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  1. Bangladesh recovered from 5/24 to be 5/277 at the end of the day. Great effort and records broken. Cheers J
  2. Hardik Pandya gets it absolutely right. Cheers J
  3. How NOT to celebrate a cycling win. Cheers J
  4. Vale Andrew Symonds, dead after a car crash in north Queensland. What a gifted player he was ....... one of the most talented ever. Cheers J
  5. Three batsmen out in the nineties ...... Cheers J
  6. And just in case you thought that you'd heard everything weird ........ Cheers J
  7. I suspect that the people running Link have some agendas. Cheers J
  8. What I don’t understand is, why the gold price is going down as well. I, perhaps naively, thought that buying gold was a hedge against stock retreats. Just another thing I don’t understand!!! Cheers J
  9. The DOW up a thousand one day, down a thousand the next day ....... ho hum. Glad it's not manipulated in any way. Cheers J
  10. Another troubled African adventure. " Maximise value for shareholders" ........... after losing almost $500 million !!! Cheers J
  11. Yep, that meaningless piece of verbal garbage should do the trick. Cheers J
  12. " disinvite " ....... well why not, everything else seems OK. Poor old Phil Mickelson. Cheers J
  13. So the Aussie ladies win the World Cup, undefeated in the tournament. That was some innings by Alyssa Healy in a final. The bowlers held their nerve professionally, and seemed to be in control. Well done Matthew Mott the coach, and Meg Lanning the ever cool captain. Congratulations Aussies, a well earned trophy after years of hard work, and well done coaches. Cheers J
  14. And the semis in the women's One day World Cup are ..... Semi-Final 1: Australia vs West Indies, Basin Reserve (Wellington), 3.30 am IST on 30 March 2022. Semi-Final 2: South Africa vs England, Hagley Oval (Christchurch), 6.30 am IST on 31 March 2022. Go Aussies. Cheers J
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