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  1. Sezzle Inc. reports exceptional Black Friday / Cyber Monday growth
  2. BUSH FIRE INCIDENT AT FORRESTANIA Western Areas Ltd (“Western Areas†or the “Companyâ€ÂÂÂ) advises that a bush fire incident has occurred on Wednesday afternoon (4 December 2019) in the area of the Forrestania Nickel Operation (FNO). The incident, believed to have started from a lightning strike, resulted in the temporary suspension of operations and activation of the FNO fire safety protocols for all personnel. The immediate fire risk to people and assets has now passed, while the fire is still being actively monitored. Importantly, all personnel are safe and fully accounted for, however, communications in and out of FNO are very limited at this time. Regular fly-in fly-out schedules for staff are expected to be unaffected. No mining or infrastructure assets have sustained damage and normal operations are expected to resume imminently. Presently the Company does not expect any impact to nickel production or cost guidance as a result of the incident. The Company would like to extend its thanks to the various firefighting teams that have assisted in keeping our people safe.
  3. LYNAS SELECTS KALGOORLIE FOR NEW CRACKING & LEACHING PLANT read more -https://www.asx.com.au/asxpdf/20191209/pdf/44cdzsxtmw480l.pdf
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    Updated chart Total short positions as at 2/12/19 = 7.62% https://www.shortman.com.au/stock?q=oml NOTE CODE FOR OOHMEDIA IS NOW OML
  5. Extract AFR https://www.afr.com/chanticleer/behind-hrdl...20191209-p53i2b
  7. Jay-Z, Larry Summers on Afterpay register Joe Aston read more - https://www.afr.com/rear-window/jay-z-larry...20191208-p53hzq
  8. Another pointless/desperate post - trying to suggest I'm a "ramper" but somehow only ONE of your examples qualify me for that role - #9 " Google anything about it and post it." I read all the financial papers every morning - I don't need to "google it" You should try it - educate yourself a little so that when you try and imply "[bn]o one wants to get in bed with MNS[/b]" you'll know who is in their bed and what connections they have, and then you won't look like a complete twat. regarding #4 " Use multiple nicks to ramp with(that could not happen here?!!)" - you still have accounts in the name of "pilots" and "uniden" as well as "stocks"???? So yes, appears it can happen here. People in glass houses shouldn't cast stones
  9. Why Tesla getting into the mining business makes sense - 3,140 views•Dec 6, 2019 Sean Mitchell
  10. A selection of interviews from the recent Benchmark Minerals Week 2019 Simon Moores: 2020 is the Battery Metals Revolution Decade Joe Lowry: Now is the Time to Put Money in High-quality Lithium Stocks Chris Berry: 2 Factors That Will Determine Lithium Winners Andrew Miller: Lithium Prices Certainly Close to Bottoming Howard Klein: We’ll Bottom in Lithium 2.0, then Lithium 3.0 Will Start Emily Hersh: Pay Attention to Social Unrest in the Lithium Triangle Rodney Hooper: Price isn’t Everything When Choosing Lithium Stocks Caspar Rawles: Will Cobalt See a Reversal of Fortunes in 2020? Jim Lennon: 3 Nickel Price Factors to Watch in 2020 Adam Panayi: Quality and Availability Key for EV Batteries in the Short Term https://investingnews.com/daily/resource-in...video-round-up/
  11. Australian mining tycoon Andrew Forrest invests in giant solar farm Cecilia Jamasmie | December 6, 2019 | https://www.mining.com/australias-mining-ty...ant-solar-farm/
  12. US payrolls light fire under copper price Frik Els | December 6, 2019 read more - https://www.mining.com/us-payrolls-light-fi...r-copper-price/
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    Gold rally foiled again as payrolls torpedo weekly gain Bloomberg News | December 6, 2019 read more - https://www.mining.com/web/gold-rally-foile...do-weekly-gain/
  14. 4 charts that say this time the copper price surge could last Frik Els | December 6, 2019 https://www.mining.com/4-charts-that-say-th...rge-could-last/
  15. Nickel, cobalt price: Electric car sales are tanking, but metal use spikes Frik Els | December 5, 2019 https://www.mining.com/nickel-cobalt-price-...tal-use-spikes/
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