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    In reply to: early birds on Sunday 20/07/08 06:26pm its a pity the bird who slapped that article together didn't bother to check that avx is actually a melbourne company not a sydney one. that depth of research may hold about as much weight as the abn amro valuation....
  2. scorcher


    In reply to: apache123 on Friday 16/05/08 07:00pm a quick googles results: Oliver Lennox-King Director at Metallica Resources Incorporated CN BASIC MATERIALS / INDUSTRIAL METALS & MINERALS Director since May 1998 Track This Person 57 years old Oliver Lennox-King was previously a Director of the Company from January 1994 until February 1997. In May 1998, Mr. Lennox-King was reappointed a Director of the Company. He has 25 years of senior experience in the mining industry with involvement in marketing and administration. He also spent 11 years as a mining analyst with a brokerage company. He has spent the last 14 years in executive positions and directorships with junior mining companies. Mr. Lennox-King serves on the Boards of a number of Canadian resources companies including Tiomin Resources, and is Chairman of the Board of Fronteer Development and Aurora Energy Resources. He was the co-founder and Chairman of Pangea Goldfields as well as the co-founder and President of Tiomin Resources. Mr. Lennox-King was a Director of Unisphere Waste Conversion Ltd., a company listed on the TSX Venture Exchange. He resigned as a Director of this Company on February 9, 2005, immediately before a subsidiary of this company filed a Notice of Intention to make a proposal to its creditors under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (Canada).
  3. scorcher


    In reply to: parad1se on Wednesday 14/05/08 08:25pm heard anything paradise? http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/ph34r.gif
  4. In reply to: aceisme on Wednesday 29/08/07 03:45pm the beast awakens, any ideas on how we might be looking? The rise today was over due and given they keep saying things are still on track its a wonder how it fell so far!
  5. scorcher


    In reply to: bedo on Friday 01/02/08 10:26am dont want to spoil your weekend but I would be staggered if they are not suspended, they have run out of $, only 300k left on 31st dec and with a cash burn of over 700k per month it doesn't look too good, especially given they raised 100k as a last resort on the 29th Jan. its a sad end with so much promised I just hope many saw the sense to get out.
  6. scorcher


    In reply to: apache123 on Tuesday 30/10/07 08:30am I totally agree, it surprised me that they were so sloppy yesterday in releasing such info as up until now they appear to have been well mgt and reasonably informative, either that or they have done a great job hood winking us all.
  7. scorcher


    In reply to: apache123 on Tuesday 30/10/07 07:40am I tend to agree apache, when I read the first couple of paragraphs of the review I was pretty p_ssed off, I mean how unprofessional to include as a highlight "the finder acquisition" then talk about it it when the negotiations and that deal fell over more than a week ago (refer announcement 22nd Oct). If this is the sort of dribble that GOP mgt expect to be able to pass off to shareholders then they are going to have to have some explaining to dso come agm time! what a disgrace. I have no doubt that yesterdays sell off was due to this report coming out and containing mis information or infact sloppy updates etc etc, I fear a bigger sell off may occur as a result but hopefully they can get the timeline right for the farm in, they have til close of business tomorrow to claw back some face.
  8. scorcher


    In reply to: apache123 on Monday 27/08/07 10:33am what are we thinking of this news apache?
  9. scorcher


    In reply to: punter on Tuesday 31/07/07 12:03am I asked this question of the secretary when the SPP was first announced and he said that you will get the full amount of the shares you apply for. hope he is right!
  10. scorcher


    In reply to: daf12398 on Friday 27/07/07 07:20pm Thnaks for the advice, I think you may be too close top this to be objective. If you do some homework you will find that Clements owned 2 million shares (refer notice 15th May), soyour argument about him not caring because it meant nothing is irrelevant. The fact is that the chairman and son although they own plenty doesn't make them competent managers, it only make s them large shareholders and opportunistic, not necessarily smart! Lets face it, since they have been involved their investment is worth less than it was 5 years ago, infact all that has happened is that their exposure has increased, this company is a basket case and should be treated that way.
  11. scorcher


    In reply to: daf12398 on Thursday 26/07/07 08:08pm Not much will change while the chairman from the past still sits on the board with his son, these are the two constants from the past that need to go if this company is really going to move forward! Blaming one person/s for mistakes and bad mgt is a cop out, the chairman and son were working in the business and made up half of the old board, in most peoples eyes nothing has really changed. good luck you will need it. Next they will blame every stuff up on the past ceo adn so on and so on, its a monty and an old chestnut that gets played when the ship is sinking.
  12. scorcher


    In reply to: Baussie on Wednesday 25/07/07 11:42am looks like the magical billion figure may be coming sooner rather than later, before you get excited I am talking billion shares not dollars!! I suggested to these turkeys 4 years ago they do SPP with attaching options only to be offered the top job by the last ceo who said it was one tough gig, what a laugh, 4 c here we come! They are in danger of ending up like NWT with squillions of shares on issue.
  13. scorcher


    In reply to: trustydemon on Saturday 21/07/07 11:13am fin review reckons its a book build of $100 mill because they want to take advantage of the high price, not a negative but you have to wonder why really, its not like they wil be short of $ after mitsubishi kick in the $150 mill next month!
  14. scorcher


    In reply to: apache123 on Friday 20/07/07 08:01am news cant be far away, either madagascar or the farm out partner, lets hope they dont just release the financials otherwise it could get ugly. Either of the other two items can not be too far away surely. Thanks for the charts Apache they are very handy and fill in a couple of the gaps. S
  15. scorcher


    In reply to: nizar on Thursday 19/07/07 06:24pm apache how are we looking on the chart buddy, I am starting to get very excited!
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