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  1. In reply to: dee27 on Wednesday 29/03/06 09:33pm Not just any indicator but a Keith Nielsen indicatorI believe AEI has plenty of potential going forward. I expect some BIG news to flow over the next 6-12 months, have been accumulating at current prices, picked some more up this morning. They have hired an investor relation firm to "re-introduce" AEI to the general investment market. Also AEI is in current negotiation with a Multi-national in regards to market opportunities in the USA, is this 3M of USA, would be great to see a deal in the USA with 3M. The deal with 3M Summutto in Japan will provide massive gains in the future. Japan is the second larget market for HVAC's in the world behind USA. Aeris now has approval in both countries. This Biotech company has plenty of potential, with a market cap of only approx $55 million and no competition, what a hidden Gem .....
  2. In reply to: Australia2 on Thursday 17/11/05 11:12am Short term weakness in PXS SP. I believe there could be some selling pressure in the short term with Patch International looking to use funds in PXS for other purposes. It holds PXS shares under "Praxis Pharmaceuticals Inc". The question is, Will the gap at $1.60 be covered??? ABOUT PATCH INTERNATIONAL PTII is a junior oil and gas producer that currently earns oil revenue from 19 oil wells. These wells provide the company with both short-term and long-term cash flow. This cash flow is expected to increase in the very near future when the McLeod well is brought on line in mid-October. It is anticipated that these wells will have a life of over 15 years. PTII has properties in North America, and is exploring opportunities in North Africa, South America, and Ukraine. PTII holds 11.2 million shares in Pharmaxis (Australian Stock Exchange: PXS, NASDAQ NM: PXSL) of which 5.6 million have been declared as a dividend, and is one of the largest shareholders with the Rothschild Group. PTII plans to use the proceeds from this investment to build the company's oil and gas assets and just as PTII's pioneering pharmaceutical efforts are coming to fruition, PTII believes that the coming months will be a period of tremendous success for the company's domestic and international oil and gas prospects. I am waiting for the share price to come back a little, before topping up.
  3. I am happy for the founders/management to be taking some money off the table, they deserve it as they have done a great job to date. I believe they will be holding onto the most of the remaining shares and collecting dividends for the rest of their lives. There are to many blooody winging women in the world, try not to make it any worse than it is.
  4. all in all i am happy with CST and i am looking forward to receiving my first divided from CST. I picked up some more this morning at $2.55. PXS have been the star performer of late but it may just be CST's time in the not to distant future, i expect plenty of good news to flow over the next 6-12 months, and i don't think it has been factored into the share price (unlike PXS, which i also hold) In next three months we will see CDC guidelines April 06 will see massive information from Japan, which will follow with huge uptake of the product in Japan. I believe 2005-2007 fin years will see revenue growth of the following: 06 reveue of approx $6 million & 07 revenue of approx $20 million I did some calculations on CST last night and i believe there is still plenty of upside left in the share price. By my calculations, the sale of approx 4 million kits at $20 a pop will bring in revenue of approx $83 million and projected net profit of $20 million. This is only approx 30% of their initial target market (usa 4 million, Germany 2 million, Japan 8 million = 14 million test per annum), these ar not total testing either only the target market, so there is huge upside. What about India, Africa and China, nothing has even been factored in for these countries and they probably nearly make up half the world population. If NIH/WHO and other organisation put together a program to eradicate TB in these coutries, this would be huge for CST. Even without the coutries the market is huge, this is just the iceing on the cake. CST and PXS are the place to be, for the long term.
  5. Just remember what happened to the nervious nellies in late April 2005, could not wait to hang around, got impatient and then BAM, GDY rockets from approx $1.30 to $2.40 I am holding, and could be accumulating.
