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    If Mr Minarosa gets the first project secured and expanded then the shareprice will rocket . The resource is high grade and large and the recent cap raising at almost no discount was encouraging that the negotiations may have progressed .
  2. bello


    I've been patiently sitting on my AVB for a few months now waiting for some further progress on their exceptional grade copper project in Brazil ..... but now have two projects to wait for as their nickel project is currently being drilled . AVB management claim it is analogous to MBN's Brazilian Santa Rita nickel project . AVB marcap $7 million and MBN's marcap $990 million . Could be a very significant set of nickel assays that send AVB alot higher rather than the JORC copper . Young co but worth looking at . Very cheap imo .
  3. bello


    Chart feeling its way north and depth looks compelling imo . Placement of shares at 20 cents proposed to US Green Funds for early November ..... currently the shareprice is poised at 18 cents . I think it has a good chance of being in a cushioned mid 20 cent range cum placement . A placement could be done at a premium based on the forecast revenue of $89 million within 2 years, but I feel it is more likely that it is done whilst the shareprice is over 20 cents . I recommend people examine the recent presentation . Personally, I found the potential growth off the back of what is pure waste quite astounding . CFU (most comparitive concept technology imo) marcap is 3 times ERJ so possibly some very strong specultive gains prior to forecast business implementation .
  4. bello


    From recent presentation : (There is) "more waste heat energy available in US industry than electricity produced from all renewable energy sources combined." In Australia, "waste heat is the largest available energy source ..... at 440TWh, it's 20 times the combined production of renewable energy. " Forecasting revenues of $89 million in two years . Bought some last week as a long term investment . Multi bagger potential, imo .
  5. Another huge gain today for MMR and MMRO . Presentations appear to be attracting big buying . I suspect both will continue a solid rise towards what I believe will be a very anticipated drill campaign 20 km's offshore Sydney in 75 metres of water within months .
  6. Up over 100% yesterday, holding almost all those gains today despite market being down ..... good sign there is some sophisticated investment going on here . Almost nil trader chat suggests to me most have moved on also . Spud date some time should see the shareprice at multiples of the current imo .
  7. "Bounty is now in joint venture with unlisted Advent Energy, which is controlled by listed pooled development fund MEC Resources (MMR). Now the quest for (mainly) gas but also some oil off this part of the NSW coastline is getting serious. And Queensland coal multi-millionaire Ken Talbot, through his private investment company, has taken a 10 per slice of Advent." (from The Australian article http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/busin...4-18261,00.html ) BUY(15%) marcap $42 million MMR(85%) marcap $37 million
  8. I think FMG is prime for some major corporate competition . They made a $ half billion maiden NPAT and are targeting a significant increase in production over the next couple of year (over 120 million tonnes pa from memory) . FMG reserves are valued at only $2 per tonne, and they are forming strong bonds with the Chinese ..... BHP of course may just let the Chinese become the third largest IO miner in Australia if that foreign investment continues .
  9. I think BHP should takeover FMG before the Chinese own too much of it, and subsequently have much more Iron Ore pricing clout . They may have to pay a premium to own it but if margins start to be eaten into then BHP's erosion of revenue could be a worse option over the long term .
  10. "SYDNEY/HONG KONG, Aug 11 (Reuters) - Fortescue Metals (FMG.AX) and China Investment Corp (CIC), China's $200 billion sovereign wealth fund, are in advanced talks on a $1 billion-plus convertible bond deal to help the iron ore miner fund expansion, two sources familiar with the deal said on Tuesday."
  11. "..... Rumors are also swarming China Investment Corp (CIC), the country's $200 billion sovereign wealth fund, is eyeing a financing deal with Fortescue Metals, Australia's third largest iron ore miner. What is more, Fortescue's boss Andrew Forrest is expected to ultimately sell his firm sometime in the near future -- even after Fortescue struck a $438 million stake deal with China's Hunan Valin Iron and Steel Group earlier this year. "I think that Andrew Forrest is definitely a seller," one Hong Kong-based banker with knowledge of the Fortescue-Hunan Valin deal said, adding that Forrest may prefer to develop the company more before he exits at a higher price. The banker predicted that Chinese firms, including Hunan Valin Iron and Steel, could be interested in buying Fortescue. Both bankers declined to be named to protect client sensitivities ....." http://www.ibtimes.com/articles/20090805/c...r-oz-miners.htm
  12. Atlas Iron predicting some consolidation of companies in the Pilbara, and saying it will continue to support FMG's efforts to open up BHP/RIO rail and port infrastructure to alternative parties . BHP stating that IO sales to China are strong and stable . FMG reserve upgrade by 1 Billion tonnes last week . PE of 4 with eps over $1 . Chart looks like it is itching to run imo . I personally feel that FMG is going so well with production, reserve increases and corporate dealings, and by remaining a constant thorn in the side of BHP/RIO someone will have a crack at FMG soon .
  13. Should be a ripper growth profile revealed in next weeks qtrly . Lots of production drilling going on at Maari and exploration drilling around the corner . Also, I think the market has just switched on the reality that MEO will be farming down their 70% equity in Artemis to 20% . The monies they get for that farmout will be spent drilling their's and CUE's Artemis well in early 2010 . If they don't drill in 2010 CUE's Artemis position increases to 20% and MEO's reduces . Win win for CUE I'd say . This mornings gap closed .
  14. bello


    Yesterday I bought unaware that they had just proposed to raise more capital/issue more shares, so I sold (small loss). Damn sub holder seller was looking like a barrier also .
  15. I bought yesterday and today for Argentina/Santa Rosa speculation . 32.48% of 100 million barrels is attractive . They spud this week . Another Turkish well was spudded yesterday . From dredging the memory, previous Turkish wells start production soon and that second income source is a major positive . There is also speculation of a Phillipine farmout coming their way . Take your pick . Surely consolidation in the 7-8 cent range is coming to an end . It offers nice support potentially anyway .
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