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  1. The volumes are not that big but the number of trades is high. I know its a bot at work but to what end? It managed to stop the last rise in its tracks. Shouldn't be the company as no buy back notices listed. It's got me. Ideas anyone. cheers badahur
  2. They'll probably make a mistake in the document and have to revise the price again. Been burnt by these guys, I know my own fault and in my case a lack of attention to deatil. But definately a trading lesson learnt. Definitely, I repeat definitely do your own research. Cheers badahur
  3. Seems like no one like them at the moment. Despite the buyback they don't seem to be able to put a solid floor on the price. A significant drop over the last few days. They should be happy to pick up a few more of their own shares at this price. Maybe $3.00 will be the low. Might get some interest when the report comes out. Tomorrow or Monday I think. All the best badahur
  4. Bail em out and they live to fight another day. ( AND come up with a new way to rip people off). I have no doubt new products will be devised and it will happen all over again. Legislation and governments will always play second fiddle to big business and financial markets. Governments see no further than the next election. Who pays to get governments elected????????? People with an interest. Personally I don't think it will be enough!!!! All the best Badahur PS Just hope the chinese don't stop buying US debt or there really will be a blood bath. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/thumbdown.gif
  5. In reply to: tricha on Wednesday 23/04/08 05:26pm G'day tricha Do you own shares in NWE? If you think we don't know the price won't go down if cobra doesn't deliver .......well. How about some thing relevant ( doesn't have to be positive just relevant) not personal. (Thanks) I don't know if you do this for a living or not but the fact that someone who does (KB) CAN be bothered to share his research is very much appreciated. (Thanks KB) Back on topic NWE. IMHO I believe NWE represents excellent value at these prices, I've only picked up 500k so far but am looking for more. The buy side may not agree with me atm but thats the market. If it goes down well I have a loss to offset my gains. Simple as that. I think we may all be a lot happier when the news is all out in the open. That quarterly will make very interesting reading. All the best badahur
  6. IMHO the only reason for the sell down on Friday, the short termers didn't want to hold over the weekend. After wall street's effort on the weekend and the PO Oil^ so far, I think we may find all the oilers depth pretty well stacked on Monday. good luck to all. All the best Badahur
  7. In reply to: flower on Wednesday 16/04/08 12:46pm Sellers have got double the amount of shares for sale than buyers want ATM, some more news/results are needed to make some headway I believe. The tick traders are having fun with this one today, lots of volume to play with. All the best Badahur
  8. In reply to: flower on Wednesday 16/04/08 08:33am By the size of a few of the parcels on the sell side ATM, I think you maybe right. we will see by the end of the ay no doubt. All the best Badahur
  9. In reply to: badahur on Tuesday 15/04/08 08:08am Spoke to soon. Gone into pre open. Badahur
  10. They are bit slow off the mark releasing the news to our market. Maybe going to combine it with some drilling results. Have to wait and see. All the best badahur
  11. As with all the oilers,news/results are the key. good news price goes, up bad news price goes down. Discoveries and POO are the obvious factors and CVN has some significant news items due. The next few weeks I believe should have CVN climbing above current levels. The volumes/trades would suggest there is still some interest out there over the last few weeks. It all depends on the time frames you are comfortable trading in. I only have a small parcel (100k) and am holding for the medium term (6 -9 months) and am quite willing to wait for the fundamentals/cash to do the talking. All the best Badahur
  12. In reply to: marleon on Sunday 30/03/08 11:36am They may be obliged to inform the market but whether they do it or not is another matter. POE the other side to this story don't exactly set the world on fire when it comes to announcements. Even their spud announcements are tucked away in something else saying they have already happened and are at XXXXm Who is going to enforce it ASX/ ASIC, don't hold your breath on that one, bigger fish to fry. Just watching and waiting, plenty of wells to keep the long and short term holders happy here. All the best Badahur
  13. Welcome Flower Agree there should be a fair bit of news in the next week or so. POE went against the grain last night and was up again. CVN maintaining its price on another down day for the ASX is positive I think. This is the part I liked from the 21 Feb announcement re L44-R "Three potential volcanic reservoirs of approximately 27 metres, 45 metres and 207 metres in thickness were encountered between 665m to 1,277m." I know I'd want to take my time if I had to test 207metres. If that lot is converted to paying metres I think we may all be very happy. All the best Badahur
  14. In reply to: annaliese on Wednesday 26/03/08 09:15am Thanks annaliese. Just had a look back and this one flowed at 2.7M previously. Hopefully the data they get out of this drill will assist with proving those numbers up. With 22.5% NWE should do very well out of any production. All the best badahur
  15. Just what would be acceptable for a commercial flow for this well, the last well flow at 2M + from memory. Opinions anyone? Regards Badahur
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