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  1. the drop today in the overall market is merely the first pullback before we go higher imo. when will aussie investors realise that the USA will be an obsolete economy within 10 years and Asia will be the new economic superpower. the chinese market and hong kong market are scraping out new highs. we export to Asis and import from Asia, not USA. Investors here seem schizophrenic to me. the tide is turning, and imo it wont be all doom and gloom.
  2. Jay


    In reply to: nifty49 on Tuesday 28/08/07 04:39pm 35mill sold on the bell by one party, taken up by many of different parties. looks pre-arranged to me.
  3. news out! i like it alot http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/cool.gifVRE_Karra_Announcement.pdf
  4. In reply to: micam on Monday 27/08/07 12:04am thanks James. i have been topping up at these ludicrous sub-30c levels.
  5. Stock Resource wrote them up this week. A pretty good read for anyone interested. JRL_SR.pdf
  6. Jay


    i closed out my written puts yesterday when the price was $78.80. looking to reload them today some time.
  7. gold also up a few bucks too :D
  8. spot nickel up another 3.2% in after hours trade. could be a good arvo for nickel stocks. VRE depth and chart looking good now.
  9. recent newspaper articel in found on the VRE website. States Bronzewing will earn net over $100m in the next 4 years ie $25m a year. Current market cap around $100m...anyone with a calculater can see that VRE is about a quarter of the price it should be. Add in some Carnilya Hill earnings late this year and you know the rest... VRE_News_Clipping.pdf
  10. Jay


    check the price of UMC this morning. Most of THX's current market cap is in UMC shares at the moment, with hardly any value ascribed to Copernicus or other exploration targets. THX should follow UMC today. Also of note, the bots are working in THX this morning and have been for a few days since the lows. we should see a decent share price rise over the coming days.
  11. Jay


    In reply to: salts on Monday 20/08/07 05:47pm shame that twit on the close sold it down with stuff all volume though http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/grrr.gif
  12. Jay


    In reply to: stoker on Sunday 19/08/07 01:30pm there was no shoring action last week stoker. just typical market panic which affected nearly every stock. CFD's, Margin loans and general panic are the only reasons for the fall. It is my belief that the reason the aussie market suffered so much harder then the states is because there is far too much new, leveraged money in the money being managed by inexperienced traders/investors, most of whom have never been through a half decent correction or heaven forbid a bear market. AGM should bounce at least a few pennies on monday and should be the start of the next upleg in most of the junioe sector imo. Just for your information here is the link to the ASX Shortsell stats, where you can see there is zero short interest in AGM at present. http://www.asx.com.au/data/shortsell.txt
  13. Jay


    In reply to: stoker on Sunday 19/08/07 10:21am price of nickel was up US$900 a tonne on Friday night also. PON was down when our market closed on Friday.
  14. Jay


    In reply to: bam_bamm on Friday 17/08/07 09:19am do you mean a bid or offer? are you trying to buy or sell?
  15. states goes down 200 points on a 13000 point index, we go down 200 on a 6000 point index. go figure. our market has already factored in a massive drop tonight is my thinking. if we don't get it.... watch the bulls climb back in tomorrow in droves.
  16. In reply to: romaioi on Wednesday 15/08/07 01:47pm we all are mate http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/puke.gif
  17. In reply to: percivalw on Wednesday 15/08/07 10:14am now its better value...
  18. Jay


    has anyone here ever seen a daily volume approaching the billion mark? i certainly don't remember one on any stock....
  19. In reply to: wolverine on Tuesday 14/08/07 03:20pm lol nice one wolv. funny thing is, at this price they aren't even valued at the plant and equipment replacement value at Bronzewing. Go figure, market has lost the plot.
  20. In reply to: percivalw on Tuesday 14/08/07 02:47pm i sent an email to Tim Gooch this morning and received a reply this afternoon. Everything is fine and going to plan, and they are as frustrated as we are with the market. VRE is an absolute bargain here.
  21. up 6.9% in london overnight. should be a solid open here this morning. most metal prices also rebounding quite strongly.
  22. he has had that bid in for some time from memory. 50k. rest just got filled i think.
  23. Jay


    i would have voted in the 10-15% range if it were available, but have put my vote in the 15-120% category.
  24. In reply to: romaioi on Thursday 09/08/07 12:55am get them into ya!
  25. Jay


    In reply to: deidre on Wednesday 08/08/07 03:34pm most small caps are the same at the moment deidre. money is chasing the liquidity at the moment, once that runs out of puff, it should chase the smaller coys.
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