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  1. Full Year Statutory Accounts: http://stocknessmonster.com/news-item?S=DR...SX&N=209068
  2. Please refer to chart posted on the 18/03/09. 7c is another breakdown with sig. support breach at 7.5c. Chart will be updated this week. Significant numbers are now 7.5, 8 & 10.
  3. macrae


    Gorilla is on Kiril at 14c. Sydney - Thursday - February 26: (RWE Aust Business News) - Fund of hedge fund manager HFA Holdings (ASX:HFA) reports first half operating EBITDA (before impairment losses and equity settled transactions) of $35.4 million, up 161 per cent on the same period last year, with increased management fee revenue from the acquisition of US-based manager Lighthouse Partners driving a 99 per cent increase in revenue. Operating revenue for the six months to 31 December was $65.6 million compared to $33.0 million and included a $41.9 million contribution from Lighthouse. Despite difficult market conditions the company's Funds Under Management (FUM) and Assets Under Management (AUM) recorded only small declines and were $7.162 billion and $8.838 billion respectively, down 8.9 per cent and 5.6 per cent from 30 June. Despite the positive operating earnings, the Company reported a net loss after tax of $570.3 million due to impairment expenses of $596.6 million, predominately related to a write-down of goodwill arising from the acquisition of Lighthouse. HFA has decreased the carrying value of this goodwill from $518.9 million to $135.4 million after taking into account foreign exchange translation.
  4. I cannot speak for PaulHart, but I believe he sold out at 8 times current levels - maybe more. In my view, he is a genuinely objective, honest, astute and respected investor. Quite simply, some became enamoured with the glam on-line psychology and hence, forgot to sell. However, quite obviously many decided to provide more of their hard earned cash via the new contributing shares in recent weeks and have already lost 90% of their monies in days. It's not on and the current scenario deserves strong critical analysis.
  5. As a reminder, 1 Rouble is equivalent to US$0.03c and Tkyveol is pumpkin seed oil (used as a hepatoprotective supplement). Look at the SLACA price of 1c. You've been skinned of 90% in less than a month on contributing shares. How some of you are still blind to the ongoing "positive" vibes from a few, beggars belief.
  6. Sydney - Thursday - March 19: (RWE Australian Business News) - Alchemia Ltd (ASX:ACL) has entered a drug discovery agreement with Melbourne-based SDP Technology Ltd. SDP will have exclusive rights to develop anti-cancer drugs targeting the enzyme sphingosine kinase 1 (SK1) using Alchemia's VAST chemistry. SK1 has been shown to play a central role in cancer by reducing apoptosis (cell death) and promoting cell proliferation and survival. SK1 is overexpressed in numerous cancers and inhibiting its activity can arrest tumour growth in preclinical models. SDP has screened a library of compounds synthesised by Alchemia that are specifically designed to inhibit the kinase family of enzymes. As a result, SDP has identified a number of compounds with promising activity against SK1. More detailed analysis of those compounds is under way.
  7. Answer: An unequivocal yes if Ropren was bought. For Bio-A, I say, give it a go. Answer: Very happy for all. NB. I take Olive Leaf Extract daily and I believe my decision making has improved.
  8. Sydney - Friday - March 13: (RWE Australian Business News) - Diatreme Resources Ltd (ASX:DRX) has received early results from a three-dimensional offset pole-dipole induced polarisation (3DIP) geophysical survey along the Rosevale Porphyry Corridor (RPC), about 15km to the west of Clermont in central Queensland. Search Exploration Services Pty Ltd has been contracted to complete a minimum of 33km of line data collection over the central portion of the RPC. Preliminary modelling of results have indicated "several highly encouraging chargeability anomalies". Currently three survey "spreads" out of a planned 11 spreads have been completed with the whole survey to finish by month's end. The RPC is a 7km-by-3km NNW-trending structural corridor marked by multiple intrusive porphyry phases including porphyritc Quartz Monzonite, Monzodiorite and Dacite. Very large copper, molybendenum and gold soil anomalies exist over the RPC which were used to help orient the 3DIP survey. "The company is extremely excited about the encouraging results that continue to come from the RPC area and are eagerly awaiting further results from the geophysical survey," executive chairman and CEO Mr Anthony Fawdon said. "Drilling is expected to commence shortly after the completion of the geophysics program," he added. Updated chart below:
  9. See chart below (orange line is potential resistance): Obviously the depiction below does not include today's action. Luck to all.
