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  1. You guys are working hard. Another 8k shares for Lagoda tonight?
  2. Let the games begin. What should we talk about tonight? I'll throw some talking points out for our friends: 1. FDA approval in jeopardy 2. PW is selling 3. EPP patients don't like Scenesse 4. Fake company 5. Balance Sheet: Receivables and payables 6. Implants too expensive 7. Safety concerns Kiwi, you start.
  3. Respectfully don't go there. You're talking to a plant. To our plant friends, the rig is up. Your all a bunch of low paid tools
  4. Their presence does not defy logic and reason. Lagoda has very successfully purchased small lots of shares daily during their presence. They are here for a reason, and that reason is Lagoda accumulation. What do they own now, like 11% of the outstanding shares? Kiwi, Iggy, and the likes, are not investors, they are paid posters. They earn like $10 per hour deceiving the good and honest investor. A pathetic life but at least they are employed It's a fact!
  5. I believe they said we will learn more "in the coming weeks". Something is coming... You can smell it!
  6. Bird, what re talking about? Are you referring to KIWI and IGGY being negative nellies? Plenty of buyers for this little tree shake. What's next? 1. Nasdaq or US presence 2. 3rd qrt results 3. Investor presentation 4. $10 per share
  7. Maybe the efficiency has something to do with the 98% retention rate. What a boob!
  8. Hey Mr Jones a.k.a Kiwi, What is Fidelity and Lagoda's opportunity cost considering their cost basis is around $2.5 per share? Just curious if 150% return in a few years is a bad thing, as well as the potential for another 2-10 bagger from here? Are they so sad they bought Clinuvel? Thoughts? FYI - Kiwi / Eagle / Jones aliases always have an animal in their logo and their posts always have a negative bias. Guess who is buying any shares they can get their hands on?
  9. Again, I may be reading too much into this, but the fact that the FDA is already directing Clinuvel on post marketing requirements speaks volumes to where the FDA is in their review. The post-marketing data is the icing on the cake for a quick and speedy approval. Buy yourself a Tesla. Sleep well! What can I say... I'm optimistic
  10. Here is the paragraph on FDA submission from the Pink Sheets article on June 6, 2017 https://pink.pharmamedtechbi.com/PS120803/I...oes-The-Unusual Anything unexpected from today's announcement?
  11. Maybe I'm gullible but I read it as "submitted" and do not see anything about it being "available". I am thinking the entire 5 modules have been submitted, or are ready to be submitted, and Clinuvel was advised to include the safety and efficiency data when available. Clinuvel does not have the ability or access to massage the post marketing data, as this is all 3rd party information overseen by the EMA. If it's available in December, Clinuvel can just forward it on. No whiteout needed! Simple change in grammar changes the entire meaning of the sentence (see below). Can we assume PW understand the importance, or lack thereof, a ","? suggests NDA to include safety data expected to be submitted in December. or suggests data is expected in December Maybe we ask the guy for clarification on his use of a ","
  12. Guys it's the end of September and our CEO just said he will be submitting the NDA in 62-92 days from today. How exactly is this a bad thing? The post marketing safety data will document a safe and well in demand drug (98% retention). Seems to me this will top off everything the FDA will need.
  13. Sounds to me like the post-marketing data will be the final attachment for full NDA submission. . I believe it reads as if the FDA has already looked closely at the application; already agreeing on a post marketing program. My guess is they want the post marketing data in the file to simply cover their butts before approval. I'm an optimist but it reads pretty clear. Wake me in December. Zzzzzzz!
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