  6. i like what i hear thanks for the post
  7. Has anybody heard any information on AGI lately, looks to be good support around the $0.50 level and ssems to be some good buying going on in the last few day. Any information would be much appreciated
  8. Juke where did yoou hear this information, could not find it on google.
  9. In reply to: Wargfang on Thursday 16/06/05 11:41am something is deffinately up, as soon as there were 50,000 shares for sale at $0.26 they were snapped up. What price could we be looking at here for RDM? With a market cap of $15 million i see plenty of upside if they find a massive copper/Gold/Uranium Olympic Dam style deposit, which is what they are looking for. Massive upside in my opinion.
  10. In reply to: maxlay on Wednesday 01/06/05 12:04am Maxlay, looks to be holding up well now with the market aware of certain "sellers". To my understanding this selling may be good for the stock as it will increase liquidity and could convince other institutions to come on board. Was a battle between the buyers and seller today Is WPL selling out due to not being able to sucure a controlling interest, as ORG is now the largers shareholder and has contracts in place to buy the energy? Just a scenario.
  11. In reply to: floyd on Tuesday 24/05/05 07:13pm Some information on the CST customer Cook County Bureau of Health Services -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ruth M. Rothstein, Chief The Cook County Bureau of Health Services (the "Bureau") provides a full continuum of public health services to the medically underserved through its six operating entities: • Cook County Hospital: A tertiary, acute care hospital on the West side of Chicago; • Provident Hospital of Cook County: a community hospital on the South side of Chicago; • Oak Forest Hospital of Cook County: a long term care hospital and skilled nursing facility in the southwest suburbs of Chicago; • The Ambulatory and Community Health Network: a system of 28 community, primary care clinics in medically underserved areas and schools of Cook County; • The Cook County Department of Public Health: providing prevention and education services in suburban Cook County; and • Cermak Health Services: providing health screening, primary and specialty care to the inmate population of Cook County Jail; The Bureau is an executive agency of Cook County government, under the aegis of the President of the Cook County Board of Commissioners. The Board of Commissioners acts as the governing board for the Bureau's operating entities. The chief operating officer of each operating division reports to the Bureau Chief. For more than a century, Cook County has provided public health services to those in medical need, regardless of their ability to pay. Today, the County through the Bureau of Health Services, provides a full range of inpatient acute care services - Medical/Surgical, Intensive Care, Pediatrics, Obstetrics, Neonatology, and Burn. In addition, long term care and skilled nursing care is provided at Oak Forest Hospital. The Bureau also is a dominant provider of ambulatory care in Cook County. The Bureau has pioneered in shifting care delivery from inpatient to ambulatory settings. In recent years, through the Ambulatory and Community Health Network, a system of now 25 primary care clinics have been developed in the communities in our patients live. This includes the recently completed CORE Center, a 60,000 square foot facility for the comprehensive treatment of HIV/AIDS and related infectious diseases. In terms of hospital-based ambulatory care, no other local provider furnishes anywhere near the volumes of services delivered by the Bureau. Emergency room volumes, about 160,000 visits per year, outnumber the next three largest local providers combined. Outpatient clinic visits to the Fantus Health Center's more than 90 primary and specialty care clinics totaled nearly one-half million last year. More than 70% of the emergency and clinic visits are uncompensated by insurers. By a wide margin, the Bureau is the largest provider of health care services to the Medicaid and uninsured populations in the area. It is the mission of Cook County Bureau of Health Services and its affiliated providers to serve any person residing in Cook County, regardless of their ability to pay for services. Cook County's estimated population of is 5.16 million (1994 census estimate). The largest municipality is the City of Chicago, with an estimated population of 2.78 million (1990 census). Compared to Cook County suburban areas, census data indicate that the Chicago population has lower median income and higher poverty incidence, is more likely to be unemployed, is more likely to be African-American or Hispanic, is more frequently a female headed household, and, on average, has less schooling. The Bureau's service delivery is focused in Chicago, but extends throughout underserved areas of Cook County. Throughout the County, including Chicago, the Bureau's