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  1. 0007


    Hello Veeone, It has been a long time. Today's 1st sale was for 14,101.363 shares @ .145. Huge amount. Is there anything new you are aware? 0007
  2. Bam_Bam, I hope you are right. cheers
  3. 0007


    Hello Flower, many thanks. Would you please be kind enough and advise in the following: AA: If I open an account with a USA broker and transact shares, will I have to pay tax when I do sell? BB: If I buy using Comsec I do believe I would not incur any USA tax. Is the above correct? Many thanks 0007
  4. 0007


    I manage my own super and I would like to buy shares in the Dow Jones from time to time. Can anyone advise if trading overseas contravenes Superannuation rules. Thank you 0007
  5. BB, the bottom draw is a a good thing if you are young but at my age.
  6. Alonso, in retrospect it has been a very sad story for a long time. Let us hope things improve
  7. BB, I hope you are right re ann either tomorrow or next day. Let us hope the news if any reverse the SP. Cheers
  8. Batikit, I think I know what you mean re Lei's allegations. The all sector is paying the price Thank you
  9. Hello Batikit and other persons that follow MND. SP 6/9 $20.70, 9/9 ex div 19..90 and since has done nothing ( almost) by going down on a regular basis. Today is trading @ 17.16. Anyone any reason? Thanks
  10. BB, Above all let us hope a really good result. You would have thought AWE would also be in a TH. Good luck all
  11. 0007


    Terry2007, I do agree, it seems the market is not impressed with any Ann from Ego. Good luck
  12. Honeyater, Re Comsec you need do nothing. Shares will appear once allotted.
  13. BB, let us face it It was coming. NWE's requires cash to proceed with it's working in progress. I would not be surprised to see an Ann (good1) prior to 26/8. 0007
  14. Alonso, NWE is looking good. Let us hope it continues the climb
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