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  1. Your wish came through Mick. I waited all day and bought a large chunk at 2.10. Why the big drop as the report seemed good to me. It has been in a downtrend for some time so the shorters have done well. Could be a squeeeeezzz on soon. R / MJ
  2. Good one Wolver...aint going to happen as they will keep it pumping out of the desert at any price. Sold at 28c for a small 7% as its friday and a long weekend as well. Happy Strayla Di.
  3. Just had my order filled at 26c.... could someone please tell the Arabs to turn the taps off...
  4. Hi Wren.... still heading south...How long are you going to stay at Club Metcash. Remember they do not have a moat surrounding the resort. !
  5. I think we are lucky to have you explaining to the dim wits ( like me) about the drilling process and tech side of the oil and gas industry. One can read and study as much as they like and become so called eggspurts in any buisness these days but it is only by getting your hands dirty and working at the coal face that gives you real knowledge and I thank you for sharing it.The point that you made about CVN giving out information or how much data they release has me asking the question. How much do they? R / MJ
  6. Well that was a great plan,,,,$@$# . ClubSantos...do they have golden parashute jumps.?...book me in.
  7. Im in at 195.5 for a short trade . My reason is that it might do a dead dog bounce ( Like that Arty) from this point. I am not that confident... just a gut feel. Stop in place...see not that sure about this!! MJ.
  8. " It may get cheaper" Well it has and if you look at the chart Terrine, " It might get much more cheaper" Gotta be a buy in it sometime ... not at this point ...will keep on watch ..
  9. Good job he chose a PORSCHE. A BMW and he would be cactus.
  10. mjwk


    Just sit back , relax and take some time out. If in doubt....... the selling to continue for a while .Im in limbo.
  11. mjwk


    Will it get to 60c.? I bet your glad you sold when you did Wren. Keep watching!! R / MJ
  12. mjwk


    Good job you bailed out Wren. Nearer to the level now I sugested as worth watching. Must hold or stay out IMO. R / MJ
  13. I had been watching this as it fell from grace and out of love. FA reason for the fall ?. Will keep it on watch so thanks for reminding me of SLX, Mista.Maybe they are sorting out their $ issues. R / MJ
  14. Hi Mick....I just rang them as I applied for the same amount online and told them your story[ no names mentioned] and they said no person or broker have been alloted shares . The date is the 25th of November. An email will be sent then and not before. Frodo stay calm it will happen. Cheers MJ.
  15. And to those non believers a film made a few years ago called " Margin Call" is worth watching. Then again don't bother as you still won't believe.
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