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  1. I'll leave the composition of the Board to all shareholders-now that they have a vote on the matter.
  2. I am a pre-registered long suffering policy holder.I think MPL is full of deadwood awaiting the arrival of a circular saw to tidy up the place.I suggest it starts up the top.Amazing, that Anna Bligh the former Premier and Treasurer of Queensland who ran up the debt and quit politics in 2012 after Labor almost lost all its seats ,was appointed to the Board of MPL in 2012.No doubt another Queensland incompetent arranged that,Kevin Rudd.
  3. Thanks for the info.Got just over 50%.
  4. Yes,OXXCB has plenty of potential as an extended contrib but holders need to be long on patience.
  5. Yes and being the last day of the month won't help either.
  6. Etrade is the same,trading halted,market in "enquire mode" pending further informarion.
  7. Interesting stuff.I read somewhere that ENI took a two year contract on the Saipem 10000 for $390 million to drill throughout the world for ENI.So the 60 days drilling on the OXXCA areas is worth $30 million plus.I agree the potential is huge for OXXCA but the market is just not interested at this stage.Apache should be drilling on OEX's 388P soon when the rig is eventually released from TAP's ZOLA 1.
  8. Just one long yawn at present.Surprising in view of the upcoming drilling and general activity off NW Australia.Financial writers and brokers prefer stocks which are not thinly traded.
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    Maybe read the article ?!!
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    This may be of interest from http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2010/07/16/2955669.htm " Bureaucrat stood down over carcinogenic water Updated 1 hour 15 minutes ago http://www.abc.net.au/reslib/201007/r602253_3927581.jpgThe Government says the Cougar Energy took too long to report the test results at its Kingaroy plant. (Damien O'Sullivan) Map: Kingaroy 4610Related Story: Gas trials shut down over chemical concernsA Queensland Government official has been stood aside for not acting sooner on concerns about water contamination caused by an underground coal gasification trial in state's South Burnett region. Cougar Energy has been ordered to shut down its underground coal gasification trial at Kingaroy and landholders in the area have been told not to use bore water pending test results. "
  11. Selling at a two year high at 140c,it is good to see that a good sized ff dividend gets the attention it deserves,even if a bit belated.
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    The receivers of Volcot have sold 9.7 million TAN to Water Asset Management LLC at 40c a share.GPG,Ecofin and and Water Asset Management hold just over 50% of the capital but have no Board members.
  13. marathon


    I have been reading Ecofin's web site.Their strategy is "Ecofin also has a history of successfully investing in special situations; that is, in companies where Ecofin has been able to negotiate the terms of its investment and where funds managed by Ecofin, often acting together, have taken substantial stakes. These special situation investments have been in both listed companies and in unquoted companies and Ecofin has often sought and obtained board representation. Ecofin has a team of investment professionals with utility industry and corporate finance backgrounds which is dedicated to originating, structuring, monitoring and realising such investments". So it looks like they would like a least a seat on the Board and provide some direction,with a view to selling at a profit later. The receivers of Volcot still have 11% of TAN so they could accept the 33c from GPG which would take GPG to 31%.This would leave the Ecofin group with 19.50% and the Directors and other shareholders with just under 50%.Perhaps a stockbroker could place the 11% if there is enough interest in TAN.That would help ease the illiquid state of TAN.Good volume today with 249,000 traded. Good to see the water broker is looking forward to more trading after a bit more liquidity in the system. Interesting times ahead for TAN now and the next move is up to GPG.
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    I hope this is true. http://theland.farmonline.com.au/news/stat...ou/1764987.aspx Volcot sells Tandou 02 Mar, 2010 11:38 AMBoutique Sydney broker Linwar Securities will sell a big stake in listed farmer Tandou in a move which could frustrate Guinness Peat Group's attempt to buy the company. According to The Australian Financial Review, the 30.59 per cent stake held by Tandou's largest shareholder, Volcot Holdings, is up for grabs after the Swiss cotton trader ran into trouble with its lenders last month. Australia and New Zealand Banking Group called in Anthony McGrath and Shaun Fraser of McGrathNicol as joint receivers of the holding. They appointed Linwar, which worked with Tandou last year in looking at ways to unlock value in the troubled company. Sources close to Tandou said there are several firm offers from European, US and domestic strategic players which support the company's vision of growing its water business. The offers are all above a 33¢ a share bid for 100 per cent of the company made by well-known corporate raider Guinness Peat Group, according to sources. ##java script:changeFontSize(java script:changeFontSize(
  15. I hope it is not a case of "Our program doesn't allow for a change of decade and we don't have anyone on the staff who was here when the decade changed the previous time".
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