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    YES, thanks to all dedicated research posters for their brilliant work.This is a great forum for intelligent and passionate information. Bravi, and good luck. I have more than dipped my toe in on this one now.Ciao, Bello.
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    http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/grrr.gif Taken a hit .Allergan given up licensing deal.No reflection on pep compounds but will set company back.
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    It's only natural to watch its price drop back.It was a wonderful day yesterday and people are wary of biotech speculation (However, I do think this stock actually has great substance).The news is globally ground breaking,but the time frames are so long in an impatient world.I won't be selling these ones in a rush, but I will say that day traders are there own worst enemies and if no new good news is forthcoming soon then the last few days may seem like a dream.......till the next one.This stock should almost be in the materials sector/ index.Biosilcon! What a winner.But it's Friday and the market is tired.
  4. http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/wink.gif I suggest that if Goldman Sachs Goes from holding 0% to 9.4% of this company they strongly expect a good gain.I reckon their average buy in was $1.95-$1.99 (imo).If I suggest they'd want 15-30% return, then $2.27-$2.56 is a possible target.Maybe a takeover target at $2.60-$2.70? Anyone care to respond?
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    Thanks to all who generously responded to my query on prostate cancer treatment.Because of the dedicated research and information supplied here I have dipped my toe into a very promising stock and have to say I share a degree of your enthusiasm.It would be fantastic to see people live longer from this treatment.Ciao.
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    By posting the extract are you implying PSD have competition, or that similar products already exist ,therefore PSD are on the right track?
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    http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/icon14.gif It looks like the selling is settled, the dividend seems great, it serves (amongst others)the mining and exploration business and would appear to have good growth prospects.Does anyone know why this one is the dog of the moment?,or is this fair value.I've got a finger on the trigger to buy but like all stocks copping a hammering,feel there is something I've overlooked.Am I being over cautious?
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