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  1. Warwick seems to be favouring MRF, as he is now an adviser to them . TLG apparently did not want/need his services.
  2. has been a long time coming - I am encouraged by the recent directors purchases @5c. the chairman came on board( slotted in by CEO Robinson) and became a major shareholder @2.5c ; he was on for those who topped up at 5c, no T/a in this but a bit of inside info . I also topped up .
  3. ericson


    have a look at current ann. looks like a good deal for GMM . Michael Fotios is no dill. Will become a producer again, first quarter 2016. GMM are getting a half share of $130m capital investment for $25m
  4. Have a look at the latest announcements on PNR . they have recommenced production at Nicholsons mine , near Halls Ck . it is being run by Metals X . looks like a good project with a IRR of 166%. the project , they have 805 and operate , balance owned by BNR. promises to be very profitable
  5. I was told by Peter Ironside late last year, ( I only repeat it here because IGR is now out of the picture) that" SAU is a very undervalued asset"
  6. Have alook at MRP, director who holds 6 mill shares just bought another mil on market lat 38c i had already bought at 38c. great minds! sorry about the off topic. I was very impressed at the RRS in October
  7. SYr have a "target" of some several hundred mill tonnes at about 10%.. whereas TLg have a target at circa 170 mill tonnes at about 20%. considering the MC , TLG , looks OK to me
  8. I wanted to get in around $2.70 , but had no cash, bought in at $2.95. Why? I reckoned that Thodey was a few cables ahead of the NBN lot. He has proved , to date, to be a good manager of the business in the broadest sense. He has outmanouvered the Govt and the NBN lot. He is building his business by hiring some very good people. He knows how to make money. I backed the man.
  9. I'm happy to accept the technical forecast. The fundamentals of the business appear to support a re-rating in the new year I suggest a 25% increment early in 13 , after the "merger" , and when some forecasts are made .
  10. TLG have the highest reported grade of graphite ore in the world. close to infrastructure , cheap power etc. With China holding circa 80% of the worlds current supply this $20 mill company is looking good. market demand will be driven by the demand for "lithium ion" batteries in cars , machinery etc . graphite comprising about 90 kg per unit. also the chinese efforts to continue to develop the nuclear "pebble bed technology" which is be a big user of graphite . If you havent followed this do a google on the process. . relatively safe, lends itself to small production units , does not have cooling problems and does not require a water supply as cooling of the graphite pellets( graphite has the highest melting point of all minerals) which are cooled by helium.
  11. ericson


    The contribution that Wood made over a decade , was that he #1. decimated the value of the company and - # 2. he performed #1 so well that he repeated #1 . Sure was a significant contribution. INL has has a business development officer for a number of years! what has he done? I hope that it is not pre-emptive that you have recorded this in RED.
  12. ericson


    they previously boasted that they were a low cost producer. Then there was a weak explanstion that the cost of electricity and the accounting cost of the stockpiled ore had to be factored into the cost of production. This is now a matter of no consequence! the only value to consider is 1 IGR to 6.28 SLR. . lets be thankful that the business will be driven foward by Les Davis and co as from December. This will be a company worth owning.
  13. ericson


    CC has advised me that he will not continue in the company. I give him credit for helping get the best deal now available to shareholders. He developed the company through a period when cowboys were floating junior miners based on old tenements , and running them broke. He had a business plan and stuck to it. In retrospect , there was a time to show an entrepreneurial streak .
  14. From a F/A aspect we're looking at a company which is proving to have good prospects, smart management , who has hired some very good people. - I'm betting that they can outsmart the Quigley /Conroy outfit. They are moving on the developing parts of the business and they (we)stand to pocket 11bn . and probably get well treated by Turnbull. Thodey is very smart and flying under the radar. I'm happy to have bought at $2.94 will hold.
  15. Barnett has previously told BHP to keep their hands off WPL. does he have enough power to influence the decision?
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