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  1. Forgot this thread existed. I see that that the T20 warm ups are happening, with India giving the Aussies a flogging. Our first three batsmen gone for 11 runs didn't help. Class batsmen to the rescue again. Bowlers didn't trouble the Indian batsmen either. Bit of work to do here Justin, getting the best from the players instead of trying to mould them into what you want. Cheers J
  2. Ah yes. Trevor Hohns has retired ....... again. Am hoping that our test cricketers get some field time before the Poms arrive. Qld vs SA looking at an interesting last day. Cheers J
  3. I see that Tony Dodemaide is our new selector. He'll have his hands full. Cheers J
  4. Poor Will Pucovski ....... Really can't see him playing test cricket again . Very talented, but ..... Cheers J
  5. Wonder if a new chairman will do better. Hope so. Cheers J
  6. Goldies should be up today. So lucky to have bought several million dollars worth yesterday !!!!!! Just having a gentle nudge at another website !! Cheers J
  7. Speaking of nonsense, I just read that Marvel comics is having Superman 2 ( son of Superman and Lois Lane) coming out as gay in the next edition……….. Also “ He has been fighting a number of social justice issues, including tackling wildfires sparked by climate change and protesting the deportation of refugees.” I guess the bad guys are breathing a bit easier now. Spare me !!!! Cheers J
  8. Karen Rolton Oval in Adelaide as dead as a doornail .......... again. Batters paradise, bowlers grave. Tas 2/241 Cheers J
  9. What’s a “ wholesale retailer”? Cheers J
  10. Hope the ladies can make a better fist of proceedings today. Indians going along very nicely. Sun's out here ATM so cross fingers for a good day for the Aussies. Cheers J
  11. English county cricket, Bob Willis Trophy. Lancashire were 6 for 12, before managing a total of 78. Warwickshire ........ 0 for 120 in reply. Supposed to be a 5 day final ??? Cheers J
  12. The Dow and the SP500 seriously out of step all day. Seems quite unusual to me. Any ideas ? Cheers J
  13. She's just outrageously out of control and her verbals are seriously embarrassing for any other Queenslander . Not sure if there's anything between the ears of her deputy, Miles, either. At least the sun is shining here !!! Cheers J
  14. Shoe on the other foot, eh John ?? Cheers J
  15. Love this warning sign for an English estate which houses some ancient wild cattle. Cheers J
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