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  1. One from Sharetease: From what we know now 7.5 BN market cap is at the lower part of the spectrum in my view. At the end of 2021 with all the first news from those trials out including that nr VI indication and OTC launched we could be worth North of that already. PW has known this a long time ago. WB and PW will make a lot of sh into millionaires and themselves into billionaires. I really hope scenesse manages to improve outcomes for xp patients. This drug platform is going to save lives, improve sun related skin damage and become part of any household's medication stock. Cuv is no longer a biotech with some ongoing trials or a one trick pony biotech. It is a diversified and vertically integrated pharmaceutical company with a profitable and globally distributed first-off commercial product. Scenesse can become the 21st century aspirine, clinuvel can become the apple computer of cosmetics and pharma. Peter Thiel and Sean Parker had understood a long time ago. Only showstopper can be a take over. Nobody will want to sell under 7.5 BN aud until 2022. After that and if all goes well the mega pharma and cosmetics suitor might need double digit BN aud. I wouldn't mind at that stage as long as the strategy is kept. These product lines should stay available for all.
  2. Finally have EPP centers in New England. Kudos CUV. Now get one open in Ohio and assign someone to help patients.
  3. I don't think they're hopeless. I think they're in strategy wonderland right now. They're looking at owning the whole fruit orchard and forgetting that they need to pick the apples right in front of them. They need to grab cash in front of them while they can instead of looking at a million options including acquisition. It's okay to do both, but you HAVE to execute on the opportunity in front of you especially when they could hire 10 people to help patiens and pay for it with new patients immediately... oh... and by the way.. help the people you said you would help.
  4. The pandemic has nothing, Nada to do with the backlog. 73 people are stuck without help in one office location alone. How can you look at Clinuvel providing no support as okay and think “it’s going wellâ€. Of course there are delays with insurance. Clinuvel has NO PLAN other than the APF to help them. Patients don’t even know what to do and Clinuvel doesn’t answer emails or coordinate to help approval. Patients are complaining about it almost daily. How do you define letting patients figure this out on their own as “going wellâ€? My shares and yours would be worth more almost instantaneously if they start helping patients. My motivation is to get their asses in gear asap
  5. They’ve had years to prepare for this - with a new competitor on their heals. Their plan was feeble. 2 centers in front of a bad plan is not progress. It’s almost as if they didn’t expect to get approval. Not hiring even one Fulltime staff to help navigate insurance companies isn’t just a stupid strategy, it’s a slap in the face to patients who’ve waited through trials for years. How can you justify leaving so many patients without any help?? Serious question for you... how can you justify that? It not just bad business, it shows a lack of caring. Pissing away millions, while driving away patients to competitor’s trials and leaving so many patients to fend for themselves is bad all around. The kicker is that if they hired two people to do this fulltime, they’d get their money back in two weeks. But hey, at least we’ll have an OTC product soon... right?
  6. Is it even a good narrative? “If you complain about the management of your investment... you’re a bad investor?†They need to get someone to help theses patients. They have no one to help them navigate insurance denial after insurance denial. Clinuvel has left them alone after promising them a life changing drug for years. One woman just signed up for an MT trial because she figured even getting a placebo she had a better shot of getting help than flailing against insurance carriers with NO help from Clinuvel.
  7. You have the logic of a two year old. Newsflash: Investors frustrated by companies they’re invest in is not a new phenomenon. The incompetence around the rollout isn’t just frustrating it’s a colossal waste of easy money. Great investable, drug with a management team that is really pissing off patients (and leaving them without a drug they need).
  8. I would think longs would want Clinuvel to hire someone to manage the rollout, Immediately. Every day, every delay = lost dollars, pissed off patients. One full time employees who speeds up the process would pay for himself / herself in weeks. Ridiculous to rely on the APF
  9. Too infantile. I’m 120k long and have been since 2014. If you had half a brain you’d note two things: 1) My post about the shitty rollout would mean nothing to shorters. No one but a bungling idiot would sell on that news. 2.) If Clinuvel acts on this value goes up quickly as the results will be seen in quarterly numbers. Clinuvel is pissing away dollars by letting patients hang out to dry.
  10. And I should note that the longs on sharetease.com have shares in the millions. It’s a highly, overly long group
  11. I am anything but short. I’m over invested Long, which is why they need to fix this now. They need to hire someone to help with the rollout. They’re throwing money out the window by letting patients go it alone with insurers. Many are not even getting replies back. The backlog in Florida alone is millions of $$.
  12. In casE anyone’s wondering or Clinuvel cares, they are still botching the US rollout and pissing off patients and leaving them Hugh and dry
  13. Is this place really still deleting itself into a death spiral?
  14. You are reckoning out your pie hole. I have no idea why you would even think that was remotely true. Censoring was happening here it certainly isn’t happening on the new board nor would I expect it to as I know the people who run it
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