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    QUOTE (dee27 @ Thursday 06/03/08 08:25am) This extract from Todays AGE article -Eddy Groves pulls Morgan Stanley out of a hat to keep ABC investors happy -supports that also dee , "But when ABC shares resume trading today, any remaining short sellers on the register after last Tuesday week's share price selling frenzy will be nervous. Singapore's sovereign fund, Temasek, Lazard Asset Management and others that bought in as the shares slumped from $3.74 to a low of just $1.15 and a close of $2.14 will be relaxed"
  2. awol


    In reply to: dee27 on Wednesday 05/03/08 05:42pm Agree dee . At 14 times earnings , in this climate, a most excellent outcome.
  3. In reply to: denpal on Tuesday 19/02/08 01:18pm Has any other stock done HALF as well as MAK the last 2 months , about a 600 % gain ? Up another 15 % today http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif
  4. QUOTE (WannaGetRish @ Monday 03/12/07 06:18pm) Is this right ? EOS has a MAC of $34 million at 0.60 ( on close to 57 million shares , and about 6 million director options way out of the money ) Latest Year to date ann. (calendar not financial ) shows 9 months delivering net operating cash flow in the black of $ 5,573,000. And yesterday ann. of an AUD $ 26.3 million order. You don't see that many orders of a size so close to MAC. ( Forget CROWS ,the market 's well and truely given no hope of winning the protest with the s.p. 's huge nose-dive.) It seems the Crows shadow is cast way too large over EOS on the CURRENT reality.
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    In reply to: nipper on Sunday 14/10/07 06:16pm Ditto.Confirmed my suspicions too . Many thanks also sprite . It wouldn't take much oil flow at all to overwhelm a small truck-mounted rig . awol
  6. awol


