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  1. I’ve reached 1000 thanks. Very proud. Spread the zest???
  2. Hey PW! EPP sufferers and their insurers in the U.S are waiting to be contacted by Clinuvel. Something’s holding up the gravy train my cuz! SORT OUT THE BOTTLENECKS IN AMERICA! NO REPEATS OF THE SLOW ROLLOUT IN EUROPE. REVENUE IS BEING LOST! HELP LACHY, HELP!!!!
  3. Hey Ozdronetech, where is everyone? This place used to be buzzing.
  4. I asked the wrong person by the looks
  5. Hey brothers, trying to get up to speed since arriving back in Kiwiland after doing charity work in Tanzania for the last 3 years. For information on CUV I’m going to the following: - Hot Copper - CLVLY Yahoo - My bro Uhoh at Google Groups (How is that tripper anyway?) - Wall St Online (that site is messed up, even worse than Yahoo from what I’ve read) - and a newbie: Sharetease.com The last one I don’t know about but I’m hearing it’s all goods. Spread the zest!
  6. Hey Ozdronetech, what's happening with the posts here? Mine was wiped
  7. Hi guys, its been a long time in the wilderness, but I'm back to spread the zest. Peace my fellow investors!
  8. Truthful statement 1: The FDA will be looking at efficacy from the data in December. Truthful statement 2: The studies you presented previously won't factor in the FDA's decision. Truthful statement 3: The FDA is extremely wise to employ Socratic thinking methods to their analysis. I doubt that they will look at the 98% retention rate and base their decision on that alone, as much as RC would like them to. That would be stupid, and dangerous. Truthful statement 4: Don't let them wind you up. Sending you the zest my brother.
  9. Don't let Carte Blanche get you down badass79, it's just not worth it. You seem a bit angry lately, remember it's only a discussion board. No one is influenced by negativity, least of all you. So why the crusade? Sending you zest and love.
  10. Looking at your list of concerns there RC (I'm surprised, usually you're so upbeat). I think you can remove "fake company". Clinuvel is a bona fide company, please refrain from making such spurious assertions, I won't allow you to sully its reputation.
  11. Your grading of Clinuvel's management team. D+? Come on man that's harsh. I was thinking C+. They haven't failed so you should give them a little more credit. But yes, they are average....
  12. Yes Clinhope I think Americans have a fascination with conspiracies. Obviously the plant thing is big over in the States, I'd never heard of it before RC appeared on this board nearly 3 years ago. And as you know it still gets played everyday ad nauseum, like a Down Syndrome kid banging a pot lid on his head repeatedly because he likes the ringing sound on the inside of his noggin. I'm comfortable with the fact that most people here know better because nobody has a hope in hell of trying to convince someone like that otherwise. Too far gone!
  13. A couple of posters suffering from wild mood swings today, possibly PTSD. Hope everything is all the best with them. God I'd hate to see someone flip out on a discussion board, it seems just one word can trigger a reaction. Please see a doctor if you have issues. Sending you my love.
  14. With all due respect I utterly reject your assertions. Glory you can define as having FDA approval. Once that's in hand you have the two biggest markets in the world onside. I'm not complaining about my gain to date, but I reserve the right to question my investment about anything at anytime. And should I think it a discussion point I will introduce it to the board . Those folks who are emotionally stable are generally willing to discuss, or if not they certainly don't shoot it down. Fortunately I don't need your opinion or approval to do so. You're welcome to your opinion, but I don't agree with it. All the best with your investment.
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