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  1. SAVA seems an amazing fit for SLA, when you go through their mission, values, trajectory and strategy. They have an affiliation in Russia as well. Be nice to see SLA supply to such companies as part of an integrated approach in their commercialisation. SAVA are a good example of a company who are part of a new paradigm in living health approach.


    Looking forward to some news!

  2. Great post Kahuna,


    What goes on to commercial success is not necessarily representative of best practice. It has more to do with those who hold power, manipulating the variables via messaging that maintains status quo through ignorance and fear. (I am using ignorance to mean ignoring, not stupidity) (I am using fear as an acronym False Evidence Appearing Real)


    One of the best examples of this was done by the emerging plastics industry in the 1930's with displacing hemp as a material that could be used for almost anything. Hemp is fast growing and ecologically sound. Industrial hemp contains miniscule levels of THC. The plastics industry created a scare campaign twisting the truth of the matter knowing that fear would do the rest. This strategy has caused untold damage to the planet, but because it is now no longer questioned and it is just a matter of counting the money for those who hold the power.


    Bioeffective A is the best product in the market for those wishing to maintain optimal health because it acts foundationally. Gut, liver, blood, detox, ANS, CNS, PNS. However the public are educated around a 'cure.'


    The interconnectedness of the internet is changing the way that we do business in the world rapidly, which means it is much more difficult to use deception as a means of holding power. Although lowest common denominator strategy still dominates.


    SLA continues to morph in an attempt to gain market traction. The next phase in this amazing (I am using amazing based on its etymology of being caught in a maze) story will determine, whether highest common denominator can strike a blow in the market place.

  3. Hi P3,


    What are your top 5 recommendations for marketing and selling bioeffectives online?


    I had a look at the Mercola site and it would seem that an integrated health site, with bioeffectives for sale, along with other living health products and practices would do well. Particularly if Vagif and other holistic practitioners were involved. Could evolve into an international site over 1-3 years?


    What would you do?

  4. Thanks for the article Alethia, fascinating confluence of events leading to the situation for the demand for Ropren. This acceptance, as well as leading to health and wellness benefits, could instil a pride in a product that has been developed at home, with historic underpinnings. Victor Roschin may very well go down in history as a pioneering scientific genius, for his work on isolating the extraction of polyprenols. I think Livas called the situation in Russia, 'a perfect storm', a while ago. From a big picture perspective, this is a very good call.
  5. It wasn't my intention to point to the mechanisms of action of Ropren. It would seem that you are much better placed to do that. My intention was to point to the myth of 'cause and effect' because it over simplifies the confluence of factors acting on all of us at all times. For example; 'What is the cause of the cause?'
  6. Your objection is actually supportive of the points made in the post with the exception that you neglected to ask the question; 'Do you see the living systems view in opposition to the medical view? The capacity to see/understand that a living systems view is transcendent of a mechanistic/reductionist view is only possible when you become more interested in integration over differentiation. It is not superior or better, just higher because it is more subtle. All developmental trajectories develop from gross to subtle and evolution in all its forms have developed following the principle of 'transcend but include'; that is, the ingredients of the lower level create the causes and conditions for the higher possibility.






  7. In a living system, there is no such thing as a cure. There can be an intervention that acts to prevent further harm, or block or inhibit an action, but none of these constitute a cure. Antibiotics, surgery, better understanding of hygiene, and pharmaceuticals are all examples of breakthroughs that the medical model does well. They are all gross interventions and come at a considerable cost to function, freedom, and with side effects in the overall system.


    The reason we like to drink alcohol, is that it relaxes the central nervous system via its depressive effect. It also helps us to avoid looking at the pain in our lives while inebriated (some of the time). The addiction to alcohol is multifactorial and should not be over simplified.


    The reason Ropren can be effective to someone suffering from alcoholism, is that it represents a 2 fold opportunity. Regeneration of liver and brain cells via its potency through the dolichol phosphate cycle, and the ability to create a window to overcome the addiction because of the experience of vitality and wellness in the subject. This window only remains open if the motivation to not abuse alcohol again remains strong. This requires supportive networks.


    The post conventional living systems paradigm accepts behaviour and lifestyle change as part of a cycle of maturity, where choice and consequence are understood and the educative and supportive networks are integral to living well. The bioeffectives range represents one of the first entry points of divergence away from 'stop this bad thing happening' to an 'opportunity for meta health', along with other lifestyle factors. The 'meta health/anti-aging' market represents a significant opportunity for SLA, once the products are better understood.


    Any long-term users of bio A on this forum are already living testament to this possibility.

  8. Hi Jezzaboot,


    The word or inference to a problem with double blind, cross over control studies, is not in my post, it is an interpretation from you. The connection I was making was in relation to 'deep understanding' The research on CGNC is now over 80 years long. The science is intimately familiar with the cross-section of all known possibilities, that can simply not come out of short duration trials.


