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  1. Jay


    EB, I managed to get extra 100k at 19.5, by sticking my bid in at 20 that afternoon after 200k man pulled his order. thank you very much
  2. Poor investors/traders always like to point the finger at others for their stuff ups. Its every man for himself out there. It is war on the markets every day. CFD's are a mug's game, full stop. If you can not afford to buy the stock and own it outright, then you probably shouldn't be trading "trying to get rich quick". Getting rich off the market takes decades of hard work slogging it out. Start small with zero leverage, do your homework and over the years it will drow substantially. As much as I have disagreed with K1 over the years and butted heads with him, at least he is prepared to stick his neck out and make a call. Right or wrong it takes a bigger man to do this then simply point the finger after having taken a loss. Being wrong sometimes is all part of being a successful trader/investor. It comes with the territory. With zero leverage, being wrong hurts much much much less....
  3. Jay


    I can only but try....
  4. Jay


    wolv, my lowest entry on some of mine is now $0.013 after taking out the 10 cents apital return, plenty from 2 and 3 cents too
  5. Jay


    Was very impressed with presentation and where the company is going for the future. Yes attended Brisbane presentation and also dinner with Michael, Geoff and Nicole afterwards.
  6. Jay


    Nicole is just gorgeous isn't she!
  7. Jay


    balance, div will be paid in 11/12 financial year. already confirmed this with management.
  8. Jay


    good news today. government approval within weeks! CRC should be de-rsked over the coming couple months.
  9. Jay


    break of 68 yesterday confirms double bottom at 47. target 89. todays correction means bugger all in the scheme of things.
  10. Jay


    its still 4 - 5 cents above where you got out....where there is smoke there is fire. just because they could not announce a deal today, doesn't mean they won't.
  11. Jay


    G'day Balance. Been a while yep. SS wasn't getting much traffic for a while...I think I'll be back now. How's things mate? Regards Jay
  12. Jay


    I reckon you've cut off your nose to spite your face, but thats just my opinion. Good work for having the nads to buy during japan correction though. I was backing the truck for some more in the low 50's too. Got oodles from mid 20's and some from 11-13.
  13. Jay


    yep it can be hard to move volume in a sideways moving stock duster. thanks for keeping the lid on things the last few days....hardly worth the effort for $10k.
  14. Jay


    sure am never trusted wayne macrae with all the excuses for not releasing JORC. glad I never put a cent in there ever. EXS looking the goods
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