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  1. I fail to see the difference between Zimbabwe printing heaps of wallpaper/money and becoming a basket case and America printing heaps of wallpaper/money. Maybe it is just a matter of time? Seriously - how can America get away with making money out of thin air and the rest of the world continuing to take them seriously? Whereas I previously had a lot of confidence in Australian statistics, my own little sampling would suggest the Australian economy is not a solid as being reported. Visited a couple of shopping centres last week looking for inspiration and a birthday present for the wife. Was blown away at the number of vacant shops in major shopping centres. The only boom I do see is housing. Large number of developers building houses in area on 400 sqm blocks. Very few major projects planned and developed in Qld. Those going ahead only because of massive government subsidy. Wonder how wise it is for the Qld gov to give massive massive handout to a dubious coal mining project in Central Qld? How long is it going to last - will the Qld gov recoup its investment or just another instance of this stupid Labor government throwing money away? Seems to me the Australian government is more concerned about damping down civil unrest than forward planning. Maybe it is just the lying media - but my anxiety levels are way up!!
  2. Alethia


    Alternatively fly all the remaining refugees back to where they came from. Return all future boats loaded with refugees to Indonesia and tell the Indonesian government to deal will all corrupt officials allowing boat loads of illegals to leave Indonesia. Don't take no as an answer form the Indonesian government. Grow some balls in our dealings with Indonesia. Why should America be asked to bail us out when we don't have the balls to do it ourselves. Send the bill to Obama for sorting out the deal/mess - which Trump rightly called STUPID. I wonder if Obama can be impeached??
  3. Alethia


    Sorry Triage - I thought you might have missed the memo. Trump is president - and I am happy happy happy. So far typical American (and world) reaction to something new. 1969 USA landed on the moon. New worlds to explore. Never went back - happy in their dung heap. 2017 Trump president - opportunity to change their world view. What are they going to do?? Move out of the dung heap or slide back into warm comfort zone. No contingency plan. Too hard for my little brain to see into the future.
  4. Alethia


    Love the Trump. A breath of fresh air. Could you seriously tolerate 4 years of a Hillary presidency??
  5. Nothing in the mail today!! Did Vagif shove it in your mail box personally?
  6. I am indigenous too. But I prefer to call myself Australian.
  7. You can't help yourself can you?? The only intelligent people are the ones who ignored the two major parties and voted One Nation. The others either voted for a party which is beholden to a known criminal element or a party whose leader stupidly invites a bunch of bigoted religious zealots for lunch who have so little respect for us they bring their own kitchen utensils so that they do not get contaminated. Hope Trump wins.
  8. Alethia


    Early bird, Get real mate. He spent 25 years focused on getting the UK out of the EU and he succeeded. Now it is over to the UK parliament to finish it. Farage is not a member of the UK parliament. You sound like some one who is complaining the para medics have driven the victim to the hospital and then quit to let the doctors take over.
  9. Why do you call One Nation nasty? Criminal Labor and Crazy Greens is more appropriate. IMHO One Nation is the only party listening to the people. Peace bro.
  10. or more precisely:- After which, which robots will take over?
  11. TEXT!!!!?? Where? A link please. Ta
  12. Is that in writing or verbal advice??
  13. Interesting article - except for the gratuitous crap about global warming.
  14. Alethia


    I do not have any thoughts about what is going to happen to the British pound immediately after the Brexit, but I do know Britain would be absolutely insane to stay in the EU. The EU is an experiment that has failed as has the UN. Time to leave both. God help them if they vote to stay!!
  15. Being the benevolent fool that I am - how do I get in touch with you - and say I am willing to buy all your shares for 1c per share?
  16. If SLA is intending to have a meeting soon - possibly next month - isn't it about time we got some mail about it?? Another deadline slips by?
  17. How bad were the designs rejected???
  18. Did you say March? I thought it was May.
  19. Seems to be the same as it has for months. Anybody notice any change??
  20. Wasa, Looks like FAR is finally on the march. Good luck. I know you have been holding forever.
  21. You got to worry about the 2% who did not say Moon. By the way - thanks for providing the answer I was struggling myself.
  22. But not up to date. - Last ASX announcement in 2011!!!?? No way to register. How are they going to send Asx announcements and other items of interest to shareholders?
  23. SLA was listed in Germany? Is it still listed there? Seeing most our trade is done in Asia, should SLA list in Asia?
  24. If I may be allowed a few cryptic one liners:- I found it amazing how quickly Russian intelligence found and bombed ISIS trucks transporting oil into Turkey seemingly under the noses of American satellites and intelligence. Interesting. If you take the armaments industry out of American domestic manufacturing - well there is none!!! Without armaments American domestic manufacturing is kaput!! A 28% rise this year in the number of homeless in America including in some major American cities such as New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Chicago. Feeding homeless is a crime!!! I thought Bush Jr was the biggest disaster in American history, but I have now fixated on old silver tongue Obama. As for the next American president?? As for Erdogan, Obama's friend he should be in jail and the keys thrown away. What he has done to Turkey is a crime. Happy New Year!!??
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