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    In reply to: mango63 on Wednesday 17/10/07 03:24am price of fuel has actually dropped in Qld. Not sure about the rest of the country. The rising $A has offset all and some more of the rise in POO.
  2. Jay


    In reply to: grommit on Tuesday 16/10/07 03:31pm Grommit, THX hold a lot of shares in UMC. check the UMC chart. Now in trading halt with iron ore drill results pending this morning. market is expecting a big rise from them. THX getting dragged up with it.
  3. In reply to: percivalw on Tuesday 16/10/07 09:59pm percival, this stock has set up a classic ABC trading pattern now. I cut my teeth in the early days trying to trade swings like you are trying to, so i do know a fair bit about it. the stop point i spoke about are for traders only. investors should not use stops. nice work on getting back in at that level. you must have been one of very few that managed to get them at that price after the announcement!
  4. In reply to: percivalw on Tuesday 16/10/07 05:21pm are you back in yet percival? technically speaking the place to set entry stops for all you traders is at 29 ie half a point above todays high, and then buy more and set more entry stops at 30.5. Stop losses should be set at 26.5, half a point under todays lows if filled on the buy side.
  5. In reply to: percivalw on Tuesday 16/10/07 01:16pm one buyer took the lot and a few more at that price.
  6. In reply to: Wossname on Tuesday 16/10/07 10:43am imo its already factored in mate. taking the uncertainty our of the market will cause the price to rise. VRE is on ppl's radars now.
  7. In reply to: percivalw on Tuesday 16/10/07 08:50am nah not me mate. if i was doing the selling i would be feeding them out slowly so i didnt f*ck the price like this twit will do. gold and nickel both up strongly over and the AUD down, so the fundamentals for VRE are much better then they were yesterday. Technically we should be in the green today.
  8. Jay


    looks like we will crack through 50 this arvo http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/cool.gif
  9. In reply to: mme on Friday 12/10/07 03:26pm any chance of posting the article mate?
  10. In reply to: percivalw on Friday 12/10/07 02:58pm i have more then management combined if thats any indication for myself and clients.
  11. In reply to: wolverine on Friday 12/10/07 01:20pm all god stuff wolv. i only hold JRL for my EME exposure. Much more upside given any potential take over. Unfortunately the market is fixated on iron ore at the moment, and couldnt give two sh!ts about uranium stocks. their time will come once again during the cycle. Price of U look like it has bottomed to me so the next couple of weeks could be the time to be picking up some beaten down U stocks.
  12. In reply to: paddle on Friday 12/10/07 12:36pm i posed this to him yesterday, and the resons why i thought we needed one. not sure if other holders had asked or not. he also knows how much stock i am holding now.
  13. In reply to: Wossname on Friday 12/10/07 11:10am an update is coming pretty soon mate according to Tim Gooch, as soon as the details are finalised about the rights issue and convertible note.
  14. In reply to: jojosydney on Thursday 11/10/07 09:37pm thanks for the kind words there jojo. Gold was up more overnight by about $7-$10 depending on which contract you look at and the AUD was only up slightly, we fared pretty good on the AUD price of gold, up by about $6-$8. The big kicker today is the price of nickel, up about 5% or $1500 a tonne. Nickel miners/explorers should be in vogue today. Hopefully the market sees reason finally and marks VRE back to where it belongs. I would no be surprised to see an ASX query today either.
  15. Jay


    not sure if anyone else noticed but the weekly chart points to $1.21 target basis double bottom at 15c approx. Already been proven with a break of 68 on the last run up. i continue to accumulate at this level.
  16. In reply to: percivalw on Thursday 11/10/07 06:33pm by major holders i am sure you are talking about IMC. I will try and explain. IMC have board representation for a start, so they know exactly what is going on. they were happy to take stock at 40c when the price was in the low to mid 30's. what does this say about their committment and outlook for the company. IMC have also stuck their hand up to underwrite the up-coming rights issue. I am expecting the rights issue to be around 25-28c given IMS's underwriting support and expecting VRE price to bounce dramatically on the news. A $15mill loss is nothing to these guys as they can see past this week and next, just like i can. In the meantime, if no one takes up the next rights issue and IMC take the lot, they will emerge with about a 30% stake. This gives them basic control of the company given any takeover approach. This is worth a premium to them, which i am sure they are rubbing their hands together with respect to the recent sell off and hoping no one takes up their rights so they can increase their stake in this up and coming company. this is always the most difficult time in a company's business cycle and there has not been one project in recent history not experience the same issues as VRE have. if anyone would like, i can forward on Tim Gooch's response to my questions and you will see all is well and good and that grades and tonnage are up to where the BFS expected. Bronzewing will be profitable by the end of this qtr and Carnilya Hill will also be coming online. Ppl need to look 3-6months ahead to find value in VRE, and unfortunately at the moment the sell triggers are on because simply "the shareprice is going down" so they better sell quick. One man's trash is another man's treasure and always has been in the market.
  17. The unfortunate thing for holders this has not had 1 single UP day since it relisted last week. there's always tomorrow lol
  18. Jay


    i guess nobody really cares anyway, however volume started to creep up today and UMC and ROY looking solid, we could be in for a decent break through 50c tomorrow. Triangle formed in the uptrend also. Looks ready to break out to me.
  19. In reply to: percivalw on Thursday 11/10/07 01:36pm unfortunately these days we have so many traders in the market who are trained just like yourself to sell when things go down and buy when things go up. ie stop losses. from when i was little kid i was taught to buy when things are down and sell when things are up when the longer term fundamentals are strong (as they are in this case) unfortunately Tim Gooch can't help that traders with no idea hit the panic button for no reason what so ever. We have had numerous ppl here say they have sold, and for what reason apart from the fact they thought it may drop. their selling and everyone else selling unfortunately snowballs on eachother. ohh well, in a few months time hopefully we will look at the last few days in disbelief.
  20. In reply to: laura on Thursday 11/10/07 03:18pm exactly laura. the short sighted always give to the long sighted ppl. its the way of the market. always has been always will be. i am accumulating at these levels still.
  21. In reply to: paddle on Thursday 11/10/07 02:30pm MCR would have to be looking at the shareprice and thinking about a bid at these price imo. Sh!t you can't even replace the infrastructure for the entire market cap at the moment. People have lost the plot selling at these prices.
  22. Jay


    THX own plenty of ROY and UMC. Havent taken off yet for anyone looking to get exposure to both along with their nickel and uranium...
  23. In reply to: lexus_sky on Wednesday 10/10/07 04:23pm looks like you may sold the lows give or take a cent guys. typical high volume on the lows at previous suppport and a 75% pullback from previous range 13 - 53 = 23. I bt a few more today. Todays selling did not come from one seller as suggested by wossname. Looked more like scared mums and dads to me still, but was pretty well supported imo, with VWAP around 24.2c. I have been in consant contact with Tim Gooch and grades and tonnage are now up to scratch and Bronzewing is running at a steady state as modelled in the BFS. I will endevour to get the brokers figures over the next few days to prove thats its only a few punter selling and getting stopped out. In the not too distant future we all look back at the last few days and wonder what were worried imo.
  24. In reply to: Wossname on Wednesday 10/10/07 11:50am not even price sold at? i am just trying to gauge whether the stock is coming from punters like us or somewhere else.
  25. In reply to: Wossname on Wednesday 10/10/07 11:39am what price and for how many?
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