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  1. I do not think it is on deaths door .
  2. gulf


    nice in depth reply.Did you read the latest announcement.
  3. Hi Moose Does this mean Silex is more efficient than current enrichment process,uses less raw material for same results,re enrichment of spent material,we have situation that allows for supply of raw material to final enrichment for power stations under one group tender/contract who should the be able to tender long term power contracts. What else?
  4. when do think we will get the UK news?
  5. why will it be a game changer.the Cooper Basin does have flooding but it will end at some stage.the flooding is well covered on the internet.
  6. gulf


    I think todays ann. is good news !
  7. gulf


    a couple of things need to happen - "that" seller needs to finish selling and we need the Malaysia contract to show the market. With RS living in Bangkok I assume the Thai deal will progress as outlined.
  8. is NWE a dodgy spec company?
  9. I wonder what the Gillard cuts will do to some of the Silex programs- MG did say at the AGM that the Mildura deal was at the paper work stage with the the Federal Govt.
  10. gulf


    a recent report advised that the airport deal is up and going.
  11. thanks. looking forward to some guidance on solar and they could toss Translucent and ChronoLogic in as well.
  12. gulf


    the news gets better-from Vietnam!
  13. some time back they talked about reducng the heat in chips-have we had any more on this ?
  14. gulf


    sell the lot now,stop the overheads - the world economies don't look that flash going ahead.Any longer plans will be destroyed by overheads.There is no effort by the directors to get GPG costs under control.They do exactly the opposite to what they advise.
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