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  1. Your one liner worded, as though you think you are a moderator, hunter I hardly ever post, just use the forum as a form of relaxation from the daily grind of the share market. One final comment though - if you are un-happy with the way company is being run you should sell up.
  2. Exactly what is your problem with PW, did he desert you as a child or something, you never stop knocking him
  3. That was due to the match up, which occurs each morning and between 16:00 and 16:10 each day
  4. I do not take any notice of financial advisors or shareholders giving advice, and you did not mention people like myself who retired at 55.
  5. Hope not, but hope the other two major's are buying
  6. Big statement, how about some good arguments to back up your thoughts, other than the fact that after the event my shares totalled in the tens of 1000's rather that the 100's of thousands and the share price dropping during the ensuing period, what was the problem
  7. The bloke at 2000 @$2.65 will still get the opening price at the opening due to the match up process
  8. Cannot believe the chatter on this site, when here in Aus on Hot Copper not a whisper
  9. If you do not sell "at market" they cannot gazump your shares at the lowest algo price.
  10. Big words from a little penguin, maybe you should apply for the job, and strut your stuff.
  11. Not sure what happens in Portugal, but in Aus super computers allowed to be placed in the exchange and they can grab shares like this before we the average bunny even see's, look up High "Frequency trading" I have seen this all day sometimes with CUV and others where the price can be held down by these people, they do not have to pay per all these trades separately. Have seen CUV in the past with 1 and 2 shares trade most of the day like this.
  12. Would be interested in knowing soon who sold the 2 mil or so over the last two weeks
  13. Beg to differ the 4 blocks of 10,000 shares 7.20 to 8.50 have been there since last week
  14. Are you sure your chart is not upside down
  15. No-one appears to have any interest in ESI's Indian venture
  16. ironbark222


    Starting to splutter into life closed at 16
  17. Hope you are crazy and all is well could the sellers that were in the q at $5 that have now shot through have been Retro mob slowly getting out.
  18. Why have the 117 shares all appear to have vacated the $5 spot to sell at the current price ?
  19. Minow Today the sell depth still has 49 sellers at $5 - totalling abt 19000, all values above this only 1 -2 sellers, seems strange. also at the bottom of the list we have 1 seller at 7.20, 1 at 7.60, 1 at 8.10 and 1 at 8.50, turning me into a nervous nelly
  20. Dart Mining, appears no interest since 2007 may be worth looking at again in regards to "Unicorn Project"
  21. The consolidation some time ago was , I thought to attract larger investors this was 1 for 10, why would they wish to go backwards to attract small investors ? Institutions do not follow penny dreadfuls
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