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    But in lotto you can win $10 millions for a $10 bet. It's all a matter of risk/reward http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif .
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    Stockpanther, I had a look at the chart last time you talked about ION (in the KCN thread), and I recommeded to wait for the stock to break through its $2.40 resistance. ION was evolving in a $2.17 - $2.40 channel. Unfortunately, the strong $2.17 support has been broken through, and this has increased the falling rate of the price (look at the session on 11th dec.) Next supports for rebound are $2.00 and $1.91. Looking at the moving averages of 20, 50 and 100 days, the trend for short term is negative, the medium and long terms are neutral.
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    I had a quick look at the chart: In summary, the trend is clearly down. There is no major support before 0.22. There is no sign of bouncing. The volumes are anemic. Short term is negative, medium term is negative, long term is neutral. It's worth watching, especially if it comes around 0.22-0.23, but I think it's too soon to buy. Conclusion: wait for buy signal, supported with volumes.
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    Not so low. A few months ago, it was under 5c. I'm looking at the chart, but I can't see a clear trend. Short term looks negative, medium and long terms are still positive. We could see the share bouncing up in the next days, but it could as well go back to 11c, 9c, 7c, or even 5c.
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    I'm confused, now that the most recent messages are on top. You all seem to be very positive about GOLD, but the last 4 days are like a nightmare for me. I just bought KCN (Kingsgate: Gold mining) and it is continuously falling and falling. In fact, I planned to sell with 6% loss, but you all seem to be so positive about gold that I may hold a bit more. Is there someone here who is less optimistic about gold?
  6. I think we can start a new thread about ION, it looks promising. I'll just wait a bit more for a buy signal.
  7. I had a quick look at these 3 shares. HVN and QAN trends are not looking good. I even don't see any major support soon. Better wait until they start bouncing back up. ION has no clearly defined trend, and the volumes are decreasing. I suspect the market to be waiting for a major announcement. The price is currently evolving in the range $2.20 to $2.40. You can place a buy order with limit $2.20, but be ready to sell back quickly if it goes under $2.17. You can also wait for the price to break through $2.40 with volume increase. It's safer but the gain will be less. I will follow ION as well, thanks for the tip http://www.asxboard.com/html/emoticons/wink.gif.
  8. Yes, I appreciate this first day, especially when my other purchase is not going so well. I bought KCN at 4.22, a bit late according to TA, the buy signal was at 4.01, when a major resistance was broken through. But it took me 2 days to bring the funds to my broker who did not accept credit for stocks outside ASX150. I still decided to go on with my purchase. Anyway, back to Woolworths. After today's session, the chart is looking even better! Moving average over 50 days has been crossed, the corridor is well exited in volumes bigger than average, and the resistance at 11.33 is forgotten. Next resistance is 11.62 (major support during winter). Then 11.85 (Resistance in September). Stop loss can be moved up to 11.32.
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    It's good you could limit your loss to 8%, nkarp. Otherwise, you would have lost another 14.6% today! Are we on that minor $1.30 support now? Current price is 1.29. I think it's best to stay out and watch for some time before buying NAL. http://www.asxboard.com/html/emoticons/dry.gif
  10. Hey Stockpanther, nice to see you here as well http://www.asxboard.com/html/emoticons/wink.gif. My buy order has just been triggered this morning at $11.35. I set a stop loss order at $11.19. To answer your question, I have really been using TA only recently, and I have just been trading/investing on the ASX last week for the first time (Although I have watched the market for 3 years). I have more experience on the French market where I followed TA advices from other people. I am posting on this board so that my analysis can be commented by other members, because I feel I am still a beginner and may not see everything.
  11. I was a bit unlucky on that one, I bought on the highest of the day at 4.22. As I wrote in the previous article, the 1st objective is at 4.45. After this, I don't see any limit! http://www.asxboard.com/html/emoticons/cool.gif This is my first trade on the ASX, so I hope it will be a good one (I've been investing for a few years on the French market). As you say: go KCN! http://www.asxboard.com/html/emoticons/wink.gif
  12. The stock price has been following a descending trend for the last 6 months but may exit the corridor next week. If so, it could be a change of direction and the bullish move of last week -- driven by expectations of good results announcement on Friday -- could be the start of a longer upward trend. The current closing price after announcement of good results is 11.27, which is exactly the value of the upper side of the corridor for Monday 24/11. There is another resistance at 11.33 created on 21/10. If WOW does not cross the corridor and the resistance, it could go down back to the inferior Bollinger which is close to the major support at around $10.60-10.70 (values from 21/02 and 11/11). My plan is to buy if the price reaches 11.34 in good volumes (volumes have not been exceptional so far). I would sell quickly if the price comes back inside the corridor. http://www.asxboard.com/html/emoticons/ph34r.gif Do you have any comments before I make a big mistake? http://www.asxboard.com/html/emoticons/wink.gif
  13. As colaiscute wrote, KCN broke a major resistance this week (although I see this resistance at 4 rather than 3.95). On monday it seemed that all elements were there for a sharp rise: MA20 crossed MA50, Resistance at 4 crossed with big volumes (> 1 Million), and superior Bollinger curve crossed as well. This was confirmed on Wednesday with another similar session. The trend is looking good for all short, medium and long term, the first objective being 4.45 (Year's high on 24/01). This scenario would be invalidated if the price goes back under 4 (or 3.94). I bought KCN on thursday morning... I hope there is no major flaw in my analysis! http://www.asxboard.com/html/emoticons/wink.gif
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