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  1. Yikes ...... Matt Renshaw just took SA apart in the one-dayer. 156 not out, off 109 balls, 15 fours and 5 sixes. Perhaps he's keen again to get back in the Test side. Hope he makes it as he's a good opener and a fine first slip. Cheers J
  2. Didn't realise that "netizen" was a word. Live and learn ! Cheers J
  3. With his first ball in English tests no less. Gatting’s reaction is priceless.
  4. Seems like Cricket Australia was aware of the situation when it happened, but decided that all was OK. Now it isn't ....... because the details have been published ???? Doesn't look too great for Cricket Australia ....... resignations maybe ? Yes I'm kidding, of course the CA officials won't resign. Situation is pretty dirty. Smith to captain for the Ashes is my guess. Cheers J
  5. Cat among the pigeons time !!! Now the question will be ........ does he still get picked as Australia's best keeper ?? I would take the opportunity to recruit a new keeper, Inglis? Carey? , and I would also give Smith the captaincy for the Ashes series. Cheers J
  6. Fair dinkum, I think if I read " reached out to " instead of "contacted" once more, I'll be physically sick. Newspaper writers/editors are the worst culprits. I can only imagine that they are teenagers these days. Cheers J
  7. Not impressed with Usman named in the squad. Has performed just once for Australia, when in NZ. Crap fielder. The rest pretty much as expected. Very pleased to see that Matt Renshaw is back in the A side. Cheers J
  8. And we thought we'd left the colonial era behind !! Cheers J
  9. Well, the Aussies, written off by most at the start of the tournament, have won the cup for the first time, frustrating the Kiwis yet again. Mitch Marsh had a very good tournament ( another test trial maybe ?) , and mostly the good test players keeping everything going. Amazing how the "best" players are still the best players, as long as they are not mucked around with rests and changes all the time. Hopefully Australian cricket has moved on from the woke efforts of the last few years, and will just do the simple but best process of picking the 12 best players ......... and let them decide when they need a "rest". Finch had a pretty ordinary series ..... maybe will have some proving to do. Didn't see any games, so I really don't know how his captaincy affected anything. The shorter games are pretty well mapped out beforehand these days. Now for the Poms !!!!! Cheers J
  10. " The Big Show" now has 36 runs from 6 innings .......... Australia"s test cricketers showing once again that you can't replace "class". The Kiwis will be tough ....... maybe Maxie can finally shine in the final ???? Cheers J
  11. Well thank goodness for that, after all the media hype over Usman's form lately. Now there's one place still to be filled. Bit of talk about Mitch Marsh ....... could do worse I guess. He can be pretty handy with bat and ball and a decent fielder. Cheers J
  12. Kiwis dump the Poms from the cup. They're always tough. Cheers J
  13. Yes, somehow it is not just straightforward. Cheers J
  14. Have noticed that EB hasn’t shown up in the new platform. What happened, anyone know? Cheers J
  15. Musing on the World Cup. Yet again the “Big Show” hasn’t produced after all the media hype. He has one, maybe two matches to “show” . His only saving grace is his excellent fielding, which is very important, and his generally decent bowling. The regular test match stars have produced for Australia. I wonder if Langer can resist changing the winning team ?? He loves to tinker and I fear his dodgy decisions. I don’t think that the Pakis will be looking forward to our fast bowlers, so I’ll be filled with horror if they dump one of our quicks in favour of a spinner who the Pakis will eat for breakfast. Go the Aussies ! Cheers J
  16. Knives out for Marcus Harris in test opening position. Media enthralled with Khawajah and his two recent centuries, ignoring the fact that he is batting in the more sheltered position of #4, not opening. They also ignore his pretty ordinary fielding efforts. Hope Harris gets some runs and some form in the next Shield game. Cheers J
  17. Can't be bothered trying to add to the original Cricket forum. I'm having some fun trying to pick a test team for the coming summer. My picks ....... Warner, Harris, Smith, Labuschagne, Green, Wade, Paine, Lyon, Cummings, Hazelwood, Stark. Happy to see Schwepson in the squad as well, Carey ?, Not too sure about Green, Wade, Harris .............., and actually I'd like to see Josh Inglis in as keeper, and Paine pensioned off. In the end, I suppose Langer will get his way ....... mores the pity. Cheers J
  18. Aussies creamed by the Poms in 20/20. Finch scored a few runs. Doesn't look too good for any significant result in the tournament. Langer lurches from one thought to another, and rarely gets it right. Players haven't a clue what going to happen next. Cheers J
  19. couple of outstanding Aussie cricketers. RIP J
  20. 'Further to the Company's announcement of 18 October 2021, cementing of the 5-1/2” casing string has been successfully completed. The wellbore is currently being conditioned in preparation for the well to be suspended for future production testing (to be conducted by Q1 CY2022) and the Ensign 970 rig will be released shortly to the next operator. The Company will provide its final operational update once release of the rig has been confirmed." Good news. cheers J
  21. What's wrong with "contacting" for Heaven's sake. Cheers J
  22. RBA has a $4 billion plus loss. Still pays dividends. Can anybody explain in simple terms ( for a bear of little brain) whether the RBA has messed up. They've been doing pretty well up to now, and paying the government handsome divvies. Cheers J
  23. This is J K Rowling writing , about her new children's book. Must say, the "span" really made me blink and wonder if there was a predictive text problem. Seems it's legitimate as Archaic english. Perhaps that is what J K meant.
  24. Forgot this thread existed. I see that that the T20 warm ups are happening, with India giving the Aussies a flogging. Our first three batsmen gone for 11 runs didn't help. Class batsmen to the rescue again. Bowlers didn't trouble the Indian batsmen either. Bit of work to do here Justin, getting the best from the players instead of trying to mould them into what you want. Cheers J
  25. Ah yes. Trevor Hohns has retired ....... again. Am hoping that our test cricketers get some field time before the Poms arrive. Qld vs SA looking at an interesting last day. Cheers J
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