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  1. Wasi, Point 1. "There are other Aussie biotech companies that I can foresee to become targets." You might recall SLA has beaten of a couple of suitors already. I think they are very much open to take over offers; especially when sales begin of Ropren. Prime target IMHO. Point 2. "will the price per Ropren course (always expressed in US$) be able to remain the same, I wonder?" Totally agree. With the ruble, US$ and Aussie$ all over the place I think it is going to be a juggling act.
  2. In reply to: macrae on Sunday 18/01/09 04:02pm "If you build it, orders will come." I understand the directors have added up the pledges for orders, and done their sums, and realized that the facility at Tomsk will be totally inadequate for the demand. The factory would NOT be going ahead without some firm commitment to buy.
  3. In reply to: 29101971 on Friday 16/01/09 12:13pm Dob, I will get my wife to try it. She loves her Vanilla Vodka. And Congrats to Trooper Donaldson. Rare honor. First VC in 40 years.
  4. In reply to: tugga on Friday 16/01/09 11:33am Sorry, no link. I have had a few glasses during the AGMs. It does not taste too bad after you have had a few. Vagif drinks it like a chain smoker. ( I have majors in Journalism!!) http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/sad.gif
  5. In reply to: OscarA on Friday 16/01/09 11:14am Like Vegemite (yuk) our sports drink is an acquired taste. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif Now back to counting my money to pay for the 5 cent call.
  6. In reply to: diana on Wednesday 14/01/09 11:32am Lovely Lady, Hello, my name is Boris. I have this empty dacha in Tomsk. I would like to share it with someone special...
  7. Vilmac


    In reply to: balance on Tuesday 13/01/09 12:02pm Guys, This might be too much out of left field, but my thinking is that Australian cricket has fallen into a hole and the team lost moral fortitude and guts when the selectors and the whole of the Australian cricketing authorities did not properly support Symonds regarding the Monkey insults by Singh. I think that incident took the wind out of the team and the Indian team won a huge confidence boost. The Australian team now knows they are not supported by Australian authorities and they are just going through the motions. The authorities caved in to money and now it is only money that drives the team not the green and gold. Had the authorities kicked Singh out it would be a completely different motivated Australian team playing. We need new selectors and selectors and authorities who back the team 100%. Remember Hayden and Symonds are mates and Hayden stood up for Symonds. I don't think either of them have been performing well since the monkey incident. Confidence and support??? My 2 bob. FWIW
  8. In reply to: diana on Monday 12/01/09 08:21am Diana, Thanks for those comments. They just about cover it all for me. I have no intention of selling any time soon, except some to cover my 5 cents due on the SLACF's; and if I had any money left in any of my other stocks I would sell them rather than my SLA's. And if I had any money left in the kitty after that I would be a buyer at these prices. Like most of you I have been reading with great interest and alarm at what is happening in the world economy. I keep reading these articles about slowing growth, fall in demand, massive unemployment, inflation, hyper-inflation etc. But to me it gets back to one central thing - the Banks have stopped lending. Fix the Banks and you fix the economy. But this is not the forum to get into this. But as Diana said there are some sectors which will do better than others. Health is one. In an aging population Health is one area where we will continue to spend. Spent a fortune on my wife's operation last year, and if she needs one again this year I will spend another fortune and not a bigger plasma TV or holiday or new car. Happy to hold, with fingers crossed that SLA will take off sooooon!!
  9. In reply to: bam_bamm on Friday 09/01/09 02:46pm bam bamm, Seems to me bam bamm that you are like a guy at a poker table holding 4 of a kind and somebody raises your bet. You know you have a winning hand but are confused when somebody does something un-expected. Most people would raise again, but it seems to me you are of a temperament that you throw away your winning hand. Perhaps you should stay out of the game. Cheers
  10. In reply to: fredick on Friday 09/01/09 11:24am Fredick, Yep! A head of steam and better looking graph. Hope it is sustained. Certainly I am a lot happier when directors are buying again.
  11. In reply to: Vilmac on Friday 09/01/09 11:14am It has been corrected. For one mad moment I was a billionaire!!!
  12. From my Etrade window!!! Bit ambitious, but I like their confidence. One seller at $987.00. I hope somebody picks up the 4700 shares on offer. Sellers Price Quantity Number 0.230 50000 1 0.250 60000 2 0.265 15000 1 0.300 5000 1 987.000 4700 1 Last 10 Trades Time Price Quantity 11:10:12 AM 0.215 279 11:09:23 AM 0.215 12,121 11:09:23 AM 0.215 5,500 11:09:23 AM 0.215 19,379 11:08:34 AM 0.215 5,000 10:58:10 AM 0.210 4,767 10:44:14 AM 0.215
  13. Nice to see that Peter is still buying.
  14. Vilmac


    In reply to: theadder on Thursday 08/01/09 10:37am Must be an age thing, but I have never heard of some of these guys. I checked out their statistics on Howstats and I am totally underwhelmed. If these guys are the best we have, we are in deep shyte. Don't the selectors look at first class statistics. Some of the clowns included in the side are well down on the stats. Why did Nannes get overlooked? Hauritz has a shocking, shocking first class average. Why is he included? Looks like we are back to the practice, if you are NSW or Vic you are given preferential treatment. This has been the English standard practice of selection and look how well they are doing.