clients predominantly reside in the poorer community areas with correspondingly less favorable socioeconomic indicators than the county at large: higher rates of poverty and unemployment, less educational attainment, and higher rates of crimes of violence. In terms of health care access, the rates of medical uninsurance and public aid participation are far higher for the Bureau's patient population than for the County as a whole. Indeed, the map of federally designated Health Professional Shortage Areas for Cook County closely mirrors the map of the Bureau's primary service areas. In a typical Bureau service area -Garfield - survey results indicate that persons are nearly three times more likely to report their regular source of medical care to be a clinic or an emergency room, than a doctor. Compared to the County as a whole, maternal and infant health indicators for the Bureau patient population are higher with respect to fertility and birth rates, teen birth rates, incidence of low birth weight, and infant mortality. Similarly, death rates are higher in the our service areas for deaths under the age of 65, deaths from influenza and pneumonia, deaths from diabetes, and deaths from intentional and unintentional injury. Rates of "notifiable illnesses" such as AIDS, tuberculosis, syphilis, gonorrhea, lead poisoning, and hepatitis B are relatively more frequent than in the metropolitan population at large. Additionally, incidence of asthma and sickle cell disease, injury from burns and from violence, and the frequency of premature birth, tend to be higher. While more than 90% of the Bureau's acute care inpatients originate in Chicago, the Bureau's ambulatory service delivery is more dispersed throughout the County. Suburban areas in the southwest, west, and northwest with demographic and public health profiles indicating medical underservice are targeted through the activities of the Ambulatory and Community Health Network and the Cook County Department of Public Health.
  12. Australian scientists develop vaccine By Jeff Sommerfield May 06, 2005 From: AUSTRALIAN scientists have developed a vaccine to protect women from cervical cancer and expect it to be available late next year. Cervical cancer is one of the few human cancers know to be directly caused by the viral infection, human papillomavirus (HPV) and up to 70 per cent of sexually active women become infected during their lifetime. HPV causes about 470,000 cervical cancer cases worldwide a year, killing 274,000 women. Trials of the drug Gardasil reported in the British medical journal Lancet Oncology reported it cut HPV infection rates by 90 per cent. Advertisement: The vaccine was invented and developed in Australia by Professor Ian Frazer and other scientists at the University of Queensland after Australian company CSL Ltd identified it as a promising breakthrough. CSL Ltd chief scientific officer Dr Andrew Cuthbertson said CSL and Professor Frazer established collaborative research on HPV more than 15 years ago, which was latter developed into a commercial relationship with pharmaceutical giant Merck & Co Inc. "We should be on the brink of making this vaccine available to the world," Dr Cuthbertson said yesterday. "Merck plan to file with regulatory agencies in the US before the end of 2005 and this can take around a year before approvals are obtained. "From a public health perspective, I think this could make the biggest contribution Australia has made to world public health. "This is a discovery, should it come to fruition and I trust it will, that will have a very major impact on world public health and particularly women's health." Dr Cuthbertson said the discovery made by Professor Frazer was the creation of virus like particles (VLPs). A virus consists of a viral coat made up of structural proteins surrounding nucleic acid which is essential for its reproduction. The VLP developed by Professor Cuthbertson looks like the outside of a virus, but has no nucleic acid inside and is therefore unable to reproduce and causes no harm. Dr Cuthbertson said when the body recognises the VLP it generates an antibody response against that virus. "When the person comes into contact with a real papilloma virus it fights it off immediately," he said. Queensland Cancer Fund support services co-ordinator Carmen Heathcote said the potential vaccine would be hugely significant, particularly in developing countries where there are not well established screening programs. "This will be one way women can be protected against the virus which may lead to development of the cancer in the future," Ms Heathcote said.
  13. looks like it has plenty of steam left in the tank, looking for a close on its all time high today, the question is will it be above or below $2?
  14. In reply to: 10fingers on Tuesday 15/02/05 11:07am Merger with Russian Co (Unicum)
  15. looks like we are starting to see some decent volume come through
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