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  1. Hardik Pandya gets it absolutely right. Cheers J
  2. How NOT to celebrate a cycling win. Cheers J
  3. Vale Andrew Symonds, dead after a car crash in north Queensland. What a gifted player he was ....... one of the most talented ever. Cheers J
  4. Three batsmen out in the nineties ...... Cheers J
  5. And just in case you thought that you'd heard everything weird ........ Cheers J
  6. I suspect that the people running Link have some agendas. Cheers J
  7. What I don’t understand is, why the gold price is going down as well. I, perhaps naively, thought that buying gold was a hedge against stock retreats. Just another thing I don’t understand!!! Cheers J
  8. The DOW up a thousand one day, down a thousand the next day ....... ho hum. Glad it's not manipulated in any way. Cheers J
  9. Another troubled African adventure. " Maximise value for shareholders" ........... after losing almost $500 million !!! Cheers J
  10. Yep, that meaningless piece of verbal garbage should do the trick. Cheers J
  11. " disinvite " ....... well why not, everything else seems OK. Poor old Phil Mickelson. Cheers J
  12. So the Aussie ladies win the World Cup, undefeated in the tournament. That was some innings by Alyssa Healy in a final. The bowlers held their nerve professionally, and seemed to be in control. Well done Matthew Mott the coach, and Meg Lanning the ever cool captain. Congratulations Aussies, a well earned trophy after years of hard work, and well done coaches. Cheers J
  13. And the semis in the women's One day World Cup are ..... Semi-Final 1: Australia vs West Indies, Basin Reserve (Wellington), 3.30 am IST on 30 March 2022. Semi-Final 2: South Africa vs England, Hagley Oval (Christchurch), 6.30 am IST on 31 March 2022. Go Aussies. Cheers J
  14. My impeccable source says escalate means "increase rapidly" , so escalate down is a nonsense. Maybe they are getting confused with an escalator. Cheers J
  15. It was an outstanding campaign, and they stuck to their guns through some very trying and tiring hours. Pakistan has a very solid team with some very good batsmen and bowlers, and the Aussies had to really work hard and long to eventually overcome them. Cummins looks the goods as captain, Usman has guaranteed himself a spot for a while. And now we have Hazelwood and Boland all fresh and ready to go. I do look forward to Smith's next century ...... Cheers J
  16. Make that 4 centuries !!! With an average of about 160 at the moment. Cheers J
  17. I have never been a great fan of Usman Khawaja, but his batting has been phenomenal lately. Going backwards, we have 64no (Present game), 91, 44no ,160, 97 , 11 , 6 , 101no , 137 Three centuries and two in the 90's !!! What a golden run of form. Cheers J
  18. For whatever reason, it really looked like Queensland was trying to help Tasmania into the Shield final. Rainbird certainly had a match to remember. Cheers J
  19. Pakistan batting on without too much worry. Would be nice if we could repay the Pakistan cricket board with some really lively wickets when they next tour, but I guess it won’t happen. Still think Boland would have made a difference. Cheers J
  20. Sam Rainbird , 8/21 against Qld. He’ll remember this outing for many a year I’ll bet. Cheers J
  21. Sorry for Boland in Pakistan. Should have played the second test, just to see how he went in these conditions. Now, nobody will ever know. Cheers J
  22. And now the precious university students are being "warned" about possible negative responses when reading some classic novels. So I guess that those terrible and very graphic Tales by the Brothers Grimm will definitely be off the children's literature courses.
  23. Match between ENG and NZ was a bit of a nail biter. ENG eventually stumbled over the line. Leaves both NZ and ENG with work to do to get into the top 4. Aussies looking strong. Vale Warnie , a one-of-a-kind. Cheers J
  24. And then he drops yet another crucial catch. Likes batting, indifferent fielder. Well done Pakistan. Had some luck, but batted really well to save the game. Doubt if the Aussies could have been so patient and determined. Cheers J
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