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  1. wolverine


    Meanwhile, Alaska will prove up over 1 billion barrels in due course.
  2. Morgan Stanley report that 15,000 customers were inadvertantly charged with a make good cost of $4.7m in the context of 1m advised customers. So AMP is being belted on the basis of sentiment, risk of loss of mandates or at least risk of losing pricing power to retain mandates however it looks overdone. AMP has touched $3.80 so I think if it falls to that level it is buy with your ears pinned back but perhaps a nibble from here will be ok and there is room for a relief rally to more sensible levels but I think looking out a year or two there is money to be made. The new CEO and hopefully new Chair should clear the decks which might keep the price subdued while the market waits for more clarity. So I don't think there is any rush.
  3. wolverine


    Bill Armstrong saying what others can't when it comes to the size of the Alaskan asset.....lol. http://www.oilsearch.com/__data/assets/pdf...38mins_24hr.pdf
  4. If by "interesting" you mean wrong then yes his commentary is very very very "interesting".
  5. Cliff Lyons is still playing......something. Maybe he is a shot of being selected in Perth
  6. wolverine


    ffs my reply was deleted. Grrr. Off-takes are the key the rest will fall into place when they secure them. The optimised FEED is probably a prerequisite for signing the offtakes but that is my understanding from what I have read...not necessarily a fact. The DNK pay for the govt stake but get dibs on the first revenues until paid back as I understand it.
  7. Yo Terrine... I have a belly full of these from $2.20 in two accounts. Pretty chuffed as well.
  8. 4.8% overhang with a 90 day standstill I guess it gets finished off eventually. BHP should have lifted the lot and had a crack rather than buying the shale shit.
  9. wolverine


    Yo triage, I am still around and I read most of your posts but I post a lot less as I decided to concentrate on other closer to my heart things. DNK up again on pretty good volume implying that the off take agreements might be close (a leak maybe?) or anticipatory buying. Company pays all costs but gets to pay costs from production so 50:50 isn't so bad. When the govt ripped another 10% off them a while ago it knocked some confidence out of the stock price. The interest in purchasing the end products was very strong so once off takes are sorted funding should be straight forward assuming they don't get knocked off...but they will. Same thing goes with XAM a bit of money going into the stock on volume. The market is slow to recognise good quality drill results when the company is a jurisdiction that isn't Australia it seems. Elephant hunting in elephant country. I think I have a million WTF and NFI fpo's as well
  10. Follow through buying on decent volumes again.
  11. Thanks for finding it Nipper.
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