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  1. And they are a very conservative mob.
  2. Maybe move your post to where it belongs
  3. Your boots were made for walking mate
  4. No one is stopping you boots just take your own advice.
  5. Unlike you I do not parrot on about knowing more than the experts, so I will continue to ponder whilst twiddling my thumbs thank you very much, I normally ignore self professed no alls like yourself.
  6. Stop the world experts, we have someone on a share forum who can solve this covid problem. dumbdy dumb dumd.
  7. Billy boots your left boot is arguing with your right, first you complain the company tells people nothing the you complain that they have informed us of the impending sales 15/4/ you are losing the plot.
  8. Billy boots my "rubbish" comment re your suggestion that Wolgen is shorting still stands.
  9. These boots are made for walking, see yah Billy Boy
  10. Its a very common image I have had a statue of him for years.
  11. Agree I went for a coffee only to come back 5 minutes later and find I had lost a years salary on paper
  12. So did the dimwit try to match the 50,000 + buy at $29.23 and stuff up, I have seen this before and all transactions being reversed.
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