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  1. lmorgante


    In reply to: radd on Monday 28/11/05 10:44am got the article to post
  2. In reply to: pete152 on Friday 25/11/05 02:41pm looking as big as ben hur instos buying anyone know who
  3. In reply to: pete152 on Friday 25/11/05 01:51pm in the pub tomorrow pete lol in the mid 20
  4. In reply to: lmorgante on Friday 25/11/05 01:00pm up 77% and not stopping 40 cents by tonight with big day tomorrow sellers running out
  5. In reply to: Jay on Friday 25/11/05 12:56pm plenty left in this one someone buying big lunch break could be a big afternoon
  6. In reply to: hayboys on Friday 25/11/05 12:25pm does anyone know caz resources what is the difference both in the same area
  7. In reply to: hayboys on Friday 25/11/05 10:14am thanks for that i will wait for the retrace
  8. In reply to: hayboys on Friday 25/11/05 10:02am any ideas on how much ore in the ground
  9. In reply to: marathon on Friday 25/11/05 08:51am JV with DLS coming
  10. lmorgante


    In reply to: mangrove on Wednesday 23/11/05 08:40am mangrove ring them up dont like answering questions cant even have a company email address for directors i hold heaps yes also think this raise is going to be used in the bounty saga we are being mis informed that is my opinion kelso must go there has been plenty tenements available but no he sits and collects money for nothing puts 500000 dollars into buying bounty shares why i rang they could not answer but said anyways its only half a drill hole worth i believe our jv will be bounty and ANN not far away
  11. lmorgante


    In reply to: LookingConfident on Tuesday 22/11/05 10:07am LC or smuggler what going to the races dummer and dummer lol great trick smuggler why change
  12. lmorgante


    In reply to: Mr.Dollar on Friday 18/11/05 03:31pm yes smuggler told them about that board dollar still held well though i sold out last week for a good profit surprised with the buying today
  13. lmorgante


    In reply to: singas on Friday 18/11/05 11:35am been ramped up on hc board to push it high so they can sell out for a profit be careful
  14. lmorgante


    In reply to: Harold on Friday 18/11/05 11:28am kelso has done nothing but make sure the company can pay his wages this bounty saga is where the money will go from this so called placement who will take it up they would have to be stupid it is 7 cents or less now need new ceo get rid of kelso what 12 mths for a jv sure
  15. lmorgante


    In reply to: jodpers on Thursday 17/11/05 08:22pm well now the company will pay for it also the company has lost trust by traders pallister made a big mistake
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