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  1. I signed up for a free trial subscription with investmentu for some articles about Uranium. All American , but one item in today's freebie brought up something that I've heard of and wonder what our ATO position is. Pasted Here are some items to consider when it comes to investments… 1. Find Some Good Losers. If your capital gains are high, go ahead and take a few losses. Although you won’t be able to brag about it to your neighbors, it will help offset your gains and, in the end, keep more money in your investment accounts. Be careful to avoid a “wash sale†by re-buying the same security within 30 days. Do we have something like a 30 day period here? I've got a few favourites to average out the CGT especially when they run over the 12 month mark. CMR eg, not too late http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/rolleyes.gif
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    What was PSG is now Coneco. ASX code : CEC . It started showing up on the 52 week high list recently. The AGM is on next Mon 27 Nov. Might give some indication of why it's SP has been rising?
  3. dali


    IDL has been showing up on the 52 week high list. Bought a few last week. See what happens. Looks to be a very different company from what it used to be and the longer term chart on Comsec looks interesting. On the same basis, ERG and Orbital Engine are appearing lately but can't muster up the courage.
  4. In reply to: supersayan28 on Wednesday 09/08/06 08:16pm Bought a few VML last week at 29 based on the theory of making higher highs might continue. So far, so good. I don't mind the tungsten idea as a metal and here in OZ too. See what happens. I'll treat it as a tech trade only. DUL is another that is showing up, but try to stay on the mining board. Only for Feedback Purpose. DYOR.
  5. QUOTE (drrc @ Monday 31/07/06 05:02pm) Thanks for that, drrc. I was looking for it also on the net but using the Sydney Morning Herald. Sometimes pick up a move after a long period of flatlining.
  6. dali


    I went for a long drive to the CMR AGM , the actual first that I've ever went to. Mostly, take a liking to a share and hope a lot. Plenty of duds in the history but also a few real gems and I put CMR in that category. Wish I still had my MIM and NDY. A look at where CMR are at now after this weeks sell off could be worth considering. IMHO. DYOR.
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    In reply to: balance on Friday 19/05/06 10:19pm Not a Biota follower either, but a Tamiflu prescription was filled today - 6 months after presenting it. It could mean that the national stockpile has been reached or, even better, the threat level is perceived as diminishing. Oh well, for $63.40, it can sit in the medicine chest until it's stamped expiry date of 11 2010. Hopefully, more science as each day passes.
  8. Training nears completion for latest Border Control Initiative.
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    In reply to: hayboys on Monday 15/05/06 08:34am Hi hayboys. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll have much choice but to sell my oppies as next January approaches. The conversion price is $1.00. One thing, for me at least, to buy a swag at a few cents, another to find that sort of cash to convert. Certainly not thinking of selling any while it's looking as good as I think it is now and resources don't look like crashing anytime soon.
  10. dali


    In reply to: marathon on Sunday 14/05/06 04:19pm If they go down the path of a BuyBack, it would imply that they've run out of lucrative deals. Very possible at the moment, I suppose, as new floats , SPPs and placements seem to be easy. Either way, don't really see a problem. It could only be a token amount anyway? Of the cash position, a very few mill shares at most. My position is only in the oppies and I'd need a good Lotto win to convert, so very unlikely I'd continue as a FPO holder after expiry. Other direct opportunities. But to give them credit, their recent picks have been good.
  11. dali


    In reply to: marathon on Friday 12/05/06 12:05pm With April NTA at $1.39, the present discount looks really excessive. WTE has allways been it's biggest problem, but if the gold price continues to head upwards, even it will have to rise eventually.
  12. A good Oz story too. http://www.geocities.com/jendi2_2000/loadeddog1.html
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    Best Rides

