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    Alonso, I own RUM, so just felt you needed some company, best of luck.
  2. I think we well and truely know how you feel about PW, its firmly embedded in my brain. Can you envisage the monstrous dump that would occur if your man PW quit, and do you really want to upset the FDA, this would happen if PW carried on the way you suggest. After all the hoopla during EPT days re tanning etc, that definitely put us back a number of years. Maybe tell us just one more time your feelings re PW and then drop it.
  3. Hope CUV eventually make my retirement more comfortable
  4. The two little blokes at the bottom of your post look a lot friendlier than your avatar.
  5. do not want to mozz them, but quietly confidant
  6. Maybe the Retro mob borrowed to buy the shares and have now ran into problems
  7. Hope you are right, as it has been a long haul
  8. I think you some people on here, would moan if their bum was on fire.
  9. Was reading your 09:25 post but I have to admit that I scrolled down the list too quickly and assumed that I was still on the 200 table, so there you have it the cat and rooster were wrong.
  10. Frogster you were croaking that CUV were not in the all ordinaries re-read your post no mention of 500 or any other portion of the index, give it up, and just accept that CUV are being added to the 200, end of story. Can I get back to business now.
  11. Knew if I left off the 20 or the 300 some smart aleck would get back to me, but you frogster reckon they were not part of the all ordinaries, how the hell were they able to trade
  12. You should not forget that us down unders are part of the www look us up sometime
  13. The all ordinaries includes all stocks on the ASX that may be the heading of the ann but the Asx has a ASX 50, 100, 200 etc etc and Cuv are to be elevated to the 200 the announcement tables the various ins removal/additions to each. I assume you are not in Australia.
  14. Frogster CUV has been in the all ordinaries for years it is about to be promoted to the ASX 200
  15. Just hoping that the same thing that happened with the last fiasco does not happen here, the longer it goes on, I feel the more chance that someone else will reap the benefits of the Indian connection, and being a penny dreadful does not instil confidence. Not really a local, been here 30 years, originally from Maryborough. Have been retired for some time after working with the State Rivers construction Branch
  16. Hope so Captain, have been in and out of this since the beginning, being a Bacchus Marsh local
  17. Captain hope you stay around a bit longer than your friend with the pointy ears. I am afraid that ESI will very shortly make us or break us.
  18. decided to add the cat (buffy)as backup, this does not make sense as yet as I have just changed my avatar, but takes time to approve.
  19. But who, pays for a haircut by the thousands in advance.
  20. I'm still here just waiting for EPT/CUV to solve my financial problems, but I am getting older and more sarcastic have even had my son tell me I have to be nicer to people on facebook
  21. No need, we all know the penguin does not like the PW
  22. Actually 3.3 million shares. but more importantly was just beginning to realise how voluptous the number 30 looked, when someone had to go and spoil it.
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