  10. Updated chart as promised: Sig. numbers are now 8, 10, 14 & 20.5.
  11. Keep the board informed Trent. Not bad for a $20 bottle of Bio-A for 30 capsules. How much is the 6 months of Ropren "Drops" going to cost your mate's father and will the dose be be 5 grams or 6 grams?
  12. It's not what SLA announced today, but what they failed to announce. Commiserations to holders. Their comparative market cap is still way too high for all the myriad of reasons I have attempted to discuss for many, many months. 100,000 SLACA just was sold for 1c. The contributing share has decreased by 90% in a couple of weeks. Simply appauling. Next time, in my view, critically analyse events and treat public ASX announcements as legal documents. May help.
  13. Good posting Nicholls5. I am also anticipating Monday's update. I'll endeavour to post an updated chart later this week. Have a great weekend.
  14. DRX's Exploration Manager discovered the Snapper deposit for Bemax Resources (now taken over by the Arabs). Bemax's Murray Basin reserve averages are: 9.5% Zircon, 14.2% Rutile, 14.6% Leucoxene, balance Ilmenite; Murray Basin resource averages were: 9.8% Zircon, 15.9% Rutile, 50.4% Ilmenite (including Leucoxene) DRX already has 60mt. DRX's mineralogical determinations conducted by Diamantina Laboratory indicate that the deposit contains Zircon (41%), Rutile (3%), Leucoxene (42%), Ilmenite (10%) and valueless trash minerals (4%). Last year in Febuary, zircon prices were $833 p/tonne, now they are $900 p/tonne. Leucoxene sells for around $450 p/tonne. Based on DRX's announcements, we can look forward to a possible doubling of resources and a scaling up to the indicated. NB. Doublng may be conservative and I am almost 100% sure of that and that is for only the Cyclone deposit ($1.3b insitu value)...and as you now know, this is only for 5.0 x 2.5 kilometres within EL69/1920. Infrastructure? We are right beside ILU who ispending $450m on their Eucla deposit to bring into production by 2010. Sit back and be happy. Wait for the upgrade, JV and feasibility study which will be trumps. It's too easy.
  15. 1. Agree Sirhob. 2. The expenditure needed to convert SLACF at a much weakened share price is horrendous for all shareholders 3. Mr Kilroy has left the building. 4. The take-up of SLACF will be very intriguing. No sign of information from the company regarding this, apart, from in my opinion, the obligatory general announcement. 5. The "contributing share" business plan (Mr Kilroy) can work to some degree, but it may be construed as being ineffectual when comparing them to the distribution of options. EG. If the options were 20c, it could've have been underwritten. 6. In my view, SLACA, and unfortunately, the SLACFs, may well destroy Solagran. The business plan is broken. 7. Solagran is now a victim of the GFC & Opes greed. Below is a pictorial viewpoint of the SLACF illiquidy and the many that are caught holding this baby:
  16. Hi Jezzabot. Quite the contrary. The volume has been very poor. As a footnote, the trend has been disasterous given that the share price of Solagran has virtually become illiquid with little support visible. For example the 14c low was broken on the 04/02/09 and fell nastily. The %s are now reasonably high for daytraders, however, the Green Frog has left the building, along with all the others who via Opes, decided to melt the stock into their own margin called hands. The 100,000 sell at 14c was well executed. Pro-daytraders only look at price; the fundamentals are clearly nowhere to be seen in my opinion. In my view, correlate ADY as an analogy. Below is the one month chart (without today's volume of 335,065/VWAP 14.04):
  17. Isn't this chart a beautiful cross section of the prevailing short term trend, the resistance at 20.5, and the downward channel in virtual parrallel to the 150 day MA. It all crossed on the 21/10/08. She must close above 14 on volume and hold for a week or so. I suggest, if any of you are tempted to average down, 12.5 and under would be okay for the trade in the short term, assuming no slashing news on either side of the fence is released in the interim or before the end of February (which is D day for Solagran). It was very artful today.