    Back around 94, TNT ( from 80 cents to $2.40 ) bought me a Hilux dualcab 4WD. As perfect as a vehicle can be for what I wanted and needed. Only tyres and batteries and John Laws slogans. The next , starting with some CMR around 70 cents, will be a Merc SL500 of about 10 year old vintage. I like the squarish look. Yesterday, a 1990 model raised $33600 (reserve not met so $40k max ) on EBay. Later examples up to 97 or so, are in the $70k range. Could get one now, but not yet. Cheers and allways dream.
  14. In reply to: apache123 on Tuesday 18/04/06 10:56pm Hi Apache123, Opinion only. Hope we'll find another stock that justifies your efforts of research. LET me know when/if you do. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/graduated.gif Cheers
  15. In reply to: apache123 on Tuesday 18/04/06 07:26pm A North American weekly commentary by Don Coxe is worth a listen. www.bmoharrisprivatebanking.com/webcast.asp . My take is, the emergence of Chinese and Asian economies will overtake the Wall Street influence in our market. We may well have a correction, but for a longer ( year or two ) outlook , it's hard for me to see a significant drop, particularly in Resources. Personally, I'm totally into Australian metals with the outlook of using the 12 month CGT benefit for trades. As much as I like oilers, metals, I think have more potential. Pick the sector, then the stock. My rambling opinions only. DYOR.
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    Third and four wells in low 140's, late Mar.-late May; followed by one exercised assignment option well from Apache with Nexus in high 70's, late May-mid Aug.; followed by LOI for one well in upper 70's, mid Aug.-late Sept.; followed by four wells, plus option,** with NZOP in low 100's, late Sept. 2006-mid Mar. 2007; followed by LOI for one-year term in mid 370's beginning in mid Mar. 2007 and ending in mid Mar. 2008. Available; actively marketing. This is from Diamond Offshore's Rig Status Report for the Ocean Patriot. As much as I think that rust bucket sunk Nexus's dreams of becoming the next AWE in Ozzie juniors, it's the only rig that is in this part of the world. PPP is allways the best leverage, In My Opinion, but that One Year Term does look compelling. Don't hold any ATM, too busy, (but will as time and price nears) . It will be nearly Christmas before it gets into results, but looks as good as good can get . DYOR.
  17. dali


    I've had a position for a few months now. Their gold should be good when they get to it. My main reason was the map showing their holdings next to CMR's Rum Jungle. CMR are going to be doing a lot of drilling as soon as the Wet ends, so holes on the fence line might be worth a close look at. I hope so for both. DYOR
  18. dali


    In reply to: BSA on Friday 17/03/06 08:10pm The "if " word. Strange things can happen My cheques for IGR and BMO are both in the mail and they are for set amounts. This has an openess about it. Probably a fruitless exercise, but 40 cents is good value for mine at this time, if it were to work. I'll try it , just for the fun.
  19. dali


    An interesting announcement for a Prospectus issue. Theoretically, printing out the application form and enclosing a cheque for 40 cents each puts you in the running. Only a minimum is a stated condition, no maximum. They do say that all have been firmly committed to and applications may be rejected or "fewer allocated". Since it's not underwritten, if the firm commitments fail , then it should be open on available allotment versus cash applications. I don't hold any , but have been keeping a close eye on it. Might put a cheque in the mail and see what happens. The worst is that they bank the cheque and keep the interest while they decide before refunding. Their project does look good. DYOR.
  20. dali


    BMO are doing the ring-a-round for the SPP. As politely as I could, I told the rep to get the team on the job of shifting the share price up to where it should be. Closing date is 21 March ( Perth Mail ). I'll probably take it up, decide next week, but it's been a little disappointing. It should get more interesting as bottom line figures start coming out. DYOR.
  21. In reply to: bunyip2 on Tuesday 21/02/06 07:32pm Thanks, bunyip2. A little first up of what I look for. I'll enjoy the search. Cheers.
  22. dali


    News article just on CH 7 ( SCB ) news that Santos may be in trouble with their SW QLD operations in their relations with the Traditional Owners. ????. Probably Eromanga area and not Surat, but might be worth a follow up. No position but keep an eye on it.
  23. dali


    Since I've held on to a small position in LRFO since last March, and a few more when they really dropped, I liked the Jan NTA announcement today. $1.16. The FPO's are trading at 80 cents and the oppies- a bit illiquid but under 3 cents. My oppies may well qualify for the CGT discount, but any bought now will not as they expire 31 Jan 07. Options are very risky in this timeframe, but the FPO's should be relatively solid. Since the Jan 31 date, CUO has had a run which might bring them up to $1.20, others being equal. A 30 % discount to NTA could be worth a look for the more conservative, even with their bottom tier holdings. DYOR.
  24. In reply to: ShareScene.com on Tuesday 14/02/06 06:11pm Any Polo shirt of mine has to have a pocket. Glasses, pens, cards that have to be put up to buy a beer , etc. I'll gladly pay extra, but any that come my way without a pocket go straight to Vinnies unused.
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    In reply to: sabretoothed on Thursday 09/02/06 08:45pm Rarity might be somewhat relative. All the gold that's ever been mined is said on various websites to be 145,000 tonnes. To get the calculator out, it's total value is not that much more than one years value of the global oil trade and quite a bit less than the US GDP. The US debt is an interesting comparison. I'm trying hard to convince my daughter who is working in a very well paid job in the US to exchange as many monthly salary dollars as she can into anything but USD.
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