  15. In reply to: OscarA on Friday 02/01/09 12:54pm Sounds like a good news post to me. I just wish I had money to buy at these prices. Also nice to see the guys are back at work. I am currently trying to get in touch with directors of another company and nobody is back till 12th.
  16. In reply to: mme on Wednesday 31/12/08 10:09am Thanks mme and ditto, Happy New Year SLAers and everyone else!! P.S. Haven't been posting as there is nothing to post about, but January 2009 IMO will be an interesting month!!! Cheers Everyone. Take care tonight.
  17. In reply to: fredick on Friday 19/12/08 03:23pm Max my card, lose my wife. Decisions decisions. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/wub.gif
  18. In reply to: fredick on Friday 19/12/08 02:23pm Fredick, I must disagree. Trade plus 4 has been my experience of late. They used to be good, but seem to drag their feet lately. Have my Amex. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif
  19. Well I am finally back from holidays, but looking at the SLA share price, I wish I had stayed home and saved the money!! The way I see it I have today or possibly till Monday to make up my mind about taking up my placement. Would love to take it up, but where is the money coming from? No trades today and if I put up some SLA shares to sell to take up the placement I would drive the market down. Catch 22. On a side note. One of the largest national groups on our ship were the Russians. They seemed to have oodles of money and came from a broad age group. Spoke to one young couple who were on one of our daily tours. He was from outside Moscow, but he said he worked for a large multi national as a translator. Spoke English Russian and Japanese. He loved Putin, because he was giving Russia back its national pride. Russia was looking for foreign investment and was a safe investment for foreign companies. His Japanese company had no problems repatriating money it earned in Russia back to Japan, but they are not Americans which the Russians love to screw. I hope Russia's attitude to Australia is more Japanese and less American? I asked him carefully about corruption - but he answered candidly - its everywhere just got to deal with it. Seems to me like Native Title in Australia. Anyway, back to my spreadsheet. Cheers
  20. In reply to: 29101971 on Wednesday 10/12/08 04:43pm The greatest con of the 21st century is that the banks have been able to divert the cause of the recession away from themselves to the failing car industry, fall in demand, slow down in growth, collapse of commodity prices etc etc. It is the BANKS stupid!!! If the banks had not stopped lending we would not be in this mess. The mess has been caused because the banks were playing silly buggers between themselves and suddenly realised the pyramid scheme they had working within themselves was unsustainable and cut off credit to everybody. Now instead of being the banks fault it is everybody elses. At one stage Gordon brown was talking tough about nationalising the banks if they did not start lending. I have not had access to a British paper for a few weeks, but listening to the BBC news it seems even Gordon Brown has gone cold on that idea. Pity. Someone should keep the focus on the banks. The four pillars of our financial system are really just piles of decaying corrupt self absorbed rust and need to be scrapped.
  21. In reply to: Livas1 on Tuesday 02/12/08 08:06pm Livas, From Andorra; I thank you. Great post. I am sure we will all get through this, in time. Cheers
  22. Guys, Arrived back in Barcelona this morning (Barcelona time). Lots to catch up. Sounds as if meeting went well. Pity about share price. Notice there have been changes to share issue. Will have to sort that out when I get back to Australia. Too hard to do anything while on the move. My intention was to take up full allocation, but I might have missed out. Previously advised Peter I will take up some shortfall so I think I am covered. Russian seem to be rolling in money. 10% of the cruise was vodka drinking Russians. Some of them soooo young. Where do they get the money from?? Americans on the cruise don't seem to be worried about the recession or job losses. Business as usual for most. Poms more worried about it than the Yanks. Lots of talk about nationalising UK banks if they do not start lending. Very interesting? Sounds like we are back on track. Would love a much higher share price to reflect SLA achievements this year !! Cheers
  23. In reply to: chiller on Thursday 06/11/08 02:16pm Chiller, I totally agree with Chiller, Illusion is playing games and we should be aware of this. If I might add something as an interesting observation. The new favourite game for Bankers in London, and I do not think Illusion is one http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/hypocrite.gif , is playing chicken with trains. We got held up by another Banker on Central line today. Seems the trains are setting up a handy cricket score. Far in excess of the Opes Team.
  24. In reply to: investor on Thursday 30/10/08 11:14pm Investor, Thanks for that. I agree, if I did not believe in and see the effort that Denis, Peter and Vagif were putting in the company I would be long gone. Like you I have had previous experience with companies where the directors were in it just for number one. These guys are different. Cheers
  25. In reply to: OscarA on Thursday 30/10/08 09:51am Did my calcualtions this morning and the bottom line is I will be taking up all my entitilements ASAP.
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