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  1. well bios running hot still, and punters still chasing the metals have been building some large holdings in neu,anp,isn,czd,oil and myx over the last few months and have got in on the ground floor , this was part of my plan when gold made a topping formation,
  2. Nice gain today let's see if it has any legs
  3. Hi, have been trading a few bios over the last few months some nice gains with neu,isn, on the prowl for more, I like the look of neu the long base it has made ? and with the party over for gold is it time for bio's to shine I think so ???
  4. dory


    hi , have been waiting for this to un-fold, looks set to break to the downside from a topping formation glad I stacked the pillow case with us notes over the last month for the next trip to Asia. looking to short mid week ??? cheers
  5. Hi- was fri april 5th a shake out day ? I am out atm hit my stop , but still on my daily watch list some times after a false break-out the stock will resume in-side the set up and make a fast move in the opposite direction in this case up ?? with punters getting out of gold is it time for them to park their cash into bios just my view cheers
  6. dory


    hi- have been waiting for this set up to play out time to go short on any rally ?
  7. Hi Arty yea I bailed at break even, on the prowl for more cheers
  8. hi- nst making higher highs and higher lows and only 1 and 2 day counter trends , start off a strong up-trend ? cheers
  9. have starting buying some today based on the below chart
  10. Hi arty that's what makes a market a difference of opion ? nice break today just need gold to bounce to-night for nst to carry on , back to eye balling for more breakouts cheers
  11. Hi Flower nst looks set to break out from a falling wedge usually a bullish break out ? see how it plays out this week , not holding any yet cheers
  12. ]hi neu chart looking okay with a sym triangle in play atm, and the big pic shows a nice basing pattern, a close above .50 would set of a few alarm bells ??
  13. dory


    don't tell any one clo in a strong up trend and making new highs shhh
  14. dory


    and still happy shhhhh
  15. dory


    everyone holding clo should be happy atm
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