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  1. Pot stocks ? ......... Hmm, misread their mission by a long way. Given that medicine alone, is the prime remit for this company, and their progress and standards will be set by the AMA, with Federal government approval well in place last year to make it happen In less than a year, (say nine months) the stock has appreciated by a lot more than 1000% and there's nary a reason in the world why the trend will alter. ..a May 2017 float at 30c, to touch a high of $4 later in the year There's not only a locked-in Fed Govt approval to get on with their "additional" new 16,000 m2 growing plant, the QLD Gov't have also granted a right for clinical trials to begin. Also, a Canadian company of stature is a major shareholder for good reason. Insofar that the Canadian "medicine" market will be a prime export destination for this Australian company A blue chip in the making no doubt - But be warned the company is largely owned by the top 20 shareholders who are professional medicos or scientists with a bent for empire building, with maybe less than 25% of the shares on offer in public hands. They don't need money by way a cap raising in the least, so share dilution is not an issue. Not that anything in life is risk free, but this investment comes close
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    Amazing, the worlds largest asset manager has taken up a sizable position in TTS and nary a murmur. Then to boot, NAB have done the same
  3. daggie: ..For a casual reader K1 may read that way at times, however he has a long habit of getting his facts in order. Thus a few bland statements now and then. If ever he writes something in full - do read it. Of late, Glencore International have been tightening their grip on the BTR register. To me that signifies a lot, given they usually like to buy things at a mere fragment of their worth.
  4. I thought it was great a month ago. - Still do. As Kahuna1 says, no piddling 20 mt intercepts here.
  5. "then it's heading a lot higher." Like about $4 in the blink of an eye, given they have been speaking of world class deposits in Zambia.. Also the drilling component will be completed in "March", and the assays will come through in April.
  6. Quite true Arty, however I'm more interested in LYC as an investment, not a speculative trade from whatever one might glean from it's daily machinations. The present uptick is due to the recent company presentations, and not a meaningful change in Malaysia.
  7. Exactly NS ... if investors cannot remember the past, they have no future As far as I'm concerned China still takes a stance that it will brook no opposition in the REE game. Though just as with the shenanigans Lifton alluded to, proving them is another matter. Lifton also said that the PRC tried to buy the oil company that once owned Molycorp, yet when US gov't knocked it back on certain drilling expertise knowledge not being for sale, the real target(REE deposits), was put on the backburner Meanwhile back in Goldilocks town(Australia) we assume its a Malaysian issue. Far from it, methinks
  8. One can be reasonably confident that behind the scenes Chinese interests are stirring up the frenzy in Malaysia, much as they did a few years ago, when without a hint of warning Merrill Lynch pulled the rug from Lynas. At the time Jack Lifton made a pretty good call - He suspected skullduggery was afoot, and ML were profiting elsewhere, via being handed some lucrative Chinese contracts... http://www.australianrareearths.com/china-...are-earths.html Nothing has changed since, indeed, the company seems to be heading for the blocks again. Meanwhile naive Australians reckon its a Malaysian issue.
  9. everyone knows what they have and what they are about""" Would not be too sure about that, rather, perhaps the opposite. Indeed, what do investors know about peptides, for instance.
  10. watchmaker


    Rather, it's looking very good at the moment, the primary target is trapped. That is, no oil seepage found in the secondary, just water Nonetheless, it's amazing how the market reads progress reports. Anyway, a billion barrels of oil is the target
  11. watchmaker


    If only they could operate a drill "" I'm sure the people at the Shell Oil Co have as good a handle on this as anyone. Drilling for subsea oil, that is. Especially since there's a greater than one billion barrel oil target at stake Way back in March of 2010, Nido and SPEX(Shell) had this to say: Through our partnership with SPEX, Nido has successfully enhanced our Manila based drilling team with a Shell drilling engineer who is highly familiar with the ‘Atwood Falcon’ rig through his involvement in SPEX’s 2010 Philippine drilling campaign. In addition, the Nido subsurface and operations team continues to work closely with SPEX to ensure efficient aviation and logistics support to the Gindara-1 drilling operation.†Indeed, from the outset Shell wanted one of their best engineers on the job. Given that Shells Malampaya gas project is just north of the Gindara prospect, and the highly successful Malampaya field is estimated to contain recoverable resource of around 600 million barrels of oil, yet Gindara is estimated to be far bigger. Then one might reasonably expect this drilling exercise will be approached with a sense of oversight second to none. Is the oil down there, well Shell seems to think so.
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    It looks like wake-up time for POH. Today they announced a deal with the Myer group, where their chain will be selling a range of anti cellulite products. The market seemed to like it, and given there's raft of other products on the brink of going live, then one might reasonably conclude today's news is a mere forerunner of things to come
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    JAMESLEE, you are correct about their 1830 barrels per day not being factored into the price, however if Gindara proves to be even half of what they expect, then I think your guess on a 50c share price will be way off the mark. Rather, the prospect of maybe finding the one billion barrels of oil they reckon is there will be akin to a skyrocket The point is, this field is more than comparable in scale to Shell's Malampaya field, 30 kilometers to the north, but located in only 320 meters of water, yet Malampaya holds about 600m barrels, and is considered to be an excellent business by Shell. Also a Shell drilling engineer will be involved this time around (the engineer has experience on the “Atwood Falcon†as well), so fears of another failure by Nido can be somewhat reduced, insofar as, Shell have a pretty big stake in the outcome, therefore their expertise will be brought to bear I tend to think the distinct upward trend in the price of NDO over the last few weeks is reflecting these things,(given industry oil watchers know a fair bit about their prospects anyway), so more than likely the trend will continue right up until the spud date in some weeks hence.
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    Too late if you are still delving. A trading halt is now in place. Come Thursday or sooner we might see a doubling in this stock because they are on the brink of revealing just a bit more to the market.
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    Indeed, and partly because of it they have been moving under the radar of the mainstream market. Their Canadian partner, PanContinental has been doing rather well on the TSX and I suspect one of the reasons why is a better informed market Nonetheless, CUX is still a sleeper on the brink of advancing a more complete study of these apparently large and easy to get at Rare Earth deposits. Bearing in mind, they started with a principal focus on Uranium in the NT, and their Uranium prospects looks pretty good too. The Rare Earth finds came out of the blue, and it seems they are not connected to the Uranium, so it is more of a focus shift. Anyway it looks as if their initial study is now on the brink of being made public. Given they indicated it would be about now
  16. watchmaker