  18. The new points of resistance and support are 10, 14, 20.5 & 24. The person who bought at 14/14.5 today was cast adrift very quickly.
  19. You could attempt to contact Mr Jovanovic via the "Australia-Russia Business Council": branco.jovanovic@acci.asn.au http://arbc.biz/index.php?option=com_conte...0&Itemid=35
  20. One could cynically decipher this one as stating: 1. Stop calling me. 2. We are unsure what to do. 3. We may revise our business plan. 4. Pay up.
  21. Does anyone have any links regarding the Russian govt pharma-subsidy guidelines? Is it a straight $1000 odd for everyone per course of anything listed on the copeia or is this an assumption?
  22. Hi Oscar The secret is to never fall in love with a stock. But I guess Oscar one would think that it is easy to stay objective when looking at investments, but often we still become attached to them. Why is that? The answer: Ego When looking for a new investment we spend a lot of time doing research and digging through hundreds or thousands of other investment options, looking for that one blue sky gem. Once we find this special investment and make the purchase, we tend to become tied to it sub-consciously. With the time and effort we have invested into choosing the right investment, we are just sure it is going to be the one. As an example, you may have watched Solagran perform; when it goes up, you congratulate yourself on a good decision, and as it goes down, you reassure yourself that your decision was good and it will only be a matter of time before it starts going up again. Unfortunately, this subconscious attachment to such an investment can cause us to overlook more important information that should be used in deciding the true fate of the investment. When the stock is performing well we can be so proud of how it is doing that it is easy to overlook points on when to take money off the table and lock in profit. Just as missing out taking profits, we can miss signs on when to sell a losing stock. We are human, we don't like to be wrong, and selling a losing investment can feel like defeat if we are emotionally tied to the investment. This, in turn, leads to the ever present emotional outbursts on share forums when love morphs into anger. In my view, many posts on Solagran in recent months, and which are still ongoing, have been a case study of the above. How to counteract this, in my view, is to: Set investment rules. For example: Don't buck the trend. Follow what the broad market is doing, as well as the sector of your holding. More often than not, if the market and sector is doing one thing, your individual holding will to some extent follow suit.Be careful when the stock is reaching a 52week high on relatively light volume. Could be a sign of a collapse in stock price.Sell into a run while demand is high. Waiting for the absolute top can lead to chasing it on the way down.Use a stop-loss order to protect against excessive losses.Regards.
  23. The gorilla is on your side. I have been buying this one from 11c and below 13. ACL could bloom in 2009 if and when milestones are met. All boxes ticked. Ethical and expericenced management, cash, correct sector, very low prices at this stage of the cycle, tremendous blue sky, technology looks very ripe and the cross trades in recent times....well, I see very little risk as I can comparatively envisage, that potentially in their current form, ACL could well be 3 times the current market cap with very few questions being asked by the market. Thankfully, they are not being mixed up with the Progen crowd atm as in my view, they would have hypothetically told them where to go anyway.
  24. Below are two links which imply that Dr Soutalnov and Mr Jovanovic appear to be connected (for some time). http://arbc.biz/index.php?option=com_conte...7&Itemid=47 http://arbc.biz/index.php?option=com_conte...0&Itemid=35 The website has not been updated for some time.
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