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  1. I don't think wireless is going to come to TLS's rescue here. If wireless could ever do 100Mbps on a large scale in say 10 years time then cable can do 1000Mbps today if needed. The important question really is how fast do we want to go today and in 10, 20 or 30 years time and how much do we want to pay for it. I am currently happy with 4Mbps, but there is surely an element of "build it and they will come" to having a nationwide superfast broadband network. That is exactly why the government has to take the initiative here because it requires vision and leadership to make such an investment. However they stilll have to run the numbers on this because people like me who are content with 4mbps will not want to pay any/much more for 100mbps, so the extra speed will need to be subsidised by the Govnt. The question is wether this subsidy will cost more than 4.9 bil.
  2. Market seems to think this is good for TLS. Maybe they are relieved it could have been worse. I however fail to see how any initiative that improves competition and transparency can be good for the dominant player.
  3. Good result right at the top end of market expectations, although you wouldn't believe that given the share price is currently down 2.8%.
  4. db76, My point was you seem to be saying WES management was not focussed on the turn around. I presented some evidence that they were. Case closed.
  5. db76 What do you mean by: "Management is still diverted - 9 divisions - (Home Improvement & Office supplies, Coles, Target. Kmart) = 63.5% of EBIT Yet they still seem to think that they are the "old" Wesfarmers and the Coles Group was just a medium sized conglomerate "bolt on"" Are you inferring that management are not diverting enough attention to the Coles aquisition? If this is the case I suggest you stop commenting on WES until you start keeping up with what's really going on. You can start be researching Keith Gordon's appointment specifically made to free up more time for Richard Goyder to focus on turning around Coles. You may then check out the salary package of the new Coles CEO in respect to Richard Goyders package to see how serious they are about getting the right people in the right positions to manage their turnaround strategy. The other thing you might look at is the current shareprice relative to the retail capital raising price to see if the market agrees with your analysis.
  6. DB76 "AJ007 - the DIY crowd you see in bunnings dont buy as much as the trades do or did" I don't know what you are on about here as: [1] Bunnings have never had a strong % of trades market so presumably as that market is squeezed Bunnings will be relatively unscathed [2] Bunnings revenue growth in the last period from memory was around 7% So what are you on about? Never let the facts get in the way of espousing your sentiments eh?
  7. Why do you conclude Coles is facing earnings pressure? I think that in uncertain economic times food retailing is generally considered to be a safe haven relative to other businesses. Coupled with this Coles have a new management team who still believe they can kill the pig with Coles, and so far they have stayed on message with this view. Even if they can't kill the pig, there is not much doubt they can do significantly better than the previous try hards running Coles. In fact the main difference between Coles and Woolworths is Woolies have had good management for the last 20 years, Coles have only had good management for the past 15 months.
  8. Idyll128


    In reply to: brett68 on Thursday 15/01/09 08:55am Tullow have sure kicked goals in Uganda with 18 out of 18 striking oil, although this latest one is the best to date but was not on the HDR block. The better best news for them however is the 1.8 bil bbl Jubilee discovery in Ghana with other prospective targets still to be drilled on the blocks.
  9. In reply to: triage on Saturday 01/11/08 08:12pm Good article. Looks like George W Bush has not been preparing for the coming winter. At least our Govnt have got future fund, compulsory super, low debt and budget surplus to meet the challenges of our retiring boomers. Makes them look like geniusses relative to US. The other problem with retiring US boomers is they will be retiring at a faster rate than they are being replaced. This will lead to lower economic growth as consumer demand wanes for many years, just like we have seen for over a decade in Japan. I suspect the US will make some sort of weak recovery following this current crisis before doing a Japan for the next 15 to 20 years.
  10. Price peaked at $41.90. There must be a bullish analysts report out today.
  11. Kyme, point taken on "Wash Sales" but clearly hard for the ATO to prove in each case. Certainly an off market transfer would be a problem as there is no risk involved. I think however the tax department would be pretty hard pressed to disallow the capital losses associated with an on market transfer of an asset from your personal holding to your SMSF. The reason being the advantages of holding an asset in a SMSF can be the primary basis for the transfer rather than the associated tax loss and the ATO could not prove otherwise.
  12. In reply to: kyme on Thursday 08/05/08 06:18pm How do you define "tax loss selling"? I doubt if the ATO has such a term defined. When you sell an asset it is simply selling an asset. Your reason for doing so are none of the tax offices business. Please don't confuse people on these sensitive topics if you don't really know what you are on about. On the other hand if you do know what you are on about please provide more substance for your ramblings such as an extract from the ATO website to back your claim.
  13. In reply to: PJ83 on Thursday 08/05/08 03:54pm You can nominate which ones are being sold. Obviously your records must be properly updated to show which ones you have sold so future sales will reflect the appropriate cost base.
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    GME currently flying through an ASX speed trap at 21.95%. Hopefully they have a good excuse when they get the ticket, but sellers look to be drying up fast
  15. Idyll128


