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  1. hi myshares to the best of my knowledge short covering is when the traders who have shorted the stock or index etc buy back in maybe anticipating the stock will go up rather than further downcheers
  2. still rocking by the look of them trading around 2.03 and still paying dividends ,good pick guys from bell direct Monmony3 rises for a fourth consecutive year, a four-yearrise of 149%Money3 Corporation Limited (ASX:MNY), extended its risefrom 20.4% three years ago to 8.3% two years ago to 51.4% ayear ago. In the past four years it has risen $A1.24 (148.9%),compared with the All Ordinaries Index which rose 778.8points (14.0%) in the four years for a relative price increase of 134.8%
  3. hovering around fibonacci 61.8 retracement and 50% mick
  4. PNR chart on the move this morning 3.7 million shares, well above average 9 month DAILY chart mick
  5. mct some movement up about 30% yesterday
  6. admiral bay zinc project is main game with cobalt and lithium exploration thrown in from recent presentation 100% Metalicity ownership including currently 100% offtake1.Located in the Canning Basin of Western Australia, approximately 140km south of Broome.Close proximity to excellent power, water, road and port infrastructure solutions.Updated Inferred Mineral Resource Estimate (MRE) of 170 Mt at 7.5% ZnEq2 In-situ contained metal of 7.0Mt zinc, 4.6Mt lead and 137Moz silver Delineated on granted MLs and ELHigh grade zone of 20Mt at 10% ZnEq (including 4.9Mt at 12.5% ZnEq).Scoping Study completed by SRK Consulting (July 2016) with the following key outcomes:â€â€ÂÂÂÂProject development determined to be technically feasible  Base case Open Stopingmining method Flat lying deposit geometry and rock properties potentially favourable for longwall mining Conventional flotation processing with expected high metallurgical recoveriesPFS Stage-1 Study completed with SRK Consulting (September 2017) with the following key outcomes: Highly capital efficient Direct Shipping Ore (DSO) starter concept incorporated into the development plan.  Mining studies evaluated potential mining methods and their geotechnical and hydrogeological impacts, with positive results from within the high grade zone.Admiral Bay Zinc Project highlights41 Subject to MOU signed with China MinmetalsNonferrous Metals Co. Ltd for 10% of Admiral Bay zinc and lead concentrate. See Metalicity ASX release on 17/07/2017 .2 See Metalicity ASX release on 4/07/2016; ZnEq= Zn + 0.97 Pb + 0.03 Ag (Table 1: Zinc Equivalence Parameters). fridays uninspiring chart
  7. crystal


    hi tony w with 12 million shares coming on its not always a good sign ,short term at least, for the shareprice,depending also how many shares are already issued cheers mick Escrow and the Stock Market Stocks, especially those of public companies, are often issued in escrow. This means that while the shareholder is the real owner of the stock, he is limited in his rights to dispose of it. For example, executives who receive stock as a bonus to their compensation often have to wait for an escrow period to pass before they can sell the stock. This is used as a tactic to retain top executives and protects the stock's market price. Read more: Escrow http://www.investopedia.com/terms/e/escrow.asp#ixzz4ufzEB0r5 Follow us: Investopedia on Facebook
  8. some time later apparently getting closer to something cheers mick
  9. gone ex divi today i think
  10. onwards and upwards(I hope ) mick
  11. STL Bit of uplift yesterday and currently up a tad more today so far mick
  12. goldie currently waiting on final mining licence approval stuck its head over the resistance line on friday and seem to be going on with it today 3.3 million gone through so far mainly at 13 cents market cap is 46 million fridays chart mick
  13. An option offer seems to have everybody excited, trading around 6 cents as we speak Mick
  14. I forgot to add the magic word LITHIUM Hartleys_Research_Report_18_May_2016.pdf
  15. yes mme ,it was a share split also ,2 gal for 1 of TV2 yesterdays chart mick
  16. i was thinking ,nay hoping, that 26 cents was support and a buy yesterdays chart mick
  17. ajm some interest in this last couple of days ,after hartleys and beer reports currently at 24 cents yesterdays chart
  18. hmmm now 12 million gone through ,last at 2.5 cents mick
  19. now nibbling away at 2.3 looks promising ,5.7 million gone through this morning so far ,daily turnover last few days around 9 million fridays chart mick
  20. nibbling away this morning at 2.1 cents yesterdays closing chart mick
  21. yesterdays chart, reasonably solid this morning after the excitement cheers
  22. taken a hit this morning ,with changes at the top and profit guidance down around 17% on yesterdays close to 1.50 ish take a chance? mick
  23. hi filter I take my hat off to you for your fortitude,lets hope it works out mick 14 year chart
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