    Many thanks kahuna for your very thorough post . There are many neutral (re ELK ) readers here who i am sure appreciate the time and effort applied here. awol
  7. I agree folks. FDY puzzles me too . It has released only good news since listing and is now only back up to the issue price. I hold. happy trades
  8. The title of this thread indicates a certain naivity re market tops.The title has been going on for far too long, after all. During dotcom , many seasoned traders were out far too early on very sensible realistic fundamentals . I know, i spoke to them constantly .Sorry, sentiment is king, always has been , always will be. The last spike of the bull market is by far the most profitable. You don't want to be out of it then .Thats when everyone who knows you is desperately wanting your advice re shares. This hasn't even begun to occuryet. Taxi drivers / neighbours aren't telling me of the benefits of stock xyz currently.They were , however, in the last months of dotcom. Simply accept that the top (or bottom , for that matter ) is for fools to pick , BUT the first decent correction is your stop-loss AND you don't waiver on this. You will be miles ahead of the early deserters this way. i am not talking the first shangia correction, that was just a blip to inform the west of the total unconnectedness of the chinese market with its economy cf west .You make a lot more this way than second-guessing the market, which always has had a mind of its own, and generally moves a hell of a lot further than most imagine. Each to his own.
  9. QUOTE (chariot20030 @ Wednesday 25/04/07 12:19am) Nearology perhaps ? http://www.redmetal.com.au/fig_gawler.html Todays THE AGE Teck Cominco discovery expected to spark mini-boom. Barry FitzGerald April 25, 2007 STAND by for a mini-boom involving copper/gold explorers in South Australia's Gawler Craton as mining punters scramble for exposure to ground positions near the Carrapateena copper/gold discovery of Canada's Teck Cominco and prospector Rudy Gomez. Mr Gomez discovered Carrapateena in 2005 in a drilling program the SA Government partly funded. But it struggled to match the excitement that surrounded its original discovery hole (67 metres at an average grade of 3.03 per cent copper and 0.4 grams of gold a tonne) in follow-up work Teck Cominco funded. But the Canadian persistence has paid off. In its March quarter report to the Canadian market, Teck Cominco has reported that hole 50 returned a 905-metre intersection grading 2.1 per cent copper and one gram of gold a tonne, including 95 metres grading 3.3 per cent copper and 0.6 g/tonne gold. Teck Cominco did not provide any more information on the hole, although there is industry gossip that the group believes it finally understands what controls the mineralisation at the property. The intersection is believed to have been returned from depths below 550 metres. It is also believed to have been from a vertical rather than an inclined hole, raising the prospect it was drilled down a pipe-like structure, overstating its importance. But Teck Cominco said several holes 100 metres to the north, east and south-east had returned "visual" copper mineralisation. Assay results have not yet been received. Carrapateena sits hard up against Lake Torrens and to the south-east of BHP Billiton's Olympic Dam operation and Oxiana's Prominent Hill copper/gold development. More than a dozen explorers have continued to crawl over the region. The 1975 discovery hole at Olympic Dam was 170 metres grading 2.12 per cent copper. But it also came with revenue-boosting uranium at 0.58 kilograms a tonne. http://www.teckcominco.com (RDM's chart is worth a visit. Blue sky above 0.48 )
  10. In reply to: jaded on Wednesday 18/04/07 09:44am Perhaps there is a gradual awareness also that despite the uninformed posturing of the politicans re Kodu , the track was ALWAYS safe . Hello ! The tenement is a lot bigger than the Kokoda Track ! The locals would love to have a mine in their area too, as they are very poor subsistence farmers. This is a month old from The Australian , but still very relevant . Frontier braves the odds in PNG * PURE SPECULATION Robin Bromby * March 17, 2007 PAPUA New Guinea ranks well down at 60 out of 65 places where mining companies want to do business, according to a recent Canadian survey. And Frontier Resources has had the sort of publicity in the past year it could have done without. First, it got into hot water with the ASX after its shares took a 300 per cent ride in a morning on what turned out to be old news, the stock immediately plunging back close to where it started. Then there was the hullabaloo over the Kokoda Track and how Frontier would desecrate this near-sacred site by its drilling and mining at the Kodu project. Never mind that (a) the operation was never going to touch the track and (b) the local clans, which no one had much cared about since the war, were over the moon about the project because it would mean the prospect of real employment and an alternative to the misery of subsistence farming. Frontier's shares haven't troubled the 15c level since December, but the company might be worth another look in view of some recent announcements, even though Kodu will not be in production for another four years. Frontier closed last night at 12.5c. A few weeks ago, Frontier upgraded Kodu to an estimated 604,000 tonnes of contained copper. It is also bullish about the molybdenum, gold and silver content. Then this week it reported a 220m-long zone of visible copper at the Bukuam project in East New Britain province. Frontier's magnetic surveys there have encouraged it to target a copper system up to 300 million tonnes, and the surveys have shown high-grade zinc-silver-gold mineralised bodies as well as epithermal gold. TH
  11. In reply to: jaded on Wednesday 18/04/07 06:40am FNT , as long as i have been watching it anyway , treads water generally in range bound parameters and then spikes and plunges on announcements. Perhaps the price action is hinting that something new has entered the equation now. More time required to see if it continues or it is just a blip.
  12. In reply to: omegaoil on Monday 19/03/07 02:16pm Hi omegaoil, Could you please elaborate a little further. Thanks
  13. awol


    In reply to: lancelots on Sunday 25/02/07 07:55pm Thanks lancelot. It's just a too common failing to see the REALITY of change , i.e. life itself, applied to the sharemarket, or more specifically here, an individual stock. Been there , done that, ...now i am flexible enough to not miss any opportunity through ...outdated...perceptions. May your battles be successful, your mead of good quality , and your maidens of excellent quality http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif awol
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    yessam---how long ago was that ? A week is a long time in the sharemarket ....years ?One of the most blinding mists for beginners is to ignore that a phoenix can and does rise from the ashes, as we have seen ad nauseum ,over the decades. I don't hold Lum shares , but to talk about what happened years ago is to deny the reality of the DYL's etc etc etc. Reinvention (sometimes remarkably successfully ) is a constant. Fixed dogma is a curse.
  15. Amazing isn't it .France has 56 or 57 working nuclear plants , generating 76 % of their electricity . ( Australia trembles at the thought of ...wait for it.....it's FIRST. ) The French i have met both here and in France don't appear ,overtly at least, inbecile compared to other countries.Interesting. awol
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