    Could be a match made in heaven: Westnets award winning customers service expanding to the iinet brand iinets DSLAM network improving margins at the Westnet end
  16. In reply to: ousia on Monday 21/01/08 12:08pm I guess that group of Senior Allco Managers who took a margin bath yesterday will be cancelling their subscriptions to all fairfax news for the forseeable future. Would they be spewing or what?
  17. In reply to: Ratfink on Friday 20/07/07 06:51pm Equity Margins has such a facillity (Merrill Lynch). I recall you may need to be asset rich to be approved for an international account.
  18. In reply to: nizar on Wednesday 06/06/07 02:15pm Nizar, Best to look at ATO website for answer to this question. What you will find is it is not a simple black and white issue to determine if you are a trader or investor. For tax treatment think of a trading as a business. That is profits on trades are treated as straight income without ever qualifying for any CGT discounts. Brokerage and other fees running the business are treated as expenses so can be claimed in the current tax year rather than waiting for a CGT event.
  19. There were age based limits on how much you could contribute to super each year at concessional rates, I think these limits have been made more generous recently but I am not up to speed on the exact details.
  20. Idyll128


    In reply to: strawberry on Friday 01/06/07 02:44pm Hi Strawberry, Yes I have misinterpreted your initial post. I guess the bottom line with business is Return on Capital. When IIN had little capital invested in the good old dial up days they didn't have to worry too much. Since they rolled out their own infrastructure at considerable cost I guess they realised they had to work that investment a bit harder by getting scale and wholesaling. (Teething problems didn't help and probably delayed the current push). There are only so many geeks to go around so if you want scale you have to go more mainstream and advertise. Sounds like the right strategy to me, especially when the working life of the IIN infrastructure may be limited by future FTTN or FTTH rollouts. The name of the game is get as many customers as you can onto your own network before FTTN. When a single FTTN or FTTH network is rolled out I would expect competition regulations will standardise network access fees so it will be a competitive playing field where Brand becomes the name of the game. Hence IIN push to develop an aspirational brand. Again sounds like the right strategy. One thing IIN's market research did show was a surprising amount of Brand loyalty or emotional attachment to their ISP. Just for the record I declare I am not an IIN broadband customer and am far more attached to the IIN share price than who has got the biggest I mean fastest ISP NIS.
  21. Idyll128


    In reply to: pkay on Friday 01/06/07 02:46am Yes it would be a painful experience if you were trying to buy more in the last couple of weeks. Everyday you would be hoping for some weakness only to see them open up another 10 cents or so and cursing yourself for not buying yesterday. I expect they will retrace back to their previous $3.00 to $3.50 range. This would be nice so if AAPT wanted to take them out they would be looking at $4 +
  22. Idyll128


    In reply to: strawberry on Friday 18/05/07 01:22pm Strawberry, IIN was reselling Telstra plans for very low margins. They put the price up on these plans last year as part of a restructure and put some customers offside. As far as I am aware their current strategy is to get as many customers onto IIN infrastructure as possible because they have faster speeds for the customer and fatter margins for IIN. So I think the post you mentioned about reselling Telstra is a fair bit wide of the mark. The slick marketing is new to IIN and if you read there latest strategy blurb you will see they are trying to appeal as an aspirational brand with faster speeds than telstra. This would not be practical if you are just a Telstra reseller.
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    In reply to: pkay on Tuesday 06/02/07 12:12pm QUOTE Up more than 50% since my last post, so took part profits! Looks like its up another 73% since your last post.
  24. It will be interesting to see how long it takes ANZ to sort out E*Trade reliability issues. They must have a few to many cowboys with their fingers in the software pie. One thing banks are generally good at is reliable systems, so I expect ANZ will sort this out pretty quickly now they look like being in control.
  25. Well one of the instos blinked after the bell. Looks like the game of chicken may continue for another round. All the instos want to be in the last 30%, but without some of them putting up their hand they will never get accross the finish line. Whats the old saying, there is no I in teamwork, or greed is good.
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