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  1. maybe a new Landcruiser !!!
  2. Anyone holding or watching the rise and rise of Novonix NVX?
  3. Thanks, nipper, however have loaded up on CAI which if real on IRR will send me to heaven...stay well
  4. jacsar


    The ghost of John Law is relevant 300 yrs later...cheers....and I will take gold, thank you
  5. jacsar


    Hi triage, here is a fascinating little clip made by Neil Howe co author of the 4th Turning that runs 15 min on human cycles.... ..cheers
  6. 90c sounds a lot better than 9 cents however will have to wait a bit longer...cheers
  7. love your persistence Kahuna 1. however am a fatalist as much as I love history I cannot convince my wife or family to accept my views...life goes on and we survive as we have over the last 10,000 yrs in western europe since the last ice age...global warming...global ice age.... the cycles keep coming...cheers
  8. I left school in 1962 in Qld and that year ethics and logic was removed from the curriculum...say no more
  9. jacsar


    visited Kidston project 2 yrs ago coming back from the Kimberleys..not a conventional greenie but a great project
  10. Hi early birds,far from over and a long way to go, even the mighty Westfield put out their hand and were rewarded with 600 million pounds from the UK government...the feeding trough is getting a bit crowed, https://wolfstreet.com/2020/06/08/the-53-co...hemical-giants/
  11. Hi Mick, the banking inquiry must have disturbed a few rabbits down the rabbit hole as I received a letter Friday out of the blue from Commsec saying Tax adjustment note/ Total refund brokerage amount for 3 trades in April 2009 which comprised $30 brokerage overcharge and interest compensation of $11.01...the wheels of the bankers grind slowly with a little prodding...hate to imagine what else is happening out there...cheers
  12. early birds, hang in there, however it can be a cruel game when the unexpected arrives...cheers
  13. Hi triage, could you please give the title and name of the author of the book mentioned ...thanks in advance...jacsar
  14. EB, this is a political/economic war between the ruskies and the saudis backed by china to destabilise the USA and they are doing a great job...similarities go back 100 yrs or so to the 20's/30's
  15. this says a lot.... https://wolfstreet.com/2020/04/19/munger-no...ocks-companies/
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