    Interesting there has been no discussion on this stock, given the developments with Rare Earth finds of late
  17. watchmaker


    "Please inform me if I am wrong." Well Mercury, two weeks on, and you have an answer. Today BLR moved to 100% ownership of the Hansen deposit. Obviously the news has been blowing in the wind since last week, given the modest price action since then Added to this, uranium is now in favour as a strategic investment, so I think BLR with it's vast range of proven assets, both uranium and coal, will see some pretty handsome gains.
  18. It's speculative as far as REE goes, but Crossland(CUX) a uranium play, has made two reports of substantial near surface deposits of rare earths. They jumped significantly on the first news in early Nov and since then the price has drifted down. Nonetheless, it does appear they are onto something big
  19. A play on words, nothing more. Whilst Rare Earths and Uranium for that matter are ubiquitous, the truth is, payable deposits are rare, and this is what the fuss is about. Indeed, a lack of knowledge on this condition is a wealth hazard, insofar as the REE interest is far from a bubble. The next big moves will come from those who can make the step to physical mining, or perhaps define very large reserves.
  20. watchmaker


    Given that Patterson's have an immediate price target of 13c if they prove up considerably less than the resource they claim is there. Yes they can run pretty hard. Say to a degree where Patterson's may look to be overly conservative. Also one should note, unlike many companies that like to see their share price running way in front of the drilling bit, this one has a history of under reporting in terms of exaggerated claims, which I happen to think is a worthy attribute. Indeed, one has to read their drilling results in detail to draw a bead on progress. Of note: The TB04 well was showing a head pressure of 330psi I would agree the options will be in the money as soon as the parent stock gets anywhere near the Patterson's target, and from then on it's leverage plus. To a degree where the potential profits could be obscene. For the moment though, time and tide has to prove the point This time last year SEH was range bound in the 20c zone for a few months then progressively headed for a rock bottom price, scraping a base of around 3c over about four months, so I kind of expect the very real progress of late could produce a massive percentage revival
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    Given that the Aust$ is little more than a proxy for selling rocks to the world, it's not surprising to see the XAO tracking it.
  22. watchmaker


    Todays report, which is only one among many to come, indicates results from TB04 show it to be flowing at the rate of 240000 scf per day on a choke of 7.9mm. Indeed, very much in line with their expectations before drilling commenced I for one consider this to be excellent information, given that results from at least three more adjacent wells will be coming in very soon.
  23. "JP Morgan had a price target on LYC of 94c by years end" Quite so kelpie, and at the rate of descent it looks as if they were going to make that target(sic) For the moment LYC and ARU appear to be settling down, nonetheless there's two things in play, the REE euphoria, which to a fair extent is quite justified, given that large commercial deposits around the planet are not all that common. Opposed to a few media financial gurus of late, loudly stating there's a bubble blowing. I for one don't trust many of our financial gurus(prediction wise), and do agree with the notion that REE has great merit investment wise, therefore when CUX flew on Monday of last week, took up a sizeable stake on their news - specific. LYC and ARU should find a happy equilibrium in due course, however I think the game has just started for CUX, indeed, it looks very much as if they will be the new boy on the block. REE is a good story, it's a 21st century phenomenon, and whatever the media gurus say we really do need these ores to maintain our way of life. Which of course, China has now threatened
  24. It is not that there is anything wrong with ARU and LYC, save for an impression that too much of the future has been built into their share prices. Given that each company is still a long way out from being a producer of rare earths. In short, it is very much a case of the share price getting too far in front of the drilling bit. Besides, lately there has been some fashionable media commentary about the so called REE bubble, thus making it a topical issue. A recent rare earth find by CUX has started them on this road too, though it should be said they have a long way to go price wise before reaching anything like the dizzying heights of the favorites. For what it is worth there will be technical support for each of the ARU and LYC share prices, and once reached the blood letting should stop. Rare earths are a good bet, its simply a question of fair valuation
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    Given their successful past drilling results this one is a no-brainer. It's simply a matter of waiting it out for the current drilling news
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