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  1. In reply to: Boots on Thursday 13/12/07 11:52am I noticed the 8.6c trades too ... started calculating that if I'd been watching and quick enough I could have been a millionare in a minute. I've been trying to find out what happened too. cheers k
  2. Xlnt stuff guys!!! your hard work does not go un-noticed. Congrats! k
  3. kosmo


    In reply to: 4thekids on Tuesday 20/11/07 10:51am thanks 4tk, ZFX usually provides plenty of opportunity to trade short, but I have to confess I've been very cautious as I would NOT want to get caught short just in case the rumours are true and it halted and opened way above $16! Too scary!!! So have waited for patient buys in the past few days. would love it to close > $15 today. Hoping for you too mate! :-) cheers k
  4. kosmo


    if the rumour has legs, and these legs start walking again (they seemed to be running and jumping last week!), ... what is the maths? 4-for-1 share offer plus $4 per share. Would have value ZFX at $16 whereabouts it got to last week, plus $4 per share (eg. $4000 cash / 1000 shares held)? Around $20 / share? Or doesn't it work like that? I'm just a simple chartist. Bought back in today on dip. cheers k
  5. kosmo


    What on earth is driving this? There was no sign of it y/day. Maybe takover rumours thickening??? k
  6. kosmo


    In reply to: romaioi on Thursday 08/11/07 10:07am On my weekly chart it has bounced off a support level from Nov 2006, then the week of the correction in August at around 1460c. So today's close will be interesting. Below this next stop is resistance at around 1350c on mine. Very hard to pick at the moment. k
  7. In reply to: ShareScene.com on Tuesday 06/11/07 08:35pm I assuming with MQG we're working on the same price trading chart as MBL? Is that right? k
  8. kosmo


    Well Credit Suisse has been buying. On my chart a close today above 1560 could be positive. cheers k
  9. kosmo


    Any FA'ers following this price drop? Any thoughts on value. TA'wise it's around previous lows just after market correction. And about to touch 1550c? cheers k
  10. hey all, has anyone heard of or know anything about Halifax Investment Services? I just got an email from them in relation to an affiliate arrangement b/n them and me (ie, some trading related software I have developed). http://www.halifaxonline.com.au I know nothing about them, but want to check them out before I proceed with anything. cheers k
  11. Anyone watching this one today? Interesting start and finish. But not much volume atm. Picked some up this morning on the feeling it my try to run a bit this week, as it seemed to be stirring. Some resistance at 28c, so a break above there might be interesting. If it does complete the Ascending triangle break I've got a 30c target. BUT ... As Z would say, time will tell! cheers k
  12. kosmo


    In reply to: Zaitech on Saturday 24/03/07 03:31am hey Z, we sure did http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/wink.gif nice work! cheers k
  13. kosmo


    In reply to: BSA on Friday 23/03/07 09:48am http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/tongue.gif hey BSA ... it was a bit naughty of me. well good luck to holders. I'm not currently holding. cheers k
  14. kosmo


    In reply to: Tinkerbell on Friday 23/03/07 09:23am Hmmm ... did we see the spirit of Rene alive and well in the market y/day? He would have been proud! http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/devilsmiley.gif cheers k
  15. In reply to: Zaitech on Tuesday 20/03/07 11:07am thanks Z ... I'm overwhelmed by your compassion! http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/laughingsmiley.gif Nah ... I deserve it, or don't as the case may be. This is a game of open/closing windows and if you miss the opportunities there's no-one to blame but yourself. Ah well. That's what I love about the market ... it's always there, always offering more. It's on close watch now tho. cheers k
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