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  1. You seem to be the frustrated one, and who really gives a pinch of Nanny Goats poop re what is posted here anyway
  2. The bird still moaning, business as usual
  3. Sorry about that, It was meant for "TWIMC"
  4. He is annoying So Kiwi if you do not like people telling him how annoying his repetitious posts are then thats your problem.
  5. I did gather that you would already have a psychiatrist, your never ending posts suggest you are in need of one, I am not really interested in seeing one but thanks for your concern. You know having to answer my posts actually improves yours. Does your psych. have trouble understanding your pidgeon english ?
  6. Not fired up at all, just having a say as I get a bit sick of the crappy bleating that goes on here, and the hilarious crap from the dutch dutch penguin, if he hates Australian companies so much sell up and buy some American pearlers.
  7. Iggy, quite happy for you to pay $200,000 a share, buy 10 why don't you, think you would have much chance of doubling your money after 6 months, not bloody likely mate. I for one, and most other investors that are not multi millionaires, that have particular amounts to invest at any one time on any one company say $30,000 can double their money on a $1 share probably easier than on $30,000 invested in a company that has shares valued at $200. 30,000 shares in a company showing promise @ $1 v 150 shares in a large company @ $200, think I would put my $30,000 into the $1 shares to double in the short term. And back to CUV mine have gone from 2.50 to 7.30 in no time and I have been in and out a number of times so why all the bleating on this forum.
  8. Stuff the USA, it's where the financial rot always starts. And could someone shut the fairy penguin up. maybe the dutch should stick to tulips, but then a few hundred years ago they even stuffed that up. I for one in Aus am not interested in bloody yankee companies mainly because of the stupid damn tax forms required if and when they pay a dividend Resmed for instance. To sum up could the penguin run back down it's burrow and stay there for a few months.
  9. Willo you can have the cigar when we win, I do not smoke, and if we cut it in half I probably would get the wrong end
  10. Does arjan1972 8.52 euros need to be converted now or does it float until the day of reckoning.
  11. OK we are not listed ND and we are in the 21st century. No need to keep repeating the PR. the non listing on Nazzy or living in the past
  12. Maybe you should have sold up completely when we were the equivalent of $12 per share pre consolidation. At least we could then be spared your continual waffle re the Nasdaq.Give it a rest please
  13. The way shares are being slowing vacuumed up, the top dozen holders will end up owning half the stock.
  14. CUV has been to $12 on the ASX, you have some funny ideas, and you keep repeating yourself
  15. What is it with this 47 mil shares outstanding the top 3 own over 11.59 mil or nearly 25% and plenty of others like myself are hanging on to their shares, maybe Holland should upgrade the abacus.
  16. Even when it lists on the NASDAQ it will still remain on the ASX
  17. Well done Snaffew, you got through all that without it looking like it was translated from ancient German.
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