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  1. Is this weird? APnews is reporting an Indian couple is suing their son and daughter-in-law $675 000 (US, presumably) for failing to have a grandchild after 6 years of marriage. Their justification seems to be they paid for their son's education (he's a pilot) and they organised the marriage. A court has accepted their petition and is set for a hearing. Geez, don't p*ss off mum and dad in India.
  2. What a good win in Pakistan. Full credit to Cummins as skipper, Khawaja with the bat, and Lyon for getting the job done on a 5th day. Pakistan has some good performers too. Their left-handed quick looks capable of causing real strife for opponents in seasons to come.
  3. Yeah, he (Khawaja) isn't much chop in the field at times. Serviceable might even be a generous description though he's not really on his own. Carey - Warner - Smith - whoever's next (Green excepted) doesn't instill the same confidence as Healy/Gilchrist - Taylor - M. Waugh - Warne. At least Lyon took some wickets on a 5th day. Batsmen have to be good enough but bat-athons don't do much for me. Fair result.
  4. An image that sticks with me is him having a red-hot go with the bat to chase down a score in a one-dayer. He launched into a shot, the ball went towards the fence, the blade of the bat followed and he was running up the pitch staring at the handle in his hands. Bacchus, Iron Gloves, Marshy. Forever "Caught Marsh, bowled Lillee". Sad.
  5. To do injustice to Richie Benaud, The best thing a commentator can do is know when to shut up. We'll face sterner tests than this series. Top of the order never really convinced but did enough. Head and Green enhanced their reputations, the bowlers did well, jury probably will give a majority verdict in favour of Carey. For the Poms, Root excepted, the batting was nowhere. I wonder if we've seen the last of Anderson and Broad being first choice selections. A fit Archer, Wood and Robinson strike me as their future. Some of the pitches might not have been top notch and for that I'm perversely grateful. Batters (I dislike that term, it's something put on a fish) scoring 100s on roads is not my idea of viewing fun.
  6. Yes, fair result. We didn't catch well but England did very well considering their problems. Stokes is quite remarkable. Would've been interesting with an earlier declaration. Would the Poms have had a go chasing a target?
  7. Can't help but feel England is making us look better than we are. Our's is a pretty good bowling attack with depth in the faster ranks, though still to be convincing bowling sides out on the 5th day. We've held catches, England has not. Oz also got some decisions their way that on other days they might not have. Might not have made a difference but when you need a bit of luck England didn't have it. As for Sydney, if we're desperate to play Swepson I'd pick Marsh for Head's spot. Cummins and Starc with Marsh doing most of the donkey work, and Green chipping in with a few overs. The medical staff don't seem to think Green should bowl much. Lyon and Swepson for the spin. If not Swepson then Hazlewood, if fit, or Boland with Cummins and Starc. I like Khawaja but don't we have someone younger we could take a punt on? And it's not Maddison.
  8. birnam


    "Aren't the Poms doing well in many sports these days?" Yeah, aren't they glad they've been an attractive destination for people with all sorts of names, ethnicities and backgrounds. Then they go and shut up shop and vote Brexit. Oz is next the way we're going.
  9. Climate change is real, global warming is real. What is unreal are expectations the Paris Agreement or any actions on climate change still won't see us having fires, floods and droughts. My reason for saying this is if any fire, flood or drought we're experiencing now is the result of 1.1 - 1.2 degrees C rise in average global temps., how in heck will the rise to 1.5 - 2.0 degrees C rise as per the Paris Agreement be a desirable outcome? Unless I can find a fountain of youth I won't be around in 2050 to hear people explaining that dislocation in reasoning. I'm a bit cheesed off by that.
  10. They could hardly write "Doing our jobs leads to satisfactory outcomes faster" as, a/ why are all those PR people on the payroll and big bucks if not to know fancy words or, b/ we can't openly admit to not being as good at our jobs as we could've been.
  11. This research was awarded the Ig Nobel prize for Psychology. May there be more like it. https://arstechnica.com/science/2020/09/bel...g-nobel-prizes/
  12. Various proper news services (BBC, Reuters etc) are also reporting bald men are seemingly at higher risk - something to do with testosterone type - but smokers are under-represented in hospital admissions. I'm the wrong sex, wrong age, follically challenged and I don't smoke. Bugger.
  13. Plastic, The part that scares me is I don't know whether you're posting this stuff because you believe it or you're having fun stirring the pot. Regards, Lance.
  14. birnam


    We will see how much water gets through. NSW lifted its moratorium on pumping from northern-Darling catchments for 3 days. Qld never had a moratorium so water harvesting with pumps is presumably happening. Capture of overland flows are another issue. Some have some regulation, others are open slather.
  15. birnam


    Cummins should demand a recount. Batsmen friendly pitches and grounds, rules and now voting it seems.
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