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    I never had much hope for business from China... they have little respect for Intellectual Property and by now they know enough to work the rest out for themselves if they need it. BB.
  2. bananabender


    Di, The only answer to the lack of commercial success over so long is that the leach process is clever chemistry but just not economically viable in the real world, presumably due to the cost of reagents... acid, etc. Hence it all works fine on a small scale but when you start talking processing serious tonnages the costs kill it. The only avenue I can envisage would be to produce a conventional concentrate then use the leach process to separate the valuable components by electrowinning... this would mean chemicals wouldn't be wasted leaching a lot of ground rock and there would be worthwhile savings in overseas freight and smelting charges. However, this is so obvious that it must have been looked at already and nobody's doing it, more's the pity. BB.
  3. When it sounds like it couldn't be true, it's often enlightening to look it up on snopes or a similar urban myths website... very often it isn't so. BB.
  4. Something to think about for those who are in pension phase and hold bundles of ongoing but valueless shares in speccies that didn't make it, and other monuments to our fallibility. Don't sell them for peanuts just to tidy up your portfolio... if Labor and the Greens have their way you can bet your super there WILL come a tax of some kind on fund earnings in the future, there's just too much money involved to keep the sticky fingers out forever. When that day comes (in the interests of fairness, equality, etc and having no effect on parliamentary pensions of course) a nice tax loss waiting in the bottom drawer can be realised to your best advantage by selling rubbish. In the meantime the sight of a disaster in the portfolio saves a hat size or two.... BB.
  5. I guess one should cash it out once tax is not a major consideration... perhaps via a provision in one's enduring power of attorney? BB.
  6. Sounds like the time is ripe to get that grey power organised... surely we can muster more votes and a heap more brains than the Greens and look at the effect (for the worse!) that they're having! Along the way we can look at how to keep the sticky beaurocratic fingers out of the communal savings pool, the biggest easily available cash source around, and hence the most irresistible. BB.
  7. bananabender


    Tony, We all have to love that potential that INL has (had?) and it should still be there... it certainly hasn't been turned into product or profit or anything like that. A wiser person than I once commented in another context "You can't eat potential" and I could add you can't bank it either. Even at .001 these shares are too dear for me... I have more than enough already! BB.
  8. A bullet would be a kindness to all concerned, including long-term shareholders.... however I suspect the pigmented person in the biofuel stockpile (how's that for political correctness?!) is the lurking EAF Dust, complete with environmental bond. As suggested, a discounted royalty buyout is a more likely option. BB.
  9. Amen to that....these guys are my hope to salvage something from the INL train wreck. Don't know why they don't buy INL, bin it, and save $5M in royalty payments on the Hellyer Mill deal... also check out the link with MFC which also seems well under-valued given their BSM shareholding. BB.
  10. The IVF labs have freezers full of embryos that are difficult to dispose of ethically.... why not fit out a nice stable yacht with extra solar cells to run the on-board freezer/accommodation area and send one round the world under remote control? An age record no one could beat, no provisions needed and if it gets lost at sea no problem! With the amount of shore-based oversight and backup now in vogue for these "record" attempts, not a lot different from where we seem to be going already.... BB.
  11. Sharkie, Still curious... without my having to plough through the Henry Tax Report, 6% of what? BB.
  12. Half the problem with this "debate" is the lack of definitions... how about when someone (including our pollies) says "x percentage" they say percentage of WHAT!? If the "6%" starting point is supposed to represent the baseline Return on Investment compared to Treasury Bonds, does one assume that this 6% is a return on total funds invested? Or is it on Invoiced sales? Or is it some vague polliewaffle by people who have never had to worry about dirty stuff like ROI or profit? (the real kind that keeps your bank happy). I would like to see a simple example worked through with and without the brave new tax, showing how funds invested, costs, capital expenditure, depreciation, resource depletion, exploration costs, and state royalties, etc. are accounted for in arriving at a final profit, then maybe we could have an informed debate. BB.
  13. bananabender


    Correct definition of the ends of the possibility spectrum... as always the answer lies somewhere in between and that's the rub, as the great man said.... BB.
  14. bananabender


    Accept that it's a one-way plughole trip? A million times SFA is still SFA..... BB.
  15. bananabender


    Just be patient.... you may get your chance to buy at that price again! I started at .04 years ago and never thought they'd be that cheap again. How wrong can you be??? BB.
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