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  1. In addition to receiving $431K in options exercise monies.
  2. Still a very big gap in valuations between TTT and A3D. I'd expect market inefficiency to be in play for a while (as it normally is) but I would expect A3D to keep rising now they have proved their ground breaking technology as the valuation of $60M is ridiculously low. In my opinion, what happens to TTT is dependent on real contracts being signed that justify the $230M valuation. I'm interested in seeing how TTT plan to get their parts certified as fit for purpose. Nothing announced on that front yet. DNVGL have an MOU with A3D to certify parts. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DNV_GL
  3. Less is more. Their response was perfect.
  4. Illiquidity is great on the way up but hurts on the way down. Running out of cash too. Looks sick.
  5. $3.7M as at June 30. Tax rebate due this half. Circa $1M to $1.5M going by last year. Call it $1M conservatively. Options exercise to bring in $2M prior to Dec 31. That's $6.7M taking cash receipts as zero. The've got enough cash for 9 months from July 1 IMO. That takes them to March 31, 2019. Timeline for 2018 remains on track according to ASX quarterly commentary.
  6. Looks to have bottomed at 39c IMO. Escrow ending scared a lot of people. Since escrow ended the market depth has actually improved. Hasn't looked this healthy for a long time on the depth.
  7. TTT were in a honeymoon phase that some tech stocks can have. A3D had the same in 2016/17. Reality then sets in. TTT at some stage needs to justify the lofty market cap. Otherwise they will suffer the same fate imo.
  8. Hi blacksheep. Gap almost filled. Reality is it's still got nearly a $300M market cap now. Revenues last qtr = 0. Last update said "exponential revenue growth in 2019", What's "exponential" from zero though? What revenue (not profits) in 2019 would justify $300M valuation? Meanwhile A3D looking sick at a sub $30M valuation. 1/10th TTT.
  9. Coming up to escrow release of 32M shares in mid August. David Budge holds 24M of them. Liquidity is very poor so I can't see how any escrowed holders could sell any volume without smashing the price. That's assuming any escrowed holders actually want to sell stock near the lows. Additive now is an interesting JV between Admission Digital (Worley Parsons) and Aurora Labs. www.additivenow.com
  10. The TTT chart is looking almost identical to the A3D chart in 2016. Which way will it go over the next 12 months?
  11. Yeah next to Chris Wanless. Not sure what they have been thinking. Very poor.
  12. Terrible decision by management not to raise capital earlier. Very poor indeed.
  13. It will be interesting to see the first assays. If they are only average then there will be downside movement given the market cap is already at $200M. However, really good assay results could see this power on towards $3 and beyond.
  14. It sure is a long way back.
  15. Worley Parsons did not sign a binding agreement to make figurines. They design mining projects. The small format printer is capable of printing intricate small parts but the real upside has always been about disruption to traditional manufacturing on a large scale with the LFP.
  16. https://3dprintingindustry.com/news/aurora-...-bureau-124029/
  17. Binding term sheet with Worley Parsons gives it a huge credibility tick. The upward journey starts again....hopefully.
  18. Punters often over do it on the up and the down. Par for the course in spec land.
  19. Company over-promised and under-delivered to date on time lines therefore the share price has been slaughtered.
  20. The charts you are posting are excellent blacksheep.
  21. AL8 has appointed Frank "Bruno" Hegner as an executive director. Ex Rio Tinto.
  22. Perhaps Mr Smith wasn't up to the task ahead? I'll be interested to see who the replacement is.
  23. Did we see a double bottom on the chart?
  24. The current drilling program hasn't yet started. The targets are massive though. Each investor should weigh up the risk/reward scenarios for themselves.
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