    A Living Systems View is not in contrast to a Conventional View, it has emerged out of it. Just as the informational age has emerged from industrialisation. I am pointing to a directionality or trajectory that when understood by a growing percentage of the world population can mean that products of high biological value can become a significant part of the marketplace for such items.

  9. Good pick up Livas, similar to possible agreement with India. The characteristics underpinning a Living Systems model is increasing integration, interdependence, self-other construction, recognition of assumptions and deep understanding (which is what Russian research in this area has been built on. Not 6-10 week trials based on comparison. Which is again mainly looking for side-effects). The Conventional View is transcended but included. Living Systems view is starting to be fast-tracked through Climate Change, Renewable Energy and of course the internet has been the main driver of the whole thing.


    Potency of Living Elements of Pine is not difficult to understand from a Living Systems View, but it is if you are looking Conventionally, because the rules pertaining to Convention have been transcended. The change in view in relation to what constitutes good research and clinical practice becomes less rigid and therefore we begin to get living agreement. Self-Interest Power Groups (big pharmaceuticals) start to get on board because of the realisation that they will be left behind. Pharmacies are stocking bigger and bigger ranges of natural products, because of the limitations and harm caused by single action pharmaceutical intervention. ie. My pain is gone but Ive got a whole set of new problems, starting with my Liver.


    There is no way around this anymore, because the complexity of difficulties facing the planet and human kind are demanding behaviour change at all levels, and people are beginning to take responsibility for self. When enough people start to do this, Governments make changes.


    Next 3-6 months will be fascinating.

  10. What continues to be interesting about this forum, is the avoidance of understanding the bioeffectives story by looking at the facts of the products, and understanding the inherent difficulty in the paradigm change required in order for these products to be commercially successful. I have suggested to posters on this forum to be systematic in the integrated use of the products, and to tell as many people possible in as many different ways as possible about your living experiments.


    The reason this view is post-conventional is that you are not waiting for an authority figure in a white coat to tell you what to do. You understand the facts clearly and make an informed living decision based on the facts. First prize is better health. Second prize (if it happens) is an investment in this view does well commercially. In both cases you have direct involvement.

  11. Hi Syd,


    Understanding 'extracted from live elements of pine' is the key to understanding the whole bioeffectives story. The Pine species is unchanged over approximately 150 million years, and the needle is a very special adaptive mechanism, particularly in cold climates. When we ingest Siberian Red and Bio A, we are ingesting a pure extract. It is wholly from nature. SLA has patented the extraction process, which means that they are able to extract the living elements gently so that nothing is lost. Bio A has 800 biologically active compounds in its complex.


    Because humans have a thought field capability, we tend to forget we came out of this planet in the same way as the other species which inhabit the planet. As living sophisticated organisms we can directly benefit from the living sophistication of the pine species, particularly its antimicrobial, immunity, repair, stress, blood building/cleansing and fatigue resistance qualities.

  12. Hi Riley,

    The link below is the beginning of what you are pointing too. The Pine Needle Products Team are starting to get into gear to tackle this comprehensively. If you or any other posters have a story you would like to tell, please send an email to info@pineneedleproducts.com. The team there will post them in newsletters and also on a blog site that is being set up to share testimonials.



  13. Well said Livas.


    When one is in the business of paradigm shifts and post-conventional thinking, one cannot know when conventional acceptance will start to emerge. The majority of the population wait to be told, what to do by an authority figure (in this case a doctor). The Bioeffectives range developed by SLA fit into this category, as well as being available to the population who are educated enough to take responsibility for their health.


    I have posted on this forum on a couple of occasions attempting to point out this important difference, when one's thinking begins to understand 'living health', not just the avoidance of illness.


    I am confident that SLA will ultimately be successful, mainly because of the means I am using to write this post. The internet, social media, testimonials based on peoples different experiences with bioeffectives, are slowly gaining traction, and will lead to an increase in sales volume. The Ropren story will do what it does, but because most of the building blocks are in place, when momentum begins, it has the capacity to go exponential in a relatively short amount of time.


    My consistent integrated use of A, SR, and bio B over the past 4 years, leaves me with the first hand knowledge, that the benefits of these products, extracted from the live elements of pine, are possibly the most important products in the market place for meta health. I would encourage the regular posters on this forum, who seem to come from fear, doubt, and frustration to begin to take the products consistently and spread the word from their own direct evidence using all of the means that the information age affords.

  14. Chris Judd and Cadel Evans were both introduced to Siberian Red through the work they did with Mark McGrath who is a Performance Coach, who has been recommending Bio A, Siberian Red and Saunas with Bio B to all the athletes he has been working with over the last 5 years. He also appears in the promotional DVD.


    The recommendation for elite performers as opposed to the recommendation for people leading more sedentary existences differs in only one way; the amount of load they are exposing their systems too. This is where saunas are particularly important, because they induce deep rest. The sedentary person needs bioeffectives as well, because they are still working systemically. This means they work to balance whole organism health, based on the individuals physiology. The harm most people are doing to themselves is because of poor knowledge of what, how and why to eat, and the lack of consistent and intense exercise. This along with an increasing inability to switch off, this relates to Autonomic Nervous System imbalance.


    Systemic action is not well understood by conventional medicine, because the pharmaceutical offerings work by blocking receptor sites, or inhibiting pathways. There is a natural distrust of nature that is a residue of the industrial age, where we fell in love with all things synthetic. There have been approximately 60000 new chemicals introduced into our food chains since WW2. The paradigm is shifting once again as post-conventional understanding is growing rapidly, mainly because of the abundance of better information about our own functioning.


    If you want SLA to do well, realise that their success will arise largely out of an education process that acknowledges living systems function.

  15. Unfortunately Wren, your material based perspective is bound by the view that Newtons findings are still relevant post quantum physics. The cause and effect universe posited by Newton was based on the assumption that atoms are the building block of matter and that the universe functions like a game of billiards. The quantum view has found irrefutably that everything is energy, including so-called matter and that atoms are 99.9999999* space functioning as invisible energy.

    The efficacy of the bioeffectives is the harnessing of the living potency of the conifer species down to 2 main aspects;

    1. The sophistication of the conifer species from an evolutionary perspective.

    2. The environmental causes and conditions that the species live in and the adaptive capacity that the trees have evolved to stay healthy and disease free despite -50 to +40 degrees celcius, and 24 hour day and night, yet they remain ever-green and vibrant.

    The medical/pharmaceutical model does not take livingness into account in its investigation. It developed by looking at cadavers (no life there!) and developed to handle trauma and infection, in which it has been stunningly successful. The mistake made is that we absolutise the medical model to understand health, meta-health and the self-healing capacities of the bodymind organism.

    The auras which you take the piss out of, is none other than the energy expressing in a given individual, in a given context, being able to seen by an individual who has done a certain amount of work, as well as being born with certain capacities.

    I agree with the other regular posters on this site, if you havent taken the time and energy to investigate the efficacy of the bioeffectives from a first-hand perspective, dont act with superiority using second-hand knowledge.

  16. The best site to send people who are not well informed on the efficacy of bioeffectives is www.pineneedleresearch.com. Siberian Red is discussed under its species title 'abies siberica.' Bio A is CGNC and there is good information on why saunas are amazing for whole health.

    Hopefully Pine Needle Products will be selling the healing gel online very soon. Cyclists are finding it is very effective for saddle sores, as well as the general use for cuts, burns, abrasions, sunburn etc.

  17. I suggest you read 'Vibrational Medicine' by Richard Gerber MD for a full discussion of gross, subtle and causal energies. Harold Saxton Burr did research as long ago as 1938 on the energy field of plants and could not find an end point in the finish of the plant with the underlying energy patterns. Oschmans book 'Energy Medicine' is an excellent overview of the practices and research that has been done on living energy as intervention. The new physics clearly shows that our structural make-up consists of interpenetrating energy fields and all energy is vibration. If we had a quantum lens we would clearly see that our apparent solidity is 99.99999 space. Kirlian photography captures these interpenetrating energy fields.


    From this brief overview it is not a big jump to see why bioeffectives are so effective. The underlying energy of the tree, which is an older more stable structure phylogenetically, supports our more complex energy as a substratum. Evolution follows the rule of 'transcend but include' where the lower levels are the ingredients for emergent complexity. A simple example of this envelopment is atoms, molecules, cells, organisms. This is a living interactive understanding, while the medical view is structural and based on Newtonian physics.

  18. Having followed the posts regarding SLA's position/status in comparison to other pharmaceutical companies and the double blind control crossover methods employed by Western rational science in relation to synthesised drugs is not comparing apples with apples. The first point is you cant use statistical analysis to understand your own health profile. You need to understand the causes and conditions that are impacting your health from a systemic perspective and understand the action, choices, events that are causing you harm. From one perspective you need to stop harmful actions, and from another perspective you need to understand the causes and conditions of foundational health.


    The second point is that the conventional medical/scientific paradigm is reductionist. This means it uses increasing differentiation to know. Differentiation does not recognise integration, yet as a living organism that has evolved on a changing planet, you cannot separate yourself from all of the factors affecting your life situation. You cant knock out a symptom and call yourself healthy, health is always systemic. The understanding implied in using the potency inherent in nature is post-conventional, which also means post-rational and post-mechanistic. Post-conventional is interested in increasing integration and realises that interactions are self-other constructed. There is not an authority figure who knows, rather there is a spectrum of possibility that society provides where the decisions you are making determine the network in which you are moving/relating. The current mainstream centre of gravity in Western developed nations is conformist rational, however there are at least 3 levels which are higher, but operate using different decision-making processes. The evidence base becomes more subjective and intersubjective, but this does not mean that there is a not a sophisticated methodology supporting this mode of operating. It just has less do's and donts and invites experimentation with living practices.


    So if you are interested in Solagran being more profitable, consider what it means to create a shift in encouraging people to take responsibility for their health.

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