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  1. Mick There are a lot of systems out there.. and the hard thing is to work through them all... So much marketing both trying to sell their system or destroy others... POW is not really scalable and that is really just BTC and ETH ETH will go to POS Both have secondary systems on top to speed up... but I tend to view it as BTC, Platforms and Sh#tcoins So many out there We all have our favourites, but important not to throw the baby out with the bathwater
  2. and.. Warren doesnt understand Proof of Worth and Proof of Stake coins as very different in terms of cost. BTC and ETH are Proof of Worth.. (ETH trying to move) DOT, HBAR and most others are Proof fo Stake Proof of Stake is very very cheap
  3. and this is a good podcast on the ACDC ETF Rask ACDC.ASX Podcast Feb 2021
  4. Balance Another important point they havent mentioned is that the first to receive the AZ and other vaccines (aside from health care workers) are those who are elderly, or have other illnesses such as cancer or chronic disease. This subpopulation has a higher risk of blood clotting disorders such as DVT and pulmonary embolism. The risk in these vaccinated patients is actually lower than the risk in the general population - when you consider how many vaccines have been given. Next thing we will have is someone saying it is protective !
  5. This was interesting... I invested in Abaxx on the Neo exchange in Torronto. This Podcast talks about their plans and it is basically going to capitsalise on this sort of issue. earlier podcasts are more on the key points than the later podcasts e.g Robert Friedland 28 November 2020 podcast.. and think about his Copper mine...powered by Hydro.... Smarter Markets
  6. Part of CRO is BNPL for B2B Suspect it is the realisation...
  7. Does that mean they are going to run Pentanet through 5G and not their satellite towers... i.e buy spectrum off Telstra ?
  8. Pentanet in Perth has an excellent product.. but the one barrier is you need to be line of site to the transmitters... That all depends on the lay of the land. My wife wouldnt let me put the 4.5 m tower on the roof of our 2 story house to get access over the trees .. It really depends where you live.
  9. We are lucky in Australia...with the delay if we look at the mRNA American vaccines...by the time they get here in March / April (if we are lucky) they will have an adequate number of people treated and follow up to be more confident about safety. When they were released at the end of Phase III - maybe ? 60,000 people had been treated... then by March - presumably 50+ million. That is enough follow up to know of short - medium term risks. The issue on long term risks is a bit unknown but that is where risk benefit starts to come into play. Post marketing surveillance is the Phase IV trial monitoring... Vaccination will come down to risk- benefit analysis on an individual basis. If you are older, medically unwell in any way that might make you vulnerable to infection then you should be vaccinated. Then it gets more difficult - what if you could be a vector to your elderly parents...or medically vulnerable family. If you want to be scared.. and I am pro vaccination...and acknowledge that these are a new methodology of vaccine preparation... Historical Vaccine safety Concerns and Issues
  10. EB It is a different sort of anti inflammatory effect for atheroma (the plaques that clog the arteries). Plenty of potent psoriasis treatments now available - but different class of drugs and mechanism The benefit comes from lowering the Cholesterol and an anti inflammatory effect - and that is why the benefit is beyond diet alone, or some of the other medications used, and from a study supported by the British Heart Foundation - nonPharma Statins anti inflammatory.
  11. Mags Actually you are right ! Those believers will still get to breed before they die early at a much greater medical cost to society treating their vascular disease, although that is balanced against medication costs and productivity. All so complex ! Each to their own - and everyone should be allowed to chose these issues... .... but lets not talk about COVID individual choices vs society
  12. Hi Mick No - all Ok I am aware that statins are a treatment for hypercholesterolemia and have independent effects beyond simply lowering cholesterol through anti-inflammatory mechanisms on atheroma. Just decided not to engage as we are poles apart and I am clearly on the dark side as a medico.
  13. That's Ok I believe in the Darwinian theory of evolution and selection
  14. Mags Stunned by the post and a like ! Why has life expectancy increased ? Treatment for BP only became available around 1960 with diuretics that are hardly used now Statins have changed the world of vascular disease Diabetic control is now paramount Not smoking ZOMG
  15. Interesting choice by Boreham (and he is from my observations an impartial analyst ...Low MC... but such a competitive space in the elderly / relative population A quick google shows plenty of kids devices and not sure about the moat / what distinguishes this company product.
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