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  1. birnam


    "Aren't the Poms doing well in many sports these days?" Yeah, aren't they glad they've been an attractive destination for people with all sorts of names, ethnicities and backgrounds. Then they go and shut up shop and vote Brexit. Oz is next the way we're going.
  2. Climate change is real, global warming is real. What is unreal are expectations the Paris Agreement or any actions on climate change still won't see us having fires, floods and droughts. My reason for saying this is if any fire, flood or drought we're experiencing now is the result of 1.1 - 1.2 degrees C rise in average global temps., how in heck will the rise to 1.5 - 2.0 degrees C rise as per the Paris Agreement be a desirable outcome? Unless I can find a fountain of youth I won't be around in 2050 to hear people explaining that dislocation in reasoning. I'm a bit cheesed off by that.
  3. They could hardly write "Doing our jobs leads to satisfactory outcomes faster" as, a/ why are all those PR people on the payroll and big bucks if not to know fancy words or, b/ we can't openly admit to not being as good at our jobs as we could've been.
  4. This research was awarded the Ig Nobel prize for Psychology. May there be more like it. https://arstechnica.com/science/2020/09/bel...g-nobel-prizes/
  5. Various proper news services (BBC, Reuters etc) are also reporting bald men are seemingly at higher risk - something to do with testosterone type - but smokers are under-represented in hospital admissions. I'm the wrong sex, wrong age, follically challenged and I don't smoke. Bugger.
  6. Plastic, The part that scares me is I don't know whether you're posting this stuff because you believe it or you're having fun stirring the pot. Regards, Lance.
  7. birnam


    We will see how much water gets through. NSW lifted its moratorium on pumping from northern-Darling catchments for 3 days. Qld never had a moratorium so water harvesting with pumps is presumably happening. Capture of overland flows are another issue. Some have some regulation, others are open slather.
  8. birnam


    Cummins should demand a recount. Batsmen friendly pitches and grounds, rules and now voting it seems.
  9. Yeah, electric cars are the future. Where they're getting the electrons from to power them is still to be explained. At roughly 4kW of electricity needed for each litre of fuel displaced that's an awful lot of solar panels, wind or gas turbines, transmission lines and storage to fill the need.
  10. birnam


    Bradman, by his own admission, was a bit of a flat-track bully too. Hasn't stopped lots of people holding him in high regard. I'm stirring the pot. Having said that I'd rather see a batsman make a 100 in a contest with ball, pitch and circumstances rather than 2- or 300 in a batathon.
  11. Also still to solve is where the electrons and grid are to come from to keep them going. Engineers from the likes of Mercedes Benz have been banging on about this for ages. For every litre of fuel (9-11 kW of energy) displaced will need 3-4 kW of electricity from somewhere. EVs will happen, as city runarounds they're compelling for their fuel cost and low pollution and, hopefully, lower maintenance costs. Ownership costs are still high when you consider purchase cost and potential battery replacement. Then there are the unknowns. The internal combustion engine is fantastic as long as you ignore costs like environmental damage. After all, a century or so ago the ICE was seen as solving the environmental degradation horses were causing. EVs might have similar downsides: some of the mining and chemical processes to produce the necessary metals are horrendous. Peak oil is spoken of but what about peak lithium? Interesting times.
  12. I've never been in the heady world of being an elite athlete so know nothing about the supplements they consume. My wonder is why don't the athletes take a sample of each tin, bottle or box and securely store it for testing if needed. Contaminated supplements or food, for all I know, could be a valid excuse or reason.
  13. birnam


    At first glance I too thought the sanctions hit the mark, now I'm not so sure. That's because I'm not sure other countries will mete out such punishment to their own players when they're sprung for illegalities or boorishness. I was disappointed by the cheating and its stupidity, but fed up by the boorishness - particularly the de Villliers dismissal in the first Test. Fat lot of good it did anyhow; ABV and Markham haven't stopped scoring runs since. My fear is we'll swing too far the other way by expecting choirboys and saints without a bit of competitive mongrel.
  14. birnam


    Greg Dyer is still the benchmark for cringe-worthy, shameful (or should that be shameless) cheating. What sets this lot apart is so many of them thought it was a good idea and even more of them played along with it. Unbelievable, except I have to believe it. Some time on the sidelines for some, careers over for others. There are more important things in life.
  15. birnam


    Yeah, a good win. It will be a series of which side can scramble to a decent score after being 2 or 3 down for not many. Bancroft has eased, not erased, pressure on him. Khawaja? So much talent yet unmatched by decent scores.
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