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  1. Well, not that the remuneration is that flash for anything but a graduate (we're not in the Soviet states) but at least gives some incite into that the company is still a running concern and generating sales. Certainly their web presence needs a major overhaul, so that could be a start. https://www.seek.com.au/job/51340263?type=s...f4-84793c00756a There are some references to product launches, future commercial Eurpean development and partnering in the occupatiuonal health space. I'm sure there is a particular member of the Sharescene forum who has been relentless for years about this company being a dead duck that won't be able to help themselves from making a negative reply on this. The company remains a going concern but our fellow member will never give up their stance similar to our infamous friend the Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail! Cheers, Vis
  2. Well Prenolica has very limited product advertising which is at total contrast to MLM company VILAVI. VILAVI Is aggressively promoting Tayga8 product line which as stated below utilises Solagift as one of their exclusive partners. https://translate.googleusercontent.com/tra...8CudmVfsGSOQ4yQ Being a MLM the 'pyramid' franchising areas means pushing for more representation to sell product lines. Some very lucrative commission structures up to 56% are on offer along with free cars - Mercedes and even Bentleys! VILAVI has just received Patent coverage for the product in Russia and there are European sales just being expanded into now. How successful will they be, who knows, but they do have a slick promotions department. About the only thing going for this model is that it is a consumable product line such as Avon & to an extent Amway but unlike one off purchases such as Tupperware. It is also very appealing offer to the younger generation with the marketing claims around extra stamina and maintaining ones youthfulness! Will be interesting to see growth in VILAVI which obviously will mean extra sales for Solagift. Production company VILAVI Is there a certificate for the EU? Certification for the EU is a complex and multilateral procedure. Currently we have the official permission to sell the Tayga8 line in Bulgaria and the EU. This document certifies that the Tayga8 can be sold in Europe, but only from the territory of Bulgaria. Currently, we are preparing to launch a European warehouse, from where the product will be delivered to the EU countries. Of course, we can provide you with a copy of the permit, but it will be useful only to those who live in the European Union and distribute Tayga8 products there. The type of certificates in Europe differs from certificates issued in the territory of the Russian Federation. Does the Tayga8 GMP standard? GMP standard is an international manufacturer’s certificate. VILAVI is not a manufacturer, so we did not issue it. Tayga8 certified? Tayga8 are quality tested products. Products are certified and have already begun! She underwent a large number of clinical studies, and they also proved the effectiveness of each ingredient. Confirmed by its food safety. You can see all certificates and clinical studies below on the website , they can also be printed. Where are raw materials purchased? Who is provided? What kind of experts check the raw materials? In which laboratory is the quality control of raw materials carried out? The quality of the raw materials used for the production of SibXP Complex and drinks based on it is an important condition for the effectiveness and safety of these products. The entire T8 line is made only from natural, environmentally friendly natural raw materials that Siberian taiga provides. All three components of SibXP Complex we get from the needles of taiga trees - mainly from fir. At the same time, we do not cut trees specifically - coniferous paws are purchased from Russian logging companies that use only tree trunks for their needs. Before processing, experts carefully check each twig for mold, the presence of impurities, the thickness of the foot and other indicators. As a result, all raw materials comply with GOST 21769-84 "Woody greens. Technical conditions. " For the production of direct-squeezed juices that make up the T8 Blend , wild-growing berries are used, collected in different regions of the Siberian taiga. The control of raw materials is carried out by the production laboratory in accordance with the rules for the acceptance of berries, and its quality is confirmed by the Declaration of Conformity TR CU 021/2011 "On Food Safety". Raw materials for Extra are produced by the company "Solagift". The company "Solagift", established in Tomsk in 2008, is a resident of the Special Economic Zone of the technology-innovative type in the city of Tomsk. The company was created to implement the project “Development of green waste processing technologies†in the territory of the Tomsk SEZ TVT. For Blend, an additional annual berry picking takes place every year. Their quality is checked and monitored at all stages. Who is the Tayga8 manufacturer? To make a truly high-quality product, the scientists of the Novosibirsk Academgorodok created a unique production line that has virtually no analogues and is used exclusively for the production of T8 Stone . T8 was created on the basis of joint research by the Institute of Evolutionary Physiology and Biochemistry I.M. Sechenov at the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Australian company Solagran Limited (Melbourne) invested $ 50,000,000 in research to verify the properties of polyprenols from the needles and to get the technology of mass inexpensive production - Tayga8. The only company in the world that receives polyprenols from needles in Siberia. Result: the cost of the daily norm is 50 times less than that of Japanese and other analogues. The Solagift plant (Tomsk) is an official partner of VILAVI and produces for us the finished T8 Extra, as well as SibXP Complex for the further production of T8 Blend and T8 Splash . Can I come to production and see how Tayga8 products are made? No, it won’t work out. The territory of production, like most in our country, is closed to visitors and third parties. As for the production process itself, it is protected by trade secrets. Regards, Vis
  3. Wouldn't be so sure about that one Plastic! You could invest $41 to find out for certain. 2018 Annual Report submitted to ASIC on 31-7-2019. From my research revenues have been rising 25% per annuum and they have been cash flow positive and profitable for a while now. https://connectonline.asic.gov.au/RegistryS...ate=uqbld0ss_38 DYOR
  4. More seminars, now at the end of June in Manchester, UK for Formula X Nanoformulation Conference. https://www.formulation.org.uk/images/stori...klet-ForWeb.pdf Infectious Disease Research Institute from Seattle, Washington and Colorado State University in collaboration to present. Prenolica appears to have supporting role with Vagif being included. Formula X C-02 Manchester Vaccine Adjuvant Activity of Conifer-derived Oil-in-Water Nanoemulsions Christopher B. Fox1, Neal Van Hoeven1, Brian Granger1, Susan Lin1, Jeffrey A. Guderian1, Airn Hartwig2, Nicole Marlenee2, Richard A. Bowen2, Vagif Soultanov3, Darrick Carter1 1 IDRI, Seattle, WA, USA 2 Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO, USA 3 Prenolica Limited, South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Contact Email: cfox@idri.org Abstract: Next to aluminum salts, squalene nanoemulsions comprise the most widely employed class of adjuvants in approved vaccines. Despite their importance, the mechanisms of action of squalene nanoemulsions are not completely understood, nor are the structure/function requirements of the oil composition. In this study, we build on previous work that compared the adjuvant properties of nanoemulsions made with different classes of oil structures to squalene nanoemulsion. Here, we introduce conifer-derived polyprenol nanoemulsions as novel vaccine adjuvant compositions. In contrast with long-chain triglycerides that do not efficiently enhance an immune response, both polyprenols and squalene are comprised of multimeric isoprene units, which may represent an important structural property of oils in nanoemulsions with adjuvant properties. Oils were extracted from conifers and used to prepare oil-in-water nanoemulsions by microfluidization. Conifer-derived nanoemulsions were formulated with or without a synthetic TLR4 ligand and characterized regarding physicochemical and biological activity properties in comparison to squalene nanoemulsions. Emulsion droplet diameter stability was characterized by dynamic light scattering. Nanoemulsions were evaluated for in vitro biological activity using human whole blood, and in vivo biological activity in mouse, pig, and ferret models when combined with pandemic influenza vaccine antigens. Nanoemulsions comprised of conifer-derived polyprenol oils demonstrated long-term physical stability, stimulated cytokine production from human cells in vitro, and promoted antigen-specific immune responses in various animal models, particularly when formulated with the TLR4 ligand GLA. Conifer-derived nanoemulsions are compatible with inclusion of a synthetic TLR4 ligand and promote antigen-specific immune responses to pandemic influenza antigens in mouse, pig, and ferret models.[/font]
  5. Found this......an hour long infomercial on SLA from 2009. In Russian but enough to make out the euphoria in the haydays before Prime!
  6. Well not too much occurring other than we know some sales are happening again. Taiga A320 back on the shelves in Oz after a long stock shortage. There seems to be more outlets now particularly offering the Core NRG energy booster drink. However some other interesting things are happening too. Attached is a medical journal article just released on a Ropren mice trial for potential treatment of MS funded by Russian Ministry of Education & Science with the study conducted by academics from Tomsk State University along with University of Washington USA (yes a USA link!). To be fair there is a Prenolica representative on the scientific panel as well. It is a very interesting read with some seemingly outstanding results achieved in the mice study. I'd like to hear some others thoughts on the study outcomes as I'm no medical guru. Cheers, Visionary Plant_polyprenols_reduce_demyelination_and_recover.pdf
  7. Hi Gang! Very little by way of information available other than to say it is hard to get Taiga A320 capsules at the moment. This is also the case on Malaysian Nuvapine pharmacy sites. Suppliers are saying demand has exceeded forecasts and that new stock won't be coming onto shelves for another 2 to 4 weeks. Bad for cash flow but in some respects a nice problem to have. I suppose Catalent run their manufacture to 3 to 6 month lead times and it would be difficult to queue jump for a small player like Solagran if more supplies are needed quickly (assuming not a raw material problem). Interesting Zoom Info has Solagran revenues at $7.5m (75 employees) and Prenolica at $1.4m (7 employees) if any reliance can be taken from their information source. Although if you look at the 6 months revenues to Dec 2016 at $1.54m on a 80 % uplift trajectory from the period ending June 16. Circa $7.5 to $9m may not be too far off the mark remembering FY16 period was also before the launch of Tayga8. The whole story here does fit nicely with the increase in capacity of the Tomsk plant. Yes, I know I am pulling together some very vague information but given there is consistency in the overall theme that it does certainly appear to be a positive scenario. Here's hoping and that we are close to getting past the ASX relisting requirement of greater than a $2m turnover (definitely yes) along with a bottom line profitability (don't know) which will then need an IPO to gain the requisite number of shareholders with marketable parcels to be on our way again! Regards, Vis DYOR
  8. Hello All, Just doing some investigating and found this - see attachment below. A little old (August 2016) but would have been good to include this juicy information in their ASIC 2016 yearly report. I wonder if they hit their annual sales and production targets and bottom line profitability by end of 2017? Certainly a lot of contracts for supply were about to be entered into and a different business variants in the mix even to the extent of agribusiness opportunities. For those who like numbers it will take a bit to wade through and digest the information with some impressive content in the mix, like 133 staff in Russia and a bigger production line happening. On another side of things Harry Hatch is now a Board Member and I believe Darren Schliebs has left the company. I assume that Vagif has stepped back in the position of CEO until a replacement is found. Check this link out from 26th April 2018 - https://en.tomsk.gov.ru/news/front/view/id/28414 On the first point here it was great to come across something so positive for a change. Happy reading! Cheers, Visionary AGM_2016_Russian_Division.pdf
  9. Good evening all, Clearly states on Page 13 of December 2016 report the following: "The Directors are in the process of preparing a seed capital raising and the company plans to re-list during 2017 and raise additional capital via its prospectus as part of this process. The Directors have a history of successfully raising capital and are confident this will result in an injection of cash." Also states on Page 12 that fair value of shares is 36 cents so one would image the capital raising would be at around this share price. Now this is probably the best news in a very long time. I also note that sales in last 6 months of 2016 to December 2016 were $1.540m vs $1.847m for full 12 months to June 2016. That's around 65% annualised run rate sales uplift - very impressive! Maybe that bad tide of the last 10 years has turned! Cheers all.
  10. Well it looks like someone is listening and they going to bring the Russian Tayga8 like product to Oz and the Asian market! It will be marketed as 'Doctor V' The 'V' could be a play on the 'V' energy drink name. 'Doctor V Pty Ltd' is registered in Sydney not Melbourne so it may not be associated with SLA but they are certainly using Solagran Son to supply the main active ingredients for the energy drink range. The CEO is Christie Kimberly Cordelia Holden and John Joseph McGlennon the Marketing Director both of whom I have never heard of before. It would seem to be akin to the Tayga8 arrangements and I guess something like a 'knock off' of the same product line up will be coming. Can only be a positive thing with some extra marketing dollars promoting the Siberian experience! https://gmpnews.net/2017/03/tomsk-pharma-co...-and-singapore/ http://datagovau.com/company.php?id=613213371
  11. Have to say the marketing/packaging appears fresh and indeed slick and not to hard to replicate if SLA decide to go it alone in Malaysia & Oz with a similar blended sports drink product line. Certainly very appealing to the cashed up sub 30 age group who have a healthy disposition. Could be a game changer if done well - come'on Moray Street think outside the box on this one!
  12. Yes, time passes slowly here on the SLA thread but thought I should make one last post before the New Year comes. A couple of things: Firstly, regards the ASX relisting requirements there is another company currently being relisted - changing industry from tech to mining and they have done a capital raising at 20 cps for about 7% of the stock to raise $4m. This was out of a delisted shell. Look at what was in their Prospectus! NO FINANCIAL FORECASTS The directors have considered the matters set out in ASIC Regulatory Guide 170 and believe that they do not have a reasonable basis is to forecast future earnings on the basis that the operations of the Company are inherently uncertain. Accordingly, any forecast or projection information would contain such a broad range of potential outcomes and possibilities that it is not possible to prepare a reliable best estimate forecast or projection. The ASX requires that criteria relating to the Company's number of shareholders and its assets are satisfied before admission. It is a required that the Company have either a minimum of 400 investors investing $2,000, a minimum of 350 investors investing $2,000 with 25% held by unrelated parties, or a minimum of 300 investors investing $2,000 with 50% held by unrelated parties. The Company is seeking admission to the ASX's Official List by satisfying the "Asset Test" which requires the Company to have $3 million net tangible assets or $10 million market capitalisation. I guess there would be little problem after a small capital raising for Solagran (Prenolica) to meet such minimum requirements and relist. Secondly, the SLA team have been hard working putting together an 'Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine' paper that was published on 27 October, 2016 regarding the beneficial effect of CGNC on patients with H.plyori cancerous predispositions. Although the trial was old (2007 - 2009) the references are more current up to 2013. The pilot trial had 50 patients enrolled for 6 months and determined further large scale clinical trials were warranted. The results were quite impressive. Article from 'Hindawi Publishing Corporation' is attached. Have a Happy New Year everyone. Regards, Visionary SLA___20161027___CGNC_Study_Paper.pdf
  13. Thanks utb for the feedback. Was there any mention of the Unilever international registration being approved as yet? Cheers.
  14. A little more has happened.The solagran.com website has now had the 4 annual reports uploaded.However, ASX releases haven't been updated as yet.Getting there bit by bit.Just want to see the notice of an EGM date!
  15. Hopefully some sort of movement is happening here. I received hard copies of annual reports FY2011-2015 in the post today. First snail mail correspondence to shareholders in 5 years. Hopefully a good sign things are about to happen around AGM/EGM & application for relisting.
  16. Vagif, Tamara and Victor have been presenting at the international anti-oxidant conference in Dubai on April 2016. http://journal.medsys-site.com/JISANH/article/view/939 and Vagif on Malaysian TV last November. Nothing new presented, more of same. Gotta love Vagif's dedication. Solagift is producing 50% more product for Unilever this year and expects a 100% increase in Russian sales along with this division being profitable from the 1st qtr this calendar year (31 Dec 2015 announcement). Traction is happening behind closed doors, just need to get thing relisted along with a good marketing agent onboard and the rest will look after itself.
  17. And the other official more interesting photo of Putin's visit. Count the products at the stand. SLA___20110314___Photo_2_1_.BMP
  18. Try this as a scenario.......................... 1 - The last person wanting further dilution would be Vagif against his 50c oppies conversion that he forked out. 2 - SLA are cruising toward their $15m December sales figure for Ropren as they have not advised otherwise, which means very soon they will be awash with cash. 3 - They don't want the unlisted SLA November 2010 options exercised at 20 cents because the don't need the money and all it would cause is a dilution against the existing share base. 4 - So they keep everything under wraps and the SP low for the three fold purposes of squeezing BPO dry, restricting the option take up and keeping this thread as their daily office chuckle over their morning coffees. OK everyone I've put it out there and I am fair game, bring it on!
  19. Hi LCZEL, There was 80 odd million shares in the shortfall and LNG said they were prepared to go upto 18.55% share holding in OBL. This meant from the 80 million LNG had 'dibbs' on the first 13.3 million then they would take upto another 23 million on a proportional basis to get to the 18.55% shareholding. So we still have a minimum of 44 million shares to be placed with to other parties. I think the chances that some tranches of more than 13 million shares (5%) of the company going through to other larger players now that LNG has shown its hand is extremely probable. As we know the undersubscriptions were never on offer to the existing shareholders, I believe they were already 'spoken' for via Pattersons to these larger players. I am hoping for a steady but consistent build in price leading into the expected 'spud' date of 6 October. At the moment and on hitting oil, like you, I think there would be a huge rerating of this stock. Cheers, Vis
  20. It will be interesting to see the major shareholder notices get up dated this week just to see what other parties have bought. Given the entire undersubscription is taken up now there has to be at least 2 more major shareholders in the wings.
  21. I wouldn't be too concerned at the rights issue undersubscription as LNG are lining up to pick up 'swag' full of undersubscriptions and considering the very short rights application period it was a tremendous result. More the stranger that existing shareholders were not asked to apply for undersubscriptions just another sign that any shortfall was already assigned to 'safe hands' through Patterson's. IMO on a risk to reward ratio this stock has top billing for at least the next 4 weeks. Hopefully the 'wild cat' well will hit the black gold, we will surely know before the end of October if that is the case. The gas play is also attractive as the back up scenario. I do hold and please DYOR.
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    Hi nift49, Certainly oversold as well IMO and yes they were chasing it up in the last week but as we all know 'buy the rumour, sell the fact'. So I'm backing up to have some up as trading stock. I would image that a BRR interview will occur in the next day or two where the money side of things will be made clearer. It was a lousy day on the market to have a good news release. The buyers will be back because the story is unfolding fairly quickly. I'm happy to be over weight. Cheers, Vis
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    Razorback Maiden JORC Compliant Inferred Resource of 277m tonne @ 26% Fe = $US10m Milestone payment from Sin Tang due. This was from only a small section of the tenement. Chug, chug, chug.........................all aboard! DYOR
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    Hi canny1, Ten million reasons! Cheers, Vis
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