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  1. BSA wondering if you might be kind enough to put link for addictive to money up please .. I have been searching this am but not able to get the right link to watch last nights edition thanks in anticipation
  2. seaview


    you didnt finish it off flower patience seldom found in man but never in a woman well I see it that way
  3. seaview


    SYN announced last night that it begins trading again today be interesting to see how she goes as report read well
  4. seaview


    hc down in SA and bigond as user here talked to mate in NSW he is unable to access as well yep bigpond user
  5. seaview


    There is interest in BWN now 32c and BWNO now 13c something good is on the way I wouldnt be surprised to see another 10c in this stock in the near future I have a few oppies
  6. seaview


    Announcement is very very close reckon it will be a good one as directors need it to be 3.3c for them to collect thier bonuses and one would think that is in thier sights
  7. Does anyone get reports from MPS (martin place securities)? I understand that an anaylist from MPS visited redbanks mine on Friday 2/3/07 Dont know how long it takes for these guys to get all facts and figures together to put a report out but must be close I would think the second rig should speed up getting more positive results http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/icon14.gif
  8. there you go KB you have your fill at 18c lousy way to finish off the week still next week another day another $$$ have to see what happens Monday while fellow south aussies have the day off would be good if NWE picks up its coat tails dont want it down here at these levels when the value of the stock is quite a bit higher
  9. usually when a stock is being held down as nwe is a placement is on the way I wouldn't have thought a placement was on the cards at this point of time for NWE
  10. In reply to: sally1 on Monday 19/02/07 08:04am wondering Why we are tanking so much anyone know what the US futures are? might give us a reason for the extra fall my opinion 5610 tomorrow XAO
  11. In reply to: seaview on Friday 02/03/07 09:07am meant to get onto asx post sorry
  12. the SPI is down 39 at 9am so far our market shouldnt get hit too badly guess time will tell
  13. seaview


    In reply to: homebrew on Tuesday 17/10/06 10:34am SYN taking a breather today after a 50% upwards move in past 3 days announcemet must be getting close on the law of averages gaining 50%+ of panoramalabs seems to be taking ages to sort out no doubt once this is achieved there will be more confidence in the stock and $3 could be on the cards as soon as the end of this month hopefully the directors will start to promote SYN in an effective manner in the near future
  14. In reply to: King Baz on Thursday 11/01/07 02:07pm was watching NWE at 15:21 800k went through at 14/14.5c triggered buy signal for me
  15. seaview


    In reply to: lyndon_webster on Sunday 01/10/06 10:48pm SYP looking to do well in next 3 years Hartleys put out a very good synopsis of SYP end of last week which predicts great result in 2009 so I,m nbg at copying stuff or I would paste it here
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