now 12.5 cents sbm 30 cents now 21.5 sen 31.5 cents now 8.4 cents fmg $8.20 now $2.49 tpi $ 4.60 now 70 cents 6 other companies i have sold are now in liquidation
  11. ivé got the book 3x carlin, an orgy of george not as funny as he is live.
  12. i am reading DOT BOMB AUSTRALIA by Kate askew, while it isn't a investment book it shows how many people have made and lost a fortune in the dot com bubble. in it you read how Malcolm turnbull made his 1st fortune from ozemail, also why Steve vizard can't be a company director till 2015. a very good read
  13. Gerry Harvey now wants to have a two wage system in Australia and for us it import cheap labor from Asia, he said the US can draw a lot of cheap labor from Mexico and south America so why not Australia. are you losing the plot Gerry?
  14. today NETWEALTH launched their new share trading platform. for those who like to keep their trading expenses down netwealth lets you trade stocks up to $5000 for only $17.99, the only catch is you have your money in a trust a/c with them. the new site is a beauty, they now show how much you are in front with your portfolio for the year. well worth having a look. deadone.
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