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    Been a long time since the last post - I have been buying AKK Happy Trading Z
  2. Well similar to the LGL play I locked in profits on bounce except this time I have bought back again today [@ 0.066] I have not gone in hard this time because want to see what happens in the ol` US - if she starts to move up I can always pyramid hard...if not Ican exit stage right fast It has been a sweet week... Happy Trading Z
  3. Well my bounce play ended up being only an intraday play as I was wary and locked in very small profit @ 3.05. I still have not bought back , although I suspect next week may present opportunity to buy again Happy Trading Z
  4. Well I have been watching her dip and hit 3.01 so lets see a possible little bounce play..if not exit stage right..fast Happy Trading Z
  5. Hey Alpha - I am looking for a bounce - I do not know how strong or how long/short - BUT I do know that I intend to ride any bounce for however long or short - in times of uncertainty I always try to trade simply and with decisiveness [eg I went in hard @ 0.65 this morn and am quite relaxed about locking in profits or letting ride or most likely a touch of both]. Whereas last week I exited real fast my trading positions [as opposed to investing positions] today I bought back on dip...you knew the mkt would drop hard early then have a bounce..question of course is how strong/weak..time will tell As you know I will do what the mkt tells me - I am just a little ship riding the waves...opportunities abound if act swiftly and decisively - clarity in times of uncertainty Happy Trading Z
  6. Having sold my FML parcels that were bought @ 0.65 and above last week [and letting the ones bought below that ride] I waited on the dip and have bought back another parcel this morning @ 0.065 Happy Trading Z
  7. Thanks neutron...I do luv my goldies atm [and definitely do not post as much as I used to a decade ago] Happy Trasding Z
  8. Well she is up about 200% in around 4 months...many years ago a great Investor [fastoy] once told me one of the keys to his success was trying to ride the profits as long as possible as he hates leaving food on the table..[its not as easy as it sounds] Of course you can chew gum and walk at the same time ...so I try to let my investment parcel ride and continual buy and sell my trading parcels of the same stock...in trading for me the object is to try and stay in sync - locking in profits on spikes and buying back on dips Happy Trading Z
  9. Must admit that this is another goldie that I am riding [got interested again early this yr] ...now seeing if she can breakout above 0.115/12. Happy Trading Z
  10. Well she took 6 trading days to finally breakout [but hey it was the holidays] - SWEET Also focussed on SLR LGL IGR DRA STX PNA and so on... Happy Trading Z
  11. Well lets she if she can breakout today Happy Trading and Merry Christmas Z
  12. I grabbed some more FML at open = a sweet chart Happy Trading Z
  13. Well she dipped to the base of the DWC of 25/11 @ 0.057 on 27/11 and this held on the next trading day - so according to revised plan I bought back in case she made another move above 0.060 - which she has today Let her ride Happy Trading Z
  14. Well my trading plan changed due to the Dubai wave so I sold those shares at open @ 0.06...but intend to buy back on dip. Happy Trading Z
  15. Thanks defor - still around [just don`t post much anymore] and still riding the goldies I picked up a swag more of FML when it looked like 0.06 would tumble yesterday... Happy